The Question for the world. Can you answer it?  

whenuwantsum 48M
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8/17/2005 4:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Question for the world. Can you answer it?

I had a GREAT conversation with someone of AdultFriendFinder last night and it moved me to post this question for anyone on here willing to read it...your thoughts on this matter would be interesting:

A woman is on AdultFriendFinder having sex.
She is seeing multiple men and having fun.
She tells all the men that she meets she is not going to be with the only one man right now. It's just for sex.

There is a man on AdultFriendFinder having sex.
He is seeing multiple women and having fun.
He tells all the women he meets he's not looking to be with one woman right now. It's just for sex.

However, he has a 'girlfriend'.

The woman refuses to see the man. Why? Because he has a girlfriend.

Question: Does it matter if both parties are seeing multiple people anyway?

My results have shown that it matters to women, oddly enough. No matter how many women he may be sleeping with, it matters if one of them is called a girlfriend.

So I said, this is why men lie. They almost HAVE to because the logic is baffling. Men see the 'girlfriend' as just one of the 'multiples'. Not a wife yet, so the game is still open.

Women see 'girlfriend' as yet another relationship title in the mix of thousands they label, thus a taboo line to cross.

So my feelings are this is why men lie ... why miss out on great pussy over a technicality. In his head, if we're just fucking and moving on...why do you care what goes down in his personal life.

I found it to be a very interesting question....does anyone out there have an opinion on this?

sweetmeat2eat4u 44F
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8/20/2005 6:14 am

why do men always have to find a reason for why they lie?...they lie for the same reason that ALL liars get over,get what they want, have their cake and eat it too, however you want to put it. But noooo...they want to deflect and put the onus on women..the bottom line is if YOU CHOOSE to label someone your GIRLFRIEND that relationship is bound by whatever that label implies i.e. monogamy-unless, of course you two have an open-relationship then I suppose anything goes. If a man sees his "girlfriend" as just another of his "multiples" why give her a title that implies otherwise?Why not just let her be "one of the multiples"? That is the first act of deception. Anyhow, in response to your question, I think the logic behind women passing on dick that is attached to a "girlfriend" has something to do with Karma. Now whether men will lie about a "girlfriend" in order to get some good pussy is their choice and women have managed to deal with that lie for centuries. But let's not fool ourselves into thinking this is the only lie men use to get a piece of ass.

P.S. Very impressive cock!Ciao...

digdug41 49M

9/7/2005 2:38 pm

I see in the nyc chat room that there are few married women and it seems to be ok for them to be in there but I got an e-mail from this chick whose profile stated that she just wanted to fuck that ur married I dont do married men and my whole outlook is the same as hers I just want to fuck see you when I see you type deal, but it dont work that way alot of twisted views in here.go figure chicks lookin for love in all the wrong places stupid asses so they deserve the nut in the face when it happens

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