Addiction to sex continues .... on the hunt  

whenuwantsum 48M
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3/8/2005 3:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Addiction to sex continues .... on the hunt

Need for sex is so great these days that I can barely sleep.

Funny ... how with a city full of people ... and at least 3% of them on AdultFriendFinder who are horny ... you would think it would be easier to get some sex without necessarily hunting so much.

And I'm getting emails from women who start off well ... then get as flaky as possible and don't follow through. Why do women do that? And they contact ME! For instance, I got an AdultFriendFinder email from a woman nearby that invited me to a threesome ... and even left her number. So i call. I leave emails ... three weeks later, she still doesn't call back.

But I found this is the norm for most women on this or any service. They start off wanting hot and heavy sex, but that 'female' thing kicks in and suddenly they take it back to being a 'princess' and sex isn't that important.

Like most women, the mind changes way too quick and it's in the best interest of men to scoop up opportunities before they change it again. This is why men come on so strong and fast ... because you women shift gears at the wrong possible minute.

Take another chick I was talking to on AdultFriendFinder ... she contacted me, and through out a lot of smack about how she wanted to suck my dick, and ride me like an animal ... we even had a lot of phone sex ... then when it was time to meet, she got flaky.... then disappeared.

My advice to women is ... keep it real and focused! Don't play if your not willing to get in the game.

Do any of you out there feel this way?

lexmarx05 63F

3/12/2005 5:26 pm

I can understand what you are saying, but it is no too much difference between the woman and men on this site. Even if you meet and it seems as if things went well, the men may not do a return or follow up date. Just because this is an adult site it does not mean that you do not have to have some type of communication or understanding befor and after meeting and sex. Besides if it sounds too good it is probably worth another look or to at least listen with your mind and not your dick.

rm_laura11980 37F

6/13/2005 5:46 am


I work for a tv company and i'm doing a documentary on sex addiction. If 'whenuwantsum'reads this or anyone else who would like more details then please get in touch- AdultFriendFinder .com



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