Yet another stupid chick...they keep piling up...  

whenuwantsum 48M
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8/31/2005 6:30 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Yet another stupid chick...they keep piling up...

You have to check out this broad, screenname: R_Tist .... she's a bleeding heart christian that wants a loving romance on a sex site.

She doesn't kow what she wants.

Doesn't know how to find it.

But winds up here where everyone is showing her some dick ... and wants to play goddess by accepting or denying what she sees...

Basically because she's stupid and wants cock down her throat ... but not before she finds someone who "wants a loving and caring relationship first."

Here....on a sex site.

No lie...she's out to get fucked over and she'll never see it cumming unless it's...again ... ramming down her bitch as throat.

But it's okay...that story goes on and on ... I'm just watching stupid chick after stupid chick get twisted (like R_Twist) out by guys who don't give a fuck about her need for roses and holding hands on this site.

Even as we speak, she's talking to a buddy of mine who is happily making her jump through hoops to think she's getting something passionate. We both know the deal and I'm expected to get pictures.

Mind you ... she doesn't want sex ... but she's complimenting him on how big his dick is and loves to suck him and all that. Bitch is confused...everybody should have a go at her...she's an easy strategy play.

But it's her own fault. Find romance where people not on the sex hunt play...not here.

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