My Third affair  

whathewontdo1 48M
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6/20/2006 2:13 am
My Third affair

Again I met this woman online, and found out she was from the same state as me. When I finally made it back home I called her up and drove to her city to pick her up. She took me to a hotel and again I was very nervous. We sat at the table trying to figure out what we were going to do. I said to her lets just write on a piece a paper what we want from each other. After writing my down I gave it to her and took hers. All she had on her paper was sex lol. She read mine and laugh, and at that point I took her to the bed and we got naked. She started sucking my cock while I fingered her and played with her nipples. She jump on top of me and we started fucking and after about ten minutes I turned her over and proceed to pound it from behind. we ended up with me ontop of her and when I was ready to cum she allowed me to cum in her mouth. Afterwards we left and I called her the next night for another meeting but couldnt get hold of her. It was so funny because over the few months of chatting I was talking shit on all this stuff I was going to do to her and I never did. When I finally got hold of her I was flying out the next night and couldn't make it to her city. We still keep in touch till this day and she keeps telling me she waiting to do all the things we keep talking about.

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