my first 3p  

whathewontdo1 47M
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6/20/2006 1:45 am
my first 3p

I would never thought I could have sex with another man wife while he watches. However it happen one day in Nevada about five years ago. I met this couple who invited me to a hotel for converstation, and the next thing I knew his wife was leading me to the bed. I was very nervous but she soon started taking off my clothes and before I knew it she was sucking my cock. I looked towards the entrance of the room and the husband was sitting in the chair watching. I couldn't belive this man was watching his wife suck another man's cock in front of him. Next thing I knew she was naked and jump on top of me and shove my cock deep inside her pussy. I heard her husband say thats it baby take that black cock deep. This woman was very beuitful and very skinny, she could barely fit half of my cock inside her. The next thing I knew her husband was beside us and started telling me what to do to his wife. I was so turned on hearing him tell me to bend her over and fuck her hard and deep I remember pulling out my cock cumming all over his wife tits and I was still hard so I put it back inside and continue fucking her. Her husband got undress and had his wife suck his cock while i continue to pound her from behind. I thought for sure someone would call the cops because she was screaming so loudly. I continue fucking her for about two hours, I must of cum on his wife a total of six times before my cock finally went limp. It was the best time I ever had my whole life.

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