More Stupid Women  

whenuwantsum 48M
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7/2/2005 8:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

More Stupid Women

Here's another classic case ... this one I genuinely feel sorry for ... but the issue is still the same. Here is a chick with a profile that openly says she's looking for "someone open to the chance of falling in love..."

So naturally, I write her note asking if she was open for having some fun.... this is her response:

"Not the fun that you and probably many of the guys on this site are looking for. Fun, yes. Sex, no, not until I have had some good, wholesome fun first. Understand? I am flattered by you and thanks for the interest. Hope you find what you want! Have a great 4th."

Hold on while I check the meaning behind this site...(long pause)...yup...I was right...this is a SEX site. Tits and ass everywhere we turn. Men showing cock wanting to get laid. Women showing pussy and tits wanting to get slammed ... everybody (who is honest with themselves) wants to get off....

...then women like this one appears.

I don't care what she said ... she knows what this site is about...let's not fool ourselves about that for one minute. She was horny one night, thought she'd put up something, her concious kicked in and she dumbed-down the profile to something as innocent as she probably usually is.

Nothing wrong with that ... but Bitch's need to know exactly where there head is at in order not to get hurt!

You want a love affair and romance, get that where the men are looking for something long term....hunt where the PREY is...not where the LAY is (you may quote me).

What happens now is ... I'm sending a friend over to her profile and he's a great smooth talker. He's going to tell her everything she wants to hear and I have good money that he'll be smacking that ass by next friday.... then he's going to keep doing that and even tell her he doesn't want anything long term...and she's going to eventually want to fall in love with him, but he won't hear it....meanwhile she loves getting the dick and wants to fall in love, but he's going going to have enough of her crying and bitching to have something longterm.....

.... and he will have told her from day one: it's just some ass. But Bitches are suckers for just getting what they can, thinking they can make people change to the program they want....then they get hurt.

So my advice: Get out of AdultFriendFinder and find some wholesome dick in the farm or something. Your only going to get hurt and blame men when men, at least here on AdultFriendFinder, are about one thing and stuffing your pussy is just about it.

Take me for instance: Going on 26 women from AdultFriendFinder strong and still going no matter WHAT I write in my blog. Cause I'm no stranger to pussy and I lay down the pipe damn good ... and I'm honest about exactly what i want to do and how I want to do it.

Women lie to themselves and cry to Oprah about how men are.

Fucking bitches....give me the goddamn real chicks who want dick and move on.

That kind of women I gotta show some goddamn respect to.

007sexy40plus 51F  
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7/2/2005 11:23 am

Perhaps you have your head up your cock. Women are not bitches,(regardless of what color you prefer) it's men who speak the way you do, the reasoning behind why so many of you get turned down. If you are all you say you are in your profile, then you wouldnt have any trouble finding another woman down the line. But make no mistake no woman will put up with your non-chalant attitude towards her.

You wouldn't dare drive your car to a vacant lot and leave it for days, so how would you expect for a "woman" to allow you to do her that way.

I am going to be bold enough to say this to you, If a woman to you is a bitch for you to cum in and on then what does that make you? If you are looking for a drive by fuck, call a hooker. THEY WILL BE HAPPY TO FUCK YOU AND LEAVE YOU.

I don't lie to myself, nor cry to Oprah, MEN LIKE YOU I HANDLE ON MY OWN.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

rm_idlewild4u 60M
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7/2/2005 1:24 pm

Why can't you meet the person of your dreams on a site like this. My feeling is that I am going to find a person that is as open sexually as I am. We all want to fall in love... You still have to treat a person with respect. This site doesn't give you a license to be other wise...

My 2 cents..

chocolatdreamz 54F
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7/7/2005 5:46 am

I came to this site looking to fuck. I was doing that very successfully. Had excellent experiences. I was fucking a guy that Ifelt like I could fallfor not to mention he was/is an awesomelover. We totally clicked. But on an intellectual,we were there. Anyway, someone new wrote me, whose profile and personality sounded just like mine. That was when I realized that maybe it really could happen. That I could meet my sexually equal and find love here as well. Maybe this could really happen. That same guy, showed all the signs of being full of shit but had a mega ace in the hole. A sick mother. Who really does exist and who really is sick. Turns out he seems to be a psycho. He's got the "it-wasn't-me" syndrome. Even though thre women who have met and talked and compared time lines know that he was never faithful to any of us. No, not from the beginning did we believe that he was, but eventually the conversation turned to "Are you my boyfriend? Is it just us?" We ALL said it was fine to just date, we realized where we had met this guy. He presented a fine upstanding, non-smoking, non-drinking, non-cursing, open-the-door-for-you, carry-your-bags guy. We didn't know. The other men that I met here were believe it or not HONEST. I knew they were attached. I knew their situations. That's all I ask. THis guy instead collected hearts telling everyone and obviously leading us all to believe that he belonged to us. two of us he met here and one he met on Black Planet. He practically destroyed her. I was alreayd 99% out and the other lady was so suspiscious that that "relationship was near death anyway. After she blew the wholething up he still kept denying it! Unbelievable. Now that he realizes she's really done, he's going to try to rekindle with girl #3. I never fell all the way becuase he never allowed me to. Always kept a barrier up. I thought it was the seriousness of the mothers disease But my body always knew. I always physically felt that something was wrong. Shoulda listened. They ginored thier first instincts and weeent head down butt up. You live and hopefully you learn.

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