Libidinists Logorrhea  

whineyblonde0r 53F
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6/9/2006 5:35 am
Libidinists Logorrhea

Lewd thoughts or behavior are defined in various ways, depending on the person thinking them? My thoughts run fairly normal (I think?) Basic ideas pertaining to sex with a little experimental thrown in as desired by either me or a partner. I am sure I am naive to alot of things out in this world, but during the experimental growing part of my life- 18-38, I was married...with a man Who's idea of a bedroom romp was a few licks, a finger maybe and then straight to the main act.There were no hours long sexually charged lusting sessions. I very seldom came with penetration and was timid enough at that point in my life to not ask for my fair share. Upon entering my sexual revolution in life, I took the lead and asked for things. Tried to initiate other play techniques. It intimidated him and then he ended up with performance anxiety. I became a demanding "bitch" for some reason then. He sought "counseling", a secret deal for us from others and home he came one day, saying..."the counselor suggest you masturbate for me and I just watch.That will turn me on" The theory being, I would be vulnerably open and he would feel more? manly..WOW..thank you COUNSELOR!.lmao...OK...lets dooo that, no more "showering" after wards to relieve the unfinished business. I entered into this little routine very willingly. To this day, I still love doing that for a partner. It opened my sexual freedom to express myself, learn myself and did me more good than for his purposes. The marriage failed eventually for other reasons, but my mind was woke up from the long tolerable routine that was my life. The first man I dated after wards was a WOW guy. Totally into experimentation and if it feels good do it mentality. I was in heaven and unhesitatingly ventured forward in every little thing our lewd minds could envision. Maybe that is where most of the low purity scale score comes from.. ( SIDE QUESTION) what is the lowest purity score you have ever seen???
Back to defining?lewd..Between two consenting adults who willingly lust each other, are comfortable in their own sexuality and set out to mutually satisfy each there ever anything bordering on lewd? And do the things that seemed "lewd" in the past, suddenly become acceptable to you as you grow sexually? Anal play at the tender age of 18 seemed gross to me, but experimenting with various things, one of the best orgasms given was via that avenue. (or was that hershey lane)I'm bad with directions. I'm yet to let threesome ideas linger too long in my mind, but..I do compensate the thought with a partner who is skilled in stimulating every erogenous part at one time along with the nipples and my helpful hands too.A multi-sensory orgasm is THE best. There is nothing really lewd in that concept. It feels awesome and basically that is the end point?
Anyone want to help me define new meanings to lewd behavior?

GuyWhoListens2u 56M
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6/9/2006 12:50 pm


I think the lowest purity score I have ever seen was 16.. but I'm not positive about that. It's been a while since I have been able to see any score but mine.

Is there anything universally defined as lewd? According to some, sex in any form (or even the thought of it) is lewd. It seems to be a personal preference thing even more so than physical attractivness is.

whineyblonde0r 53F
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6/9/2006 5:43 pm

For some reason, I feel like redoing my purity score and just checking yes to all the questions to see if it is possible to get a "zero" score. Curiousity always did get me into trouble. I suppose I better not or risk the emails that would follow the purity score change. That Might? redefine my ideas of what could be lewd out there. I really dont think that there is a universal definition of lewd, but only what you deem it might be. So fairly assured its a strictly personal basis question. I do agree on physical attraction being upfront and there..but...if you were with a person who totally turned you on in every way? wouldnt you be more? willing to engage in something that would please them, if introduced that might have been a no go with another partner due to comfortability with them? Some people just make you at ease in I type that...I think....why the hell would you be with someone if you DIDNT feel totally at ease with them... geesh DumbBlonde....

rm_Mrnonooky 57M

6/10/2006 8:12 pm

I think I would be hard pressed to try to help you re-define lewd behavior, as my purity score is higher then yours.
Unless one wants to consider prudness as being lewd, and I'm all for that.
Perhaps promiscuity is really the normal, and prudeness is the lewd.
But someone in a position of great influence long ago decided otherwise and was followed by whole populations who never questioned that person's integrety, and passed it down to their offspring until we reached times with enough self-thinking people enabled by modern technology to seek out and find others with similar views.

whineyblonde0r 53F
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6/11/2006 10:41 am

I suppose one could counter debate that promiscuity could be the downfall of society. Gauging from the amount of people out there who have divorced, been cheated on and have set back out in life to settle the "score" on being hurt, by hurting back. The single women/men who mistrust and suspect every succesive partner of being like the "last one" Quite possibly going forth in a promiscuous manner is a settling technique that enables a person to not feel, not truely enjoy and not relate to another in such an intimate manner that even though hurt is shouldnt let it become predetermined in your mind and therefore... it becomes inevitable..? And please ..nobody tell me Im hanging out with the wrong guys... This was a "suppose" comment. Open for debate.!

rm_Mrnonooky 57M

6/11/2006 1:49 pm

Interesting counter. But would it neccessarily be the promiscuity itself that may be our societies downfall, or could it be prudish ideas being retained while engaging in promiscuity?
It's an emotional catch 22.
Such as I've seen among church goers. Of that group nearly all the women believe that premarital sex is wrong, and those who don't believe that won't admit to it. The men feel that such a belief is a part of a trap, to get them married or remarried, and that any jibbirish of premarital relations is truely addressed to those who have never been married.
With the apparent values churches place on abstincence until marriage for the sake of it being special to surrendor their virginity on their wedding night, which is all fine and good for the never married.

But those who have married, and divorced can not go back to become virgins again and give that special partner yourself for the first time on one's remarriage wedding night. So what of them?
From what I've seen the churches either ignore it, or use a once size fits all arguement.
However, the purpose given for this abstincene is gone, so it should not apply. And it doesn't. Then the arguement changes to abstince to be pure before your maker. I say chapter and verse please. For my copy of the book says that after he made it all he said it was very good, not very dirty. It also said be fruitful and multiply, not be legalistic and damming.

If we all took on the Victorian values, our population boom would quickly cease, but then so would the population.

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