Felicitous Fidelity  

whineyblonde0r 53F
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6/2/2006 5:36 am
Felicitous Fidelity

I will finish this later, The name popped into my head, but I have one cig and half an hour before work, not enought time to do this justice. and they think they need missing post text to save...
I want a partner who is...agreeing,suiting,accordant,congenial,consistant,easy and readable..with truthfulness,frankness,honesty, open, trustworthy,honorable, faithful and loyal. I had to go look the title words up in my dictionary even tho they popped into my head at random. But I do like the deffinition of both words. SOOOO...how does one go about finding a person who exhibits those traits? You cant make a shopping list for something like that. Or is that called the dating pool? My current favorite song is "you had a bad day" if thats the title..dunno...Weird Al should parody the song to "you had a bad date" The line, You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost, is worthy of a whole blog. Maybe later. I date alot, meet people, talk and engage in a lot of interaction with men as a whole, in work situations and personal life. I do sense I am hard on men. I willingly Give alot of information as to what makes me work, in an attempt at making sure they understand there will be deal breakers within any relationship with me and I will move on if those are tapped into frequently. I recently dated VERY briefly a man who demanded I not go to a bar alone. Thats where the cheating starts he mumbled into the phone after I came home from there. I had come home..alone! as normal and any harmless flirting I engaged in was stopped within the boundries of being loyal to him at that point. Knowing I wanted to get to know him one on one better. He stopped short of calling me a bar whore, yet implied I might be one. I cant recall ever in my life that a bar visit was finished off with a one night stand tumble in anyones car, bed nor alley. I expect fidelity of a sort within a relationship that is intimately sexual in nature. I dont want to date someone who is milking the herd routinely. They can still be "looking" at other opportunities, but Id hope that if they were interested in me..Im a full time endevor just keeping up sexually with my NEEDS. Let alone keeping my brain interested in them. My "H" blog is going to delve into that subject SOO within a dating situation, its the revolving door type, with one person per slot, but possibly someone waiting to enter the next open slot. And within a sexual dating situation, its one way in...but I keep the emergency exit signs readily in sight. Do men keep their "its not working out speech" somewhere in their head when they know its not probably going to be a growing relationship? I know sometimes it is stale from the start and those are the easy ones to exit from. But sometimes there are ones that touch or fulfill parts of your desires and you hope that the rest will fill itself in as time is allowed to let it grow? But why do I seem to feel the need for instant knowledge that he will inspire me to "KNOW" he will be good for me? And is it frivolous to have one of the knowing points be. His mouth on mine makes my pussy twitch, cause that tongue is knowing against my lip and feels as if he is already licking my pussy, Or the way a fingertip touches lightly against my nipple sends a tiny shiver down across my tummy into my lower parts? Or, I cant keep myself from being astraddle him, facing him in his lap with my breasts in his face and clothed wet regions teasingly pressing against his groin?

rm_funinic 49M
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6/3/2006 2:11 pm

"...milking the herd routinely..."


That's hilarious!

About that kiss that inspires fantasies, I might be able to oblige.

whineyblonde0r 53F
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6/3/2006 10:12 pm

(smiles) I amused myself even with that one as it flowed onto the screen from my fingertips. Kisses? Some are so expressively torrid that I swear, I will dehydrate myself before they have even touched another body part. Oblige Me? Is there any particular barn you have in mind to meet at?

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