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wheresthebeef85 30M
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9/25/2005 1:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sexual Stories

Ok I admit it I love mature women! I went out to a bar on friday night and started dancing with a very sexy lady. She seemed to be in her late 30's but had a sex appeal like no other girl i have met before. After a bit of flirting, grinding and groping we started to really hit it off, unfortunantly for me a very angry boy friend (or husband) stepped in before anything could actually happen, (thanks for letting me know)... i almost cried, for the last few days I have desperately wanted to go out and find another older woman... It seems this woman had made a very sexy impression on me as it almost fufiled my fanatsy.

Anyone else got a sexy story about experiances with an older woman or younger man?
Id love to hear them.

gina_k22 29F
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10/12/2005 11:38 pm

hmmm, okay. Hi, my name's Gina, short for Georgina- you look hot from the photos you've posted. unfortunately i can't see them since i am also a standard memeber (i think). Anyway, onto my story. When i had jsut turned 18, my friends took me to a bar in the city, and i went out, having gotten a bit smashed, and started dancing on the floor. Actually, i was off my face- i started strip teasing, which my friends stopped me from completing, but by that stage, i had picked up the attention of this married couple who were sitting a few seats away. So the husband (?) asked me to dance, and so i went out and danced with him. It was pretty hot- he was in late 20's early 30's, and we were hitting it off. He would rub up and down my stomach and crotch, and i would turn around and body roll my back and arse against his cock. We then started groping pretty furiously until his wife came over. i didn't know that he was married but got pretty scared at that moment. But then she asked whether she wanted to dance with us. So we all started dirty dancing and pashing and... well it was quite an experience to say the least. And then they took me back to their appartment just in the CBD, and we got more intoxicated, and eventually fucked. it was some birthday, i'll tell you that.

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