Remembering the first...  

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9/8/2006 5:47 am

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Remembering the first...

Pacing the floor, impatiently waiting. Too nervous to wait for a knock on the door, it was after 11 pm after all. Freezing cold outside, door wide open, wrapped in a soft, warm blanket, nothing else. Finally, the glow of headlights, very slow moving car, then lights out, engine off. It must be him. Heartbeat accelerates, breathing a little difficult, biting bottom lip begins. (I always do that when I'm nervous) I see a silhouette in the darkness and it's coming this way. Suddenly, I am face to face, well, face to chest anyhow, with a perfect stranger. I look up at him, our eyes meet, and it feels like I've known him forever. Barely a "hello" gets out before we move closer to each other and he takes me in his arms. He leans down to kiss me and it was instant sparks. We finally move away from the door, close it, and head back to the bedroom. The first question out of my mouth, "you're not too disappointed are you?" He smiled that boyish smile, and said, "oh, no!" I swear, he could not get out of his clothes fast enough. Neither one of us wanted to stop touching the other. To me, that kind of instant chemistry is rare.
He made me feel incredible. We spent hours enjoying each other. I don't think that either one of us wanted it to end. Another great thing about him, was that he had a sense of humor. He even talked to my husband, who was out of town on business, on the phone!
After he left, I was exhausted, but in a VERY good way. We talked the next day, and he ended up coming back for round two. So, we spent much of the next day together too. We had so much fun together, and actually became friends, not just 2 strangers screwing around. My husband liked him, that made it easy! We've moved in opposite directions, military tends to do that, but we still exchange emails every now and then. Thinking back to him always makes me smile, and I hope that he's still having fun out there.

I just wanted to share that little story and say this, "see, I'm not always a bitch!"

Oberonrising 45M

9/8/2006 8:01 am

Nicely written I love the way you described the moment. Please write more. -O

Phineas2005 48M
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9/8/2006 10:12 am

"see, I'm not always a bitch!"

You never was.



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