Cabernet of the Gods (If the Gods were on a budget)  

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6/1/2006 7:07 pm

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Cabernet of the Gods (If the Gods were on a budget)

Tonight's selection is a fine example of a good, drinkable wine that a person can actually afford to buy a case of - and you should.

LOS VASCOS - Cabernet Sauvignon -2004

Here's the deal with this wine. Its produced in a small valley (Colchaugua Valley) in Chile. The vineyard is owned by none other than the Lafite Rothschild estate. Yeah - those guys in France that have been producing some of the most sought after wines for centuries...that's the ones. Anyway, being who they are - they can afford to find some awesome little niche property in Chile (the New World) and toss tons of money at it. This valley normally produces pretty good grapes from what I've sampled...and it only gets better if you have gobs o' cash and have been crushing grapes for like a zillion years.

Anyway, you should be able to find this baby (and they make a white too - but I don't drink whites, so don't ask me about it) at your local Sprouts, or Trader Joe's - definitely any wine shop. 10 bucks or less out the door.

The 2003 was awesome - but alas, I have no more of Im forced to drink this pretty damned good '04.

I can't really wax poetic on the aroma/bouquet of it, as Ive had some allergy attacks this week - so we won't dwell there. But, it has a silky smooth mouth texture - a slight mineral note (pretty common for this vineyard) and it's pretty dry. Not a whole lot of mouth puckering going on (that's tannins for you wine snobs) but a decent bit of fruit and maybe a bit of alfalfa(?) on the finish? That's a new one.

So, in a nutshell - if you like good wine, have a $10 bill burning a hole in your pocket - pick this baby up. Might be a little too dry for the girls - but should pair well with a nice blood-oozing steak. Oh, and the color is nice and dark purple. Great legs too...

Next time, I will try to condense my tasting notes and get to the freakin point.

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