what the fuck  

whatislove1000 41M
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11/7/2005 7:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what the fuck

I'm a little angry right now, I wish people wouldn't waste other peoples time. I e-mailed this lady on AdultFriendFinder who said she liked to talk dirty, I asked her if she would like to hear one of mine. She excepted my offer, so I wrote her a erotic story of one of my encounters with a woman I met on AdultFriendFinder. She got my e-mail but never bothered to reply, I waited for about two weeks. I sent her another e-mail regarding my story, I asked her if she enjoyed it and wondered if she would like another. She replied with,thanks but no thanks, and that was it. She never explained why or if she didn't like it or if she was offended by it, nothing. It really pisses me off when you take the time to reply to some of these people and they don't have the guts or the respect to answer. They just leave you hanging, no thank you but I'm not really interested, or it was nice of you to reply but I'm not into that, but if you ask me to do a specific thing and I do it. I mean really when you put in your profile that you like to hear erotic stories and you ask me specifically to tell you one then at least have the respect to reply. There is nothing more aggravating or maddening then these people that advertise themselves as sex crazed and willing to do anything but never follow through. I've also responded to a few of these people who e-mail me and want a fuck buddy now and when you try to set a date and time they totally leave you hanging. No reply to your e-mails, nothing, what the fuck are you interested in fucking or what. I mean don't advertise what your not selling, these people know who you are the ones that don't answer back, but you see that they are on line or in a chat room. All I'm saying is show a little fucking respect for your fellow AdultFriendFinder members, respond to them if they take the time to E-mail you. All it takes is, thanks for the e-mail but I'm not interested in meeting at this time or sorry but I don't have time right now to respond. Anything would be better then leaving a person hanging, I don't know has this ever happen to you and how did it make you feel?

NickRules999 39M
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11/7/2005 8:29 pm

Mi amigo, I can relate. I corresponded very briefly with a girl who sent me a wink, so I wrote her back. We exchanged emails all morning, till I had to leave for a party that day. I sent her one when I got back, then another a few days after. Nothing. I guess her interest in me was very temporary. Course, she missed out on a good man, and she has my pity for it. Too bad, coz she was cute.

I'd say the best luck you have finding real people loies in using the chat rooms. It took awhile, but I can rattle of a list of women who want a taste of the Nick. Don't give up. Oftentimes, the profiles promising dirty fuck sessions are nothing but hot air, or they are spammers.

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whatislove1000 41M

11/11/2005 7:58 pm

Well it's nice to see that I'm not alone on this issue, thanks for the feedback guys. It's nice to get this frustration out and to hear other people feel the same.

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