Where to get some ass: A Tutorial - Part one  

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2/14/2005 6:54 pm

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Where to get some ass: A Tutorial - Part one

I'm happy this blog came about ... it's become a little thereputic ... keeping me from constantly thinking about when my next 'sex' is going to happen and giving me the time to just pour out my thoughts instead.

Right now, I have the need to pass on some useful information that I have discovered over the years ... namely ... Where to get some ass.

Look, we're all here on AdultFriendFinder in order to chat about and tactically get laid. And laid often. At least that's the point of view of men on this service. Time and time again, I'll come across a bleeding-heart woman that REALLY believes she'll find a 'friend' or that 'special someone' when, ultimately, she's setting herself up for failure.....especially in this environment. The sooner we all come to grips about what we're here for and hunt for what we want in the proper venues, the less likely we'll get disappointed.

But what happens is, a bleeding-heart woman gets on AdultFriendFinder feeling horny one night, goes through all the trouble of putting up a profile and turns around and gets soft when she gets 100 emails per hour. Reality check. Be real about what you want and stay consistent...that's what men like.

Now, having said all that, I want to make it perfectly clear: If ANYONE is seeking a lasting love affair from an online connection (online meaning 'The Internet', don't bother. Attention spans are as long as a Text Message and I don't know and refuse to believe any stories about people who find themselves online and are living a happily ever after relationship.

Keep in mind, I'm talking a 'normal' relationship ... I know many of you are finding each other ... fucking each other and call that a 'happy relationship'.... and it is .... but I'm refering to the meeting online, having many dates, meeting the folks....getting married...having kids....buying a house together .... becoming grandparents type of relationship. Where swapping partners, swinging and cheating on your mate isn't the order of the day.

LASTING relationships are far and few online. In the end, I've discovered the only LASTING relationships I've ever had and witnessed from others .... were when they met outside...at work....or at the club.... or whereever outside of the internet ... like regular people. The 'Old School' way.

These days, women who are 'stuck' online, want to spend days and months chatting online before they even give up a phone number. I remember the days when giving up the phone number was fine ... and talking on the phone was taking days to get over before the first date.

Online women, who eventually meet you, will tend to still carry on hundreds of other conversations even when she decides to spend time with you...MEN DO THE SAME THING, don't get me wrong, but that's my point: online relations are speed dating in hyper space.

Well, moving right along, this had to be mentioned in order to get to the meat of the matter...the best places to get some ass, in my opinion ... is offline.

I have been in the retail business for a number of years, and I can guarantee the best places to get some ass is in and around the retail industry. It would be perfered if you worked for a department store, like Macy's, or Wal-Mart, Sterns, whatever. Apparently, people who work in these industries....or maybe ANY job where you are there more than at home ... people tend to gravitate and PUT OUT a whole lot of sex.

For instance....everyone is fucking like crazy at Wal-Mart. I've had my share of MANY of the cashiers, assistant Managers, etc. And the reasons are simple...we work a lot and mostly go home to sleep. When we come back to work, all the flirting takes it toll on most people until first it's lunch...then it's dinner...then rumors are flying that someone is doing one another...cause they are.

It happens every day. Some will say the clubs and so on are good places, but my first suggestion to you has to be the retail industry. I preach this to many and those who are in-between jobs at the time take me up and find the ass is plentiful. Even for guys who have a hard time getting anyone.

Additionally, the sex is even more around the holidays....a selection of free sex I humbly call: Christmas Ass. Everyone working is temporary of some sort...just there for a little extra money.....and the meetings are often brief and quick.

Lets say your not working in the industry ....

....Your target is! Male or female, it's not hard to find out that persons scedule by simply showing up often. Retail schedules are fairly consistent and I guarantee to you...thats the one place you know that person will always be. Does she or he have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, all that comes out with the 'pace yourself' visits to the store. You don't want to seem like a stalker.

Meeting someone at a retail store when you don't work there takes on a new dimension cause now you two don't have the common denominator to complain about when you meet daily or go to lunch.

In short: Some great ass can be found working at a retail store. Hands down.

PS....that persons AdultFriendFinder screenname is 'karmlkreme'

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