Salmon Fishing In Vancouver  

wheresmsrightnow 47M
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5/30/2006 10:38 pm
Salmon Fishing In Vancouver

I just have to type this out, otherwise I might go crazy.

At the end of August, I will be leaving the Phoenix heat for the comfort of Vancouver, BC and a charter to go salmon fishing.

Yes, I know that Vancouver has lots to do besides fishing, and I plan on cramming a bunch of it in...if anyone has ideas - i'd love to hear them...

Anyway - I just thought I'd say that to the world. If any hotties in Vancouver come across this - please feel free to let me know who you are, as I'd love to have an educated escort (not that kind of escort) although I know its "legal" in that part of the world.

And if you are "that kind of escort" in BC - - thats ok too...just email me and we can chat....I'll be staying at an upscale hotel downtown and I might need some freezer space (for the giant fish I'll be catching of course)

And how the hell do I flyfish? Ill buy a rig here next week and practice, but I'd like a teacher. Preferably someone female and willing to lean into the stroke...or flick, or whatever its called.

If you followed all that - yer as twisted as I am and we can chat.

And what is exactly the deal with Marijuana laws in Vancouver? Is there a cafe I can check out? I would only check it out for educational purposes of course...

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