Memoirs of a stockings enthusiast - part four  

whadyaknow2 61M
8/15/2005 3:53 am
Memoirs of a stockings enthusiast - part four

However, not all of my memories during this time come from school girls, though. Some are from very unexpected places. This one from my Jr. High years for example...

During this time, my friends and I would frequent a local diner after school. The manager was a more mature lady (maybe mid 50s?) and via a divorce, single. Though she was 50-something, she still had a nice figure, with maybe just a bit more derriere than "perfect", but still, not bad at all. She was not a small breasted woman either, but amply endowed. She wore a bra that did an admirable job of lifting her, and displayed her nicely graced abundance in an appealing way. (The bra gave a pronounced pointed nature to them. Quite pleasing at the time.) Her overall effect was that of giving the appearance of being sensually oriented.

Adding to this aura, was the bright red lipstick she wore, the make up that was a bit on the heavy side, the obviously dyed black hair... oh yes, and she smoked. She would call a man "Honey" when talking to him, and seemed friendly when talking to particular males... VERY friendly.

If this wasn't enough to enhance her mystique, then I might as well mention that the working "uniform" for the ladies were white work dresses, similar to a nurses attire, made of thin "seersucker"(?) material. These "uniforms" had a split in the back for walking and stooping purposes. Further reinforcing the image that she thought about things sensual more than the typical female of her maturity, was the fact that she would wear her work outfits very, very tight, and shorter than most women of her age. (Above mid knee.) I recall that she apparently didn't wear a slip underneath it either.

In spite of all of this though, her attribute that most caught my attention was her legs. They were amazingly smooth and without flaw, and quite shapely with nice trim ankles and well proportioned calves. This fact is made more impressive when you once again take into account her maturity.

But the real "piece de resistance", the real frosting on the cake, was her choice of stockings. Her stockings were always a beautiful dark suntan brown shade. They too, were of the mesh type. Given the combination of that tight dress (made of thin white material), and the lack of a slip beneath, made for some interesting moments for me.

In retrospect, I guess you might could say she was a bit "trashy" looking. But, I might add that (for some reason) I found it "delightfully trashy". She was unlike any of the women I had been around in my family, or at church and the like. (And, truth be known, I think I find women with dual roles "fascinating". That is, on the one hand she's a nice, classy looking lady... yet at other times... can be quite the "tramp". The former could be typified by her wearing modestly applied facial make-up, a knee length skirt and blouse in subdued colors, beige seamless stockings, and conservative shoes. The latter would be when she wears heavy make-up with bright lipstick, a black tight fitting and short dress, black full fashioned seamed stockings that fit a bit too loose, and outrageous spike heels. Both personas can drive me nuts!)

Anyway, I remember well how, when this mature manager would bend over to attend to something under the counter, and her tight dress would cup her behind, stretching tightly across it (revealing the faint image of her white panty girdle underneath). Thus presented to my gaping stare, her nicely rounded derriere would look its most appealing. But as "interesting" as that was... it was those stockings that would quickly capture my attention during such an encounter. You see, that tight dress would ride up high on her legs, and the hem would pull up in the back. Because of these combination of things, and that split in the back, often were the times I was not only afforded a delightful view of her nice derriere, but I could also see her stocking tops, and at times even her garter clasps and soft white skin. Whoa.

Looking back, I know what was adding to the eroticism for me. Yes, she was nicely built for her maturity. Yes, she gave the visual impression of being quite experienced and flirtatious (an arousing aspect in itself), and yes, she was "delightfully trashy", but these elements by themselves would not have been sufficient to cause the sensations inside of me I was sensing. No, it was the stockings pure and simple. And, even back then, I think I knew it. But nevertheless, it was quite disconcerting to me at the time, to find myself secretly devouring the sights she was placing before me.

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