Unasinous Unconsentaneous Utterings  

whineyblonde0r 53F
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7/1/2006 5:45 am
Unasinous Unconsentaneous Utterings

unasinous: being equally stupid
unconsentaneous: not in agreement

Where do stupid people fit into our lives? And just as well as we think of people around us to be stupid..Do they sometimes in their diminished capacities look at "US" and think..."That was stupid"
I am not talking about mental capabilities alone, but basically the choices some people make in life as well. Does it just come down to, as a person..you think your choice are the right ones and everyone elses are dumb and they make them without thinking?
I sometimes immediately know if I have made a stupid choice. I blunder through it and go on usually. I try to not involve others in MY stupid mistakes, but sometimes others get drug along with it. Sometimes, I think the "others" go along for the ride when Im off making a "stupid" choice in my life. I suppose its fun to go along on a crazy adventure a saner person would shake their head at and roll their eyes. It's a good thing that I have a family that is dysfunctional in a GOOOD way. An awesome upbringing only sets you up for the need to attain that in your life and all else seems um....dumb. There was that base of perfection in my parents marriage. The mutual respect between them while raising all 6 of us. My father was a wise man who laughed at the mistakes in life. Commenting on people who he thought were dumb with phrases such as ..."he couldnt pour piss out of a boot"..."if he had money he would be dangerous"..."dumber than a fence post"..."someone should knock some sense into him". I am still pondering why anyone would have piss in a boot??? He attained a 9th grade education, dropping out to work and help his family. Yet the wisest man Ill ever know in life.My mother...a wise woman who married at 15..left school, yet has a mind sharper than most people I know. Self taught knowledge that amazes me sometimes when she spurts out fact that I dont even know. And at one time...I thought to myself ..gawd what a pair of dumb parents I have! THEY know nothing...Looking back...they did know it all. I just didnt look past my own inspections of "dumb" I didnt gain that insight til after my father had died and it was too late to tell him I thought he was marvelous. A "Big Fish" sort of man who I wished Id listened to more. My mother..she is still amazing me with her wisdom. She pinpoints the root cause of things and lays her advice out there to be taken or left. She was Doctor Phil before he was.The picture was always clear in her head. Her advice was never shoved into anyones face. She leads by making a statement that will ramble around in my head even as a responsible adult(that I am?) and in the end, she usually has pinpointed the way I should have headed. She knows me well enough to see without the added stuff I have muddling the situation to get the bigger picture in life. But, there always is that resistance to follow anyones advice anymore.Even friends warnings.. I know it all!!!! I am the one who lives within this head of mine Dammit! Im an adult!!!
I will blunder forward making numerous mistakes along the way and wishing for re-does in life. They are never there though unfortunately. Smooth my hair, hold my head up and look straight ahead, smile and not admit fault,unless forced?.... Easier said, than done sometimes. (for those who follow my blogs...yes..my hair has needed smoothed out after some "dumb" choices)

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