"You always have a standby fuck."  

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7/11/2005 12:00 pm

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"You always have a standby fuck."

Whose YOUR standby fuck?

But I guess we first have to define WHAT is a standby fuck.

A Standby is someone who is always ready for a screw when you are. She/he is someone you've slept with for a year or more, and you know that one's body, motions, etc and no matter what your going through, you can guarantee a fuck whenever you meet... and most times the only reasons you meet is to release some stress.

I had a standby fuck that went on for seven years. It would stop and go for months, with no contact, but whever we met, we fucked. Had great conversations and anyone who didn't know us would have thought we were together.

The problem is, that standby had a new job that was very pressing, plus she ended up having a child (not mine). And her time was limited and we kept missing each other. Then she wanted more out of the relationship, and when I thought I wanted more too, she had no time for me... and you know I will stray right away if you ignore me.

Now I have a new standby fuck...her name is 'J' (to protect the innocent). And I was thinking about writing this blog moment down after just fucking 'J' in her living room this morning.

She was upset that she lost her cellphone and, being the friend I am, offered to buy her a new one in a couple of days. Hey, I'm a gigalo, but I'm a giving-gigalo.

So, I also bought her something to eat and we came back to her house and I already knew what was going to happen. She was really stressed out because like most people she put her life into the phone. We sat on the lviing room floor talking, watching "I, Robot", then I got to work:

Kissing her neck, whispering in her ear, assuring her that things will be okay and I will take care of her. Rubbing her nipples, squeezing them, cupping them, massaging her neck and body...on and on...I had her. The rest was as typical as we always go...I eat, she cums in my mouth, I fuck her side-saddle, she cums again, I roll her over and thrust till I cum.

I ask her if she feels better and with a big grin, she shakes her head and says, while shivering and legs quaking, 'uh-huh.'

Job done. We dress and she goes off to work and I come home (remember, I work the third shift).

it doesn't get better than that. No mess. no crying. No emotional baggage. She wanted to get laid to release some steam and I do the job I was brought over to do. She ran off to work with a skip in her beat.

and I'm home thinking how good that pussy was. Knowing her, she'll be good for a couple of days and I may have been through at least three women by that time....

Keep in mind, this is the addicted brother.

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