Sex Days Continue  

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7/2/2005 9:24 am

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Sex Days Continue

Sorry folks, I posted sex days #2 through 7 recently and AdultFriendFinder didn't catch, so I have to give you the run down....

Sex day #2 - Went to Atlanta, hooked up with a friend of mine. we did it so hard, it brought on her monthly cycle...that was done for the whole I contacted other women from AdultFriendFinder out in Atlanta and the adventure began...

Sex Day #3 - That night, got in touch with a woman who lived near the airport (Jackson-Hartsdale or something like that)....on sight, we did it to each other blind

Sex Day #4 - While the girl I was staying with in Atlanta went to work, I hooked up with another AdultFriendFinder woman and we DID NOT do it on site...wish we did though...cause she was looking so fine. Had to play the 'host' role and take her to dinner and talk for awhile. But it eventually went the route I wanted it to go and we did it like rabbits for the whole day right after. I was late getting back to Sex Day #1 friend, but it was worth was some of that hot, outside sex...cause she had a wonderful home in the country.

Sex day #5 - Last day in Atlanta and I wanted to get some NOT from AdultFriendFinder, so I went back to this store at Perimeter Mall (around Dunwoody and Peachtree) and talked to this woman at a jewlery store...Had to do a lot of talking and a lot of food buying....but that night we started kissing and I at least got a chance to eat her. She wanted to go further but pulled all that "I don't know you" business....She doesn't know me but my tongue is all up her. She took me, though. Nice girl....very nice girl.

Sex day #6 - Left Atlanta and came home to find another friend waiting to take me home from Laguardia....we did it in the car at the airport.....then we did it on the side of the road on the way home .... then more time at my place where I really waxed that rear end....I love busting in the mouth and she knows how to suck the last drop out. Believe me...I return the favor and made her legs twitch for hours. We slept together and I made her dinner. but she had to go home to her husband.

Sex day #7 - Horny as heck the next day, but a lot of fake women on AdultFriendFinder just talking crap ... not knowing what they want, I hooked up with a woman outside of my local of New York and met her in New Jersey. A little heavy for my tastes...but she wanted me to shoot in her mouth and how can I resist?

Now that was a good week...this was just going on a week or two ago. I'll admit, it never was so consistent before. Back to back sex....satisfying my addiction like crazy....

and you know what....

I was still hungry.

Hungry now. Is there any woman out there who can marathon sex with me? I haven't found a woman yet? There was a woman in Brooklyn who SWORE she couldn't find the right man who can keep thing you know she's calling me an 'animal' and a 'machine' and she's too tired to keep having sex.

Look ladies...if you want some good sex, you'll have to be able to have endurance. Once we start doing it, I go for hours and I only need 15 minutes between sex.

Only 15 minutes.

Thats why I think only two women can swing with me cause one needs to recuperate while the other is taking it like a trooper.

And this whole blog had to be re-edited for banned words...that stinks.

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