Bad and Good Sex - a reminder when I catch some time  

whirlwind66 60M
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5/8/2005 11:44 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bad and Good Sex - a reminder when I catch some time

Let it be just a reminder of something I have in mind to drop few words about.

Namely, I was browsing a bit few blogs around today, and the question about "Good Sex vs. Bad Sex" at keithcancook's blog, (keithcancook), provoked me, for some reasons just timely, to "bark" something out, totally "accidentally".

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be such a strong "appetizer" for me, that I *have* to say about it, the bad and good sex, a bit more, and perhaps from a bit different perspective. Let this comment of mine on the keithcancook's question be then reminder for my next "random thought". Here it goes...


It all depends on...mood, or even a "taste", or even on a "conception"!. Basicaly, sex is a current, torrent, and it naturally flows its own way, this way finding the best "outcomes", for "expression", so is best not to "intervene" a lot. Hence it's enough to simply accept it, as it is, and to follow it, as much as we can, so that even a "drop" of it will be a *good* one! (-:

If we, though, do not follow these streams, but are imposing our own "rules", "conceptions", "plans", "visions" (of a "good sex") then all the chances are that we'll make of it something which might be named "bad" one. (:

If we have an ear to "listen to" the current of the sex, we'll be in much better position to choose a "right" partner, in a "right" time, in a "right" way... It completely doesn't matter, in what "shape" this sex will appear, in a given moment. Sometimes is raining, sometimes is snowing, sometimes is hell of a hot... But it's all the life.

I think that rather our *attitude* toward sex might be bad or good. So, if we have a bad attitude, then our sex most probably will be bad too. (: By "bad attitude" I mean neglecting *facts* of this torrent, entering it by eyes *closed*.

For instance, if we just *want* in a given moment to "have a sex" with someone, just because we "planed" so, regardless all the other..."factors", then it will be something much less than we *could* get of it, if we were, more attentive, to the currents mentioned.

A "crap" sex we also get by neglecting these facts, and not being enough attentive, for any reason. (-;

Learning is always good, since it gives us more pleasure, and less of the pain and frustration. (:

Actually, I didn't want to comment anything, just to put a glance on others' comments, but somehow my comment dropped in "accidentaly". (-;


keithcancook 60M
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5/12/2005 11:56 pm

Thanx for responding to my old post over here. Since the question is subjective every answer will have merit.

whirlwind66 60M
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5/17/2005 10:37 am

keithcancook, I actually "cloned" my comment on your post said, just to be "safe" when once I catch some time to get back to it, it will still be "live" to remind me, since I didn't want to flatter myself that much that owners of the related Blogs I scattered my comments over will keep them on their blogs "infinitely". (:

I hope I didn't "violate" some "unofficial" rule existing between members, doing so.

And I agree, indeed, the question is subjective pretty much so the answers might differ a lot from person to person, and exactly this (subjectiveness) was the reason for me to try to find their "objective" "base", so it might be better understood and applied in practice. Hence I "marked" this "base" as the "natural current" of seuality), and I hope I will get back to it...well soon or later.

keithcancook 60M
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10/12/2005 6:36 pm

LOL, apparently much later.... I wonder if you are even blogging anymore.

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