Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics  

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Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics

(January 21-February 21)

Physical Appearance
· Fair, tall, elegant and sturdy
· A charming, oval face
· The hair usually has a tinge of brown
· The teeth may be defective
· There may be a mole or scar on the calf muscle
Mental Attitude
· Usually intelligent, you can see through the motives of a person. You have the ability to read the character of a person after a few meetings.
· Blessed with a very high level of concentration and understanding, you can easily get to the root of any problem.
General Nature
· The Aquarian woman can be quite rigid in her views. You make friends with a lot of difficulty, but once made, the friendship is sincere and forever.
· You are definitely not the kind of person who will back-bite and work against your friends. True to your words and feelings, you are not only sincere in front of a person but also even in his absence.
· Women born under this sign are drawn to meditation. You can be a loner and may lead an almost hermit-like existence at some stage in life.
· As an Aquarian woman, you will also have a lot of interest in the material life. You may be inclined to accumulate a lot during your lifetime. But again, the present day woman may not actually identify in toto with the traits defined by the Zodiac astrology of yore.
· You are a systematic and organised worker, but a bit slow. This is because you must get to the root of the concept before embarking on anything.
· The strengths and weaknesses of an Aquarian woman are not read very easily. The world knows and understands only that what you want to make it understand!

· Infectious diseases, skin ailments, tooth troubles, tonsils and problems with leg muscles are some of the common problems women under this sign face.
· You also have to protect yourself from excessive heat and cold. Take sufficient rest and exercise for a well-toned existence.
· Slow and steady in earning Money, you can accumulate a lot of wealth through your talent and ambition. You will not run after wealth, but wealth shall follow you forever. You also have the ability to create organisations and develop innovative systems through which you can earn large incomes.
· Though you will earn a lot, there is also the danger that you may get into the habit of cheating and deceiving those you deal with. Guard against this tendency or it could well lead to your downfall.
Romance And Sex Life
· Aquarians seek refined and intelligent partners. Quite unassuming, you are not likely to boss over your partner. In fact, being a great student of human nature you will be able to exert a lot of control on your partner.
· In romance, you start a bit late but pick up fast. You soon learn very ingenious way of getting to know men and can lead them on to a merry chase! This satisfies your ego. But, when you do make the final choice, it is with great care. Once you get serious with a man you will be totally devoted to him.
· You will very rarely be jealous of other women.You will seldom have time for such thoughts, but if you find him insincere you can leave him without a second thought.
· Not interested in sex for the sake of it, you can be led into it with a lot of patience.
· Gentle rubbing on your calves and ankles makes you ecstatic.
· You marry late, but divorces are very rare with Aquarian women. Your marriage will be considered as a model marriage. One, you have the ability to see through your partner and decide accordingly. Secondly, you are generally very beautiful. You are endowed with a charm which keeps your husband tied down to you for eternity!
· An Aquarian can handle her home and children in the most unconventional way.You may try strange combinations and arrangements and also make them look good.
· You will be able to handle guests in a most remarkable manner and can hold forth on any subject on earth. You can converse with children as if you are one of them and you can talk to an eighty-year-old as if you are of the same age group.
Ideal Match
· Men born in Leo, Gemini and Taurus signs are the ideal match for you.

· A mood that fluctuates more easily than the weather can be your bane! You can sink from the heights of joy to the pits of depression. When on a high, you think the world is in your pocket and that you are a winner and shall remain a winner always. When in a pensive mood, you tend to think that there is no person more wronged as you have been, that you do not have a future... What you do and say during these irrational phases is what puts you in deep trouble.
· You should control your moods. Keep yourself calm and do regular meditation. Develop faith in God and try to understand the law of Karma.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Thursdays, Fridays and Tuesdays are lucky for you.
· 3, 9, 2, 7 are your lucky numbers.
· Yellow, red and white are your lucky colours.
Recommended Gemstones
· Diamond, yellow sapphire and ruby are your lucky gemstones. The stones should be of a vibrant Aura and should not have been worn before. The weight of the stone should be decided as per your body weight and age.

(March 22 - April 20)

Physical Appearance
· Aries women are generally of medium height and quite muscular.
· They usually have a long face, slender neck, bushy eyebrows, a broad forehead and brown or greyish eyes.
· The skin is more often than not of a very good texture.
Mental Attitude
· The Aries woman is ambitious and bold. Quite short-tempered and impulsive, you are optimistic by nature and go all out to attain whatever you have set your mind to.
· You are not afraid of people and situations and can take on any enemy. Try to work on your weaknesses or you may live to regret them.
General Nature
· You are full of energy and do not shirk responsibility. Aries women are candid and generally truthful. It is very difficult for them to keep a secret.
· You have the ability to take quick action. You seldom like to take suggestions from others and ultimately act according to your will.
· You are best suited to guide, control and govern others.
· Aries born women generally keep good health. However, you may suffer from headaches, burns, inflammatory diseases, high fever, colic pains, paralysis, insomnia, pimples, ringworm's, migraine, small pox etc.
· Some accident or mishap could leave a few scars, specially on the face.
· You should rest and sleep and have high protein food and fresh vegetables. You must do regular meditation so that your extra energy is channelised positively.
· The Money front for Aries women is not too stable. Though you will earn a lot, you will also blow it away all too soon in rash and impulsive purchases.
· Investments made by Aries do not not pay well because of lack of planning. Therefore, Aries women, do not invest impulsively and always take an expert opinion.

Romance And Sex Life
· Raring with extra energy, Aries women love male company. Unlike other women you lead in the sphere of love too. You have the initiative to make the first move in a relationship.
· An Aries woman can make her man understand her motives and is happy when he understands them. The best a man can do in a relationship with you is to resist your impact as much as he can!
· You can have a long relationship with a man that you can be proud of and show to the world like a trophy.
· The highly passionate female that you are, you like to be a leader in foreplay too. Playing with hair delights you the most.
· Every part above the neck is your hot spot.
· Your marriage is either every woman's envy or bane. There is no in between. This is because you can not be cowed down by your partner even for a short period of time. Being of a jealous disposition, you also cannot see your husband praise anybody else in your presence.
· Keep a check on your temper. Only a very calm and tactful man can deal with an aggressive Aries wife!
Ideal Match
· Generally you get along well with Sagittarians and Librans.
· Avoid hot and spicy non-vegetarian food. and be in plenty of air and outdoor life". That shall help in keeping your cool..
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Lucky days are Tuesday, Saturday and Friday.
· Lucky colour is blue.
· Lucky numbers are 9, 8 and 6.
Recommended Gemstones
· You can wear red coral, ruby and yellow sapphire. The gem should be of a vibrant aura and should never have been worn before. The weight has to be decided as per your body weight and age.

(June 22 - July 22)
Physical Appearance
· You are generally not very tall
· The shape of your face is either oval or round
· The colour of your hair is largely brown. And, you do have a nice set of dentures
· Some of you may develop a paunch in your mid thirties.
Mental Attitude
· You can carry the masses along with you! Cancerian women are good orators and can prove to be excellent teachers, preachers and public speakers. They also possess a good memory.
· A deeper understanding of emotions and interest in poetry are common amongst Cancerian women as they are a very emotional person themselves and tend to write poetry at some stage of their life.
General Nature
· You have a very varied nature, being very timid some times and quite courageous at other . It is also not very easy to judge you or make definitive comments about your personality in one go.
· Cancerrian women are sympathetic ,to the extent of being over sensitive. As a result they get irritated easily.On the positive side you also have some magnetic qualities that help you have increased charisma and greator degree of fame.
· Your lord moon also gives you a keen sense of art and writing . Though it sounds quite funny , some of you can also develop psychic powers more easily than your counterparts of other signs.
· Anger and mushy feelings come to you as quickly but they also make a quick departure as well. This particular trait can make you look very strange or even queer types to the people around you.
· You keep fragile to moderately good health until youth but the constitution becomes stronger as the age advances.
· The chest and stomach are two weak areas. The possible diseases are TB, asthma, gastric disturbances and weak digestion. Some of the other diseases that might trouble you are over indulgence in alcoholic drinks, excessive eating and some kind of a fear complex.

· Very few Cancer born natives accumulate wealth in their early years. Being quite easy with thier finances, they spend a lot on travelling and to an extent in also showing off their wealth.
· But as you reach middle age you understand the virtues of saving and then you tend to save and invest quite seriously . That leads to a comfortable later life.
Romance And Sex Life
· Cancerian women are romantic and passionate by nature . They are very sincere and devoted in thier relationship with the opposite sex but are seldom understood correctly or get an equal reciprocal sincerity.
· Your ideas of love and romance come straight from the story book and you have very great expectations from your partner.
· The area around the naval cavity is the hotspot from you.
· For you the home is of a great consequence and family life will be very important to you. You will tend to marry early because you prefer settled life and children.
· You are sincere in marriage and devoted to the family but sometimes you tend to be overly critical and dissatisfied. This leads to an innecessary increase in your tensions.
Ideal Match
· Your best match is with people born in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces signs.
· Daydreaming and one-sided relationships (where one wants to take most willingly and give hesitantly) - are the peculiar problems faced by the cancer born people. You should try to correct this and also reduce the quick variations of your moods.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Monday & Sunday are Lucky days for you.
· The numbers 2,7,9 are fortunate and
· White , Cream, Red and Yellow are your lucky colors.
Recommended Gemstones
· Pearl and Ruby are the recommended gemstones for you. The Gem should be of vibrant Aura and should never have been used before.
· The weight of the Gem will be decided as per your age and body weight.

Zodiac Characterstics of Capricorn Woman
By Pankaj Khanna

Physical Appearance
· The Capricorn women in her early years is normally slender and somewhat weak. Her general demeanour lacks confidence. However there is definitive improvement in her constitution after 16 years of age.
· The nose is generally long and the eyes are deep set. The face bears a forlorn look. The body below the waist is normally on the thinner side.
· Overall appearance of a Capricorn woman is however of a smart and attractive woman.
Mental Attitude
· You have a strong ability to think and you can understand the human nature the way no one else does.
· You also have the ability to analyse and understand any concept well and shall possess a good memory. Therefore you will prove good at all professions that require analytical thinking and understanding.
· The Capri woman also has the tendency to postpone her actions till the time she is able to clearly see the consequences of what she does.
General Nature
· You are quite a reticint person that is you do not speak much. It is not very natural for you to just smile & make friends. It also translates - you are not a party animal. You are modest and polite and do not believe in showing off.
· You have a deep understanding of human nature and think and understand the concepts of life and human beings well.When a Capri woman makes friends, she keeps them for a life time.
· It is not easy to cheat you. You have a very business savvy nature Methodical working,prudence and the ability to carry on even in most adverse circumstances makes Capricorn people most successful.
· Women born in this sign are great organisers and have enormous tolerance, patience and steady nature. You are capable of building a team in which you will not have any favoritism but shall deal with people according to their capacity to deliver goods. You are highly tactful, diplomatic, clever, cunning and selfish.
· However on the flip side , if you allow your negative side to dominate , you can easily transform into a cunning person with the ability to cheat others and use them for selfish purposes.
· Depression, discontentment, worries and the tendency to keep yourself extremely busy tells on your digestive system.
· Skin diseases, injuries to kneecap and dislocations of joints are the other most common problems that a Capri woman faces.
· Conservative by nature, prudent and economical - a Capricorn women can amass a lot of wealth in her life.
· You do not waste Money but save it slowly and steadily. The investments made by you are those which will give you steady and safe income without risk.
· However it is also not uncommon for Capri woman to indulge in sporiadic spending spree - leading to temporary financial hassles.
Romance And Sex Life
· A capricorn woman loves from heart. You will not tell people about your love, sometimes nor even to the person you love. You shall like simple people with simple lifestyles. You develop strong emotional love for your man and are very sincere and true in your relationships.
· Being a practical woman , you do not daydream about romance or involve yourself in casual flings or non serious relationships.
· As you are systematic and organised, you can easily control your desires. You are calm and composed from outside even if inside your heart you are brimming of desire.
· Your naturalness and desire to rise above the ordinary keeps you a bit aloof but you can be more passionate then other females. You can be ignited by a simple caress.
· Your hot spots are toes, knees and naval cavity.
· You may not strongly want to marry-but you still do. The deep emotional needs of the capricorn borns - along with the need for a stable family life leads to early marriage and they generally have very stable married life.
· You are an excellent home maker and you like simple and elegant things-not bright colours but softer ones.
· Taking care of children comes very naturally to you and you can contribute significantly in rearing children into intelligent & sensible human beings.
· You will have a nature of not generally taking anybody in confidence but you must develop more open relationship with your husband so that he can understand you better and misunderstandings do not crop up.
Ideal Match
· Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Pisces are most suitable signs for you.
· You are the one who is equally happy in leading a solitary or a socially busy life. If you are more sure of yourself , you will become more successful.
· However great expectations from your ownself and life, fear of future and remorse about the past, some times leads to great depressions for you.
· Plan your life properly and give time to everything and aim a bit low. Try to be contented. That will help you surely.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are your lucky days.
· 6, 8 & 9 are your lucky numbers.
· White, green and light blue are your lucky colours.
Recommended Gemstones
· Diamond, Emerald and Blue sapphire are your lucky Gemstones. The gemstone you should wear should be of a vibrant Aura and should never have been worn before. Its weight shall be decided as per your body weight and age

Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics
By Pankaj Khanna
If you were born between May 22nd and June 21st, you are a Gemini women.
Physical Appearance
· Women born under this sunsign are tall with a straight body. Your hands are long and legs are thin. Generally, Gemini females have a very thin skin from which their veins are visible.
· Your nose is sharp and long. The most beautiful part of Gemini girls are their beautiful eyes. Sometimes fascinating combinations of green shade are seen in their eyes.
Mental Attitude
· You are capable of adopting very fast to new surroundings. Mostly the females born in this sign are intellectual types. Your mind is positive and strong.
· Reading, writing, working on computers are your natural fields. You love to travel a lot . Gemini women are masters of communication and expression.
General Nature & Suitable professions
· You are quick -witted, clever and understand every situation thoroughly before reacting. Many times Geminis can plan their reactions and be happy, angry or sad as per the requirement. These qualities help them become a good business women.
· Gemini women can work best in the field of teaching, marketing, political work etc.. You can do naturally well in any sphere.
· Some of the most innovating business minds have been seen in those born in Gemini. Research is also a good field for you to work.
· Though your health is generally good, over reaction, worries and anxiety are the main causes of ill health for you.
· Colds, influenza, bronchitis, T.B., defects of shoulders and arms, piles and infections of bladder may also trouble you at various stages of life.
· Systematic life with planned holidays in completely relaxing atmosphere and a good diet can keep you fit for all your life.
· There will be a lot of changes as far as finances are concerned. You will experience both situations that is - plenty of resources and also compete lack of resources in your lifetime. Your love life may also be a contributing factor to your losses.
· Systematic savings and conservative investments will be the best way to get stability in life.
Romance And Sex Life
· You are romantic by nature and will have interest in many males in your lifetime You will look for good intellectual compatibility with your partner . An over bearing partner is not for you.
· It will not be easy for your mate to understand you and your nature of extremes may baffle him. Your partner will have difficult time figuring out what you think and what you want. The male in your life has to be imaginative and not afraid of experimentation if he wants to keep you satisfied.
· Gemini females do understand love and romance well and can change their partners with surprizing ease. It is not difficult for them to discontinue any relationship that they think is not in thier best interests.
· The hotspots for Gemini woman are arms and armpits.
· You will find marriage exciting and interesting. You are intelligent, and so you should marry someone who have similar trails otherwise you will not be able to continue your life with him.
· You will tend to have a large share in the decision-making within the married life and will often find difficult to survive with a husband who is pushy. So, try to find a person who can understand you and would mould himself as per your needs.
· For this reason, an arranged marriage where proper care has not been taken to match the horoscopes or to see the inclinations of the girl and boy do not work well for a Gemini girl.
Ideal Match
· For you the best match will be the one born in Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Leo signs.
· Gemini women are very amenable to change and they like lot of changes in their surroundings. This may sometimes lead to more tension and stress in your life. So, try to get more of consistency and less of changes in life.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Lucky days are Wednesday and Thursday.
· Lucky numbers are 5 & 3.
· Lucky colours are green and yellow.
Recommended Gemstones
· Emerald and Yellow sapphire are the recommended gemstones for you. The Gem should never have been worn before and its aura should be vibrant. The weight of the Gem shall be decided in accordance with your age and body weight.

Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics
By Pankaj Khanna
If your date of birth falls between 23rd July and 22nd August, then you are a Leo woman.
Physical Appearance
· You possess an imposing persona and have a royal air around you.
· Well developed bones, broad shoulders, tall, well-built and muscular body characterise a Leo woman.
· Your stature is full and you look majestic and dignified.
Mental Attitude
· You are ambitious and commanding. You will like to be in positions where people look towards you for guidance and direction. A Leo woman has sufficient mental and emotional strength to don the mantle of a leader.You tend to perform better in a stressful situation more than in daily routine.
· A Leo woman is mentally very agile and has a very good grasp of the things. However she also has the tendency to while most of her time in pursuing activities of leisure and recreation.
· One of the negative things about you is your inability to work steadily for a long period of time.
General Nature
· Women born in Leo sign normally have a a royal nature. Activities like taking side of the weak, giving donations etc. come naturally to you. With a good capacity to organize & manage , you can manage organisations very effectively.
· You are very sure of yourself and are able to mingle with all people, high and low alike.
· Refined tastes are generally found in your type and you are keenly interested in dance, music and poetry.
· On the flip side - you are a quite a slave of flattery and people can misuse this weakness of yours to get the resulta that they desire from you.
· Sometimes you also become difficult to get along with. You want every thing to go your way and you fail to see that other human beings also exist and they too can have a desire or say in any subject.
· Your health problems are related to heart, the spinal column and bones. You should take care by way of proper food and regular exercise.
· You should take very long walks and do a lot of physical work to ward off the stress from your body.
· Your health problems also stem from a view that everything should run according to your wish and when it fails to happen you get irritable and majorly stressed.
· You tend to gradually more over to areas that provide high income and social respect . Money wise, you should be quite well-off.
· A leo woman has generous nature and gives away Money to any one who is able to get her sympathy.
· Showing off is also a negative trait which leads you to overspend and waste your Money.
Romance And Sex Life
· You are fiery and passionate. You will attract men but will not allow them to come very close to you - because you feel your royal status can be compromised by that. You know well how to handle men and even the worst of them will behave properly in your audience.
· Centre of your back is your hotspot.
· You are very true and faithful to your husband and will try to improve your house by all possible means. If your husband can understand you well and have faith in you, your married life will be very good.
· You will go out of your way to do the extra bit to improve the house and care for your husband. You will not mind the extra effort or the pain you may have to incur. But if your husband is not understanding and supportive , the marriage will definitely face rough weather and you may move out of it.
Ideal Match
· Your best match will with natives born in Aries or Sagittarious sign. h, Virgo and Gemini can also keep you happy though.
· It is rightly said that 'flattery is a food of fools'. You should not be carried away with it. One thing you should remember that one who flatters you has some aim in mind for which he or she wants to use you. You should instead be open to creative criticism.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Sunday and Tuesday are lucky days for you.
· 1, 4, 5, 9, 6 are lucky numbers for you.
· Red, Orange, and green are your lucky colours.
Recommended Gemstones
· Ruby and Emerald are your Gemstones. The Gems should be of vibrant Aura and should not have been worn before. The weight can be decided as per your body weight and age.

Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics
By Pankaj Khanna
If you were born between September 23rd and October 23rd, you are a Libra - Woman.

Physical Appearance
Of all the signs, Libra has the maximum share of beautiful women. You are tall with a proportional body. Your limbs are slender but strong. You are attractive, graceful and courteous.
Mental Attitude
You are a levelheaded person. With your fruitful imagination and intellectual capacity you successfully win over the hearts. On the negative side, you are a nagger. You may have negative thoughts and oftenly this may leads to strong depressions.
General Nature
You posses some supreme power in yourself. Use it for some constructive purpose.
Libran's have a spiritual bent of mind. Quite close to peace and harmony. Evade getting into unnecessary trounbles. Never intend to hurt the feelings of others and therefore, is famous in the group.
Trading is the natural vocation for you. You will earn lots of Money and fame & will play in profits.
You are quite lazy in your life and believes in one sided relationship, where you becomes a losser and people at the next door gains.
Libran females do not have a well-developed immunity system. Infectious of various kinds will trouble you through out the life. Kidneys, lever and uterus are some of the weak areas for Libra born.
Due to very good business sense you will play in profits. Your needs will also be substantially more than ordinary females. So you will earn and spend it as well. Will be able to make some valuable assets in your life time.
Romance And Sex Life
You are of a cheerful and adjustable nature. You will dress very well and will give a lot of the heed to perfumes you use and the surroundings you are in. This makes you very attractive to the opposite sex.
Libra women are experts in conversation and you like to talk a lot. You can talk effectively about anything under the sun. The idea of romance in your mind includes a lot of talking.
You have a very strong need of company of the opposite sex. Hence, you will be prepared to be a bit out of way to get the man which pleases your eye.
You are full of romantic blues therefore, fail to see the real qualities initially and may repent later on.
Either you are a sincere lover who will marry the same guy whom you have liked too or your parents might have chosen. Or you are fun loving changeable lover-who will try to trap every male that suits your eye. As it is very difficult for males to resist you, you may have number of short affairs.
Small of the back and buttocks are the hot spots for you.
Your deep desire for companionship may lead in early marriage. In your home life, you will tend to be very nice and peace loving. You can create a home which is glamorous and at the same time comfortable.
You are tactful, thus, you wount let any inter-personnal tension in your family. You are always successful in keeping your surroundings happy and cheerful.
You can plan the finances of your house in such a manner that all have enough and you can save too, especially for short trips to beautiful places.
Ideal Match
Leo, Gemini and Aquarius born are best suitable for you.
You spend beyond from your means on luxuries things and thus, may face financial problems later on.

You cherish pleasure in your life, and this may also ruin you in the long run.
You may develop an attitude where you covet other's to go out of their ways and help you. While you are never prepared to take any pains. This can lead to problems with all whom you deal with and may cause frustration and depressions to you.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colors
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Saturday are lucky days for you. Your lucky numbers are:- 1, 2, 4 and 7. And lucky color's are:- White, Red & Orange.
Recommended Gemstones
Blue Sapphire and Diamond are the lucky gemstones for you. The gem that you wear should have a vibrant aura and should never been used before. The weight of the gemstone shall be decided as per your body weight and age.

Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics
By Pankaj Khanna
If you were born between February 22nd and March 21st, you are a Piscean woman.

Physical Appearance
· Generally, Piscean women are seen to be not very tall and plumpy .
· The eyes are quite big and protruding. Hands and feet are either strikingly beautiful or else outproportioned, big and bulky.
· The shoulders are muscular and spherical.
Mental Attitude
· You are philosophical, restless and honest. You can go beyond your means to help people in need.
· Not perturbed easily, you can help even your opponents calm down by your gentle behavior .Your nature is to forgive and forget.
General Nature
· Your mind is not very steady. It often wanders from spiritualism to materialism . This reduces your concentration thereby making it difficult to achieve your full potential. A Piscean woman may also lack in self confidence. However that does not deter her from being an expert planner .
· You will aim very high and can develop right connections to achieve your aims. Generally, Piscians develop good connections that they encash at the right time.
· You are either at the top of the ladder or else at the bottom of it. Generally, Pisceans being too ambitious either rise to very high positions or else turn into dreamers and are unable to fight the battle of life.
· You will have a strong wish to go to foreign lands and visit beautiful places.
· You may be drawn towards excesses that means you may be eating and drinking in excess, making you ill. You may suffer from varicose veins or guinea worms.
· Problems connected with lever, ankles and feet are possible.You should take care of them.

· Generous by nature and ever helping your friends, you are unable to save much. Though due to your mental capacity, which is far in excess of women of other signs, you have a high income level.
· You will not like to depend on anyone for finances and you are wiling to do even extra work to keep your self financially secure.
Romance And Sex Life
· Very romantic by nature, you dream of romance. However you may feel somewhat frustrated as the dreams seldom come true in actual life .
· You are very suspicious, you will keep a tab on your lover and if you see him friendly with another women you feel the pinch.
· You are loyal and once you form a relationship, yo continue it for a long time though sometimes you may feel a sudden loss of interest in your partner. Many a time, Piscean women can carry two or more relationships simultaneously.
· Having a basically shy nature, you are not the one who will make a move yourself in love life. You will expect your lover to make all the moves and you will only react to them.
· But, sometimes you can act completely differently. With deception , you can easily control your men with your superior brain and use them for your purposes.
· Any foreplay involving water will turn you on, feet are your hot spots.
· You will dream of marrying a Mr. Perfect and you will want him to have all the qualities possible in a husband. But you will not be working hard to get him. Thus, chances of delay in marriage or a marriage which will not work are not ruled out. You will require a very diplomatic and well mannered husband to stay on.
· A Piscean woman keeps good upkeep of her house. Being yourself fond of food and drinks you will stock them well for guests also.
· For a stable married love life, you should check your dreamy nature and live in practical world.
Ideal Match
· Virgo and Cancer males are the best mates of a Piscean women.
· Having very high desires, dreams and a changeable nature are your worst problems. You should live in the practical world and be less utopian if you want to be successful.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Thursdays, Tuesdays and Sundays are lucky for you.
· 1, 3, 4, 9 are your lucky numbers.
· Red, Orange and Yellow are fortunate.
Recommended Gemstones
· Yellow, Sapphire, Pearl and Emerald are the lucky Gemstones for you. The Gem should be of a vibrant Aura and should have never been worn before. The weight of the Gemstone shall be decided as per your age and body weight.

Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics
By Pankaj Khanna
If you were born between 22nd November and 21st December, you are a Sagittarian Woman.

Physical Appearance
· You are tall, fair complexioned and are blessed with a beautiful figure.
· The forehead is large, nose is long and the eyebrows are high & bushy.
· Eyes are bright and alert as a sparrow's . You can prove to be a good model or an actress.
Mental Attitude
· You are coverageous, ambitious and full of drive . You are able to push forward your interests.
· You will not be cowed down by the circumstances and are well capable of holding on to your ground even in most adverse circumstances.
General Nature
· You take a decision only after studying any problem deeply.
· A Sagi woman tends to look at the brighter side of the things and possesses good amount of self-confidence.
· She mostly acts as per her desire and is not much concerned about the results. She also has the habit of speaking as she wants to without thinking of the impact it can have on others.
· Friendship comes easily to a Sagi woman . She can develop it in a moment and maintain it for a long period of time. You believe in fairplay & justice and often fight for wronged people.
· You will work to attain new knowledge and like to pursue higher education. You like to travel and shall go on long and short journeys a number of times in your life. You will also be able to attain your goals fast but after that you tend to waste lot of your energy.
· Even after having a fair degree of success in her life, The Sagi woman does not feel satisfied and something deep within them does not let her rest.
· You generally have good health and vigour. However there may be various problems related with stress.
· As Sagittarious sign governs the hips, thighs and the loins , you can face problems connected with this region. Fractures, pains in joints and swellings in this region are also not ruled out.
· You will generally start your career in some kind of service but due to your nature that does not let you be a subordinate for long , you will move over to self employment quite soon.
· A Sagi woman makes good Money and property in your lifetime and shall be considered a successful and wealthy person.
Romance And Sex Life
· You have a great desire to be in romantic setting, but you do not let your partner understand this. He will not be able to quite figure out your romantic nature as your outer crust is very cool.
· In addition to this you say certain things out of your honest nature which will dampen your lover's desire. This may lead to lots of crying though no one will understand you even then. But still, due to your glamour and beauty many men will be interested in you and you shall have a fair share of men.
· The catch here is : that if you learn over the years on 'how to handle men' - then you can have a love life which will make any woman jealous of you. You can easily win over any man and infact tame him. Once he understands your sincere and honest nature he will be glued to you for a life time.
· You will have a great sex life and shall want more of it all the time. You will prefer outdoor settings.
· Thighs and upper leg are your hotspots.
· Too many proposals, is a problem for you. Selecting the right man from out of those is even more difficult .
· The Sagittarian women are best of the home-makers and they decorate it with a great taste. They keep their men also in good shape and drive them to be more and more successful in work.
· You can handle the affairs of the house well though the daily jobs look quite boring to you.
· You have a great caring nature and you are loyal to your husband and shall stand by him in all the problems of life. You can be a big support for him in tough times. But, as you are not known to express your feelings eloquently , your honesty may sometimes be misunderstood.
Ideal Match
· Those born in Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini are best suited for you.
· You do not have the gift of gab as a result you may often end up putting your foot in the mouth. Be cautius in this regard.
· Try to understand the world better. Think how the other person will react before you speak. This will save you from many problems.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Thursday, Wednesday and Sunday are lucky days for you.
· Lucky numbers are 3, 5, 6, & 8.
· Lucky colours are Yellow, Green and light Blue.
Recommended Gemstones
· You should wear a yellow Sapphire along with an Emerald. The gemstones should be of vibrant aura and should never have been worn before. The weight shall be decided as per your body weight and age.

Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics
By Pankaj Khanna
If your date of birth falls between 24th October and 21st November, you are a Scorpio woman.

Physical Appearance
· You have a broad face, a commanding appearance, normally short and curly hair and a muscular body.
· Hands are generally long and the stature is above average. The body is well proportioned and overall personality is impressive.
· You have a special look in your eyes and a glow in your skin which makes you stand apart.
Mental Attitude
· You have a logical bent of mind and you possess a strong willpower , determination and self-reliant nature. You have the capacity to do original research work and tend to get deep into the mysteries of nature.
· Mentally, you can face any situation and tackle it to your own best advantage.
General Nature
· Scorpion woman is a determined one. She is at her best when the going is tough. Added to this is her capacity to remove obstacles and hinderances . She never surrenders but work hards to win.
· You have very good imagination and intelligence but you are not quite aware of your ability. But once aware , you can exploit its full potential and do well in any field that you choose.
· There is all likelihood that you will have a lot of positive development in your life time. The exceptionally strong vibrations of Scorpio coupled with your ability of self control - gives you an extra-ordinary capacity to attain supreme results.
· Negatively speaking - you tend to become compulsive pleasure seeker. You can use a lot of determination only for the purpose of seeking pleasure. You may have a lot of influence on others but can not reform your own self.
· You can do very will in the matters relating to business and finance. You are faithful and reliable and you have the capacity to help others even beyond limit. However If your harm anybody it will also be substantial. You also do not give much attention to the feelings of your subordinates.
· Scorpion woman is dynamic and thinks very fast - she can out wit her opponents . With her capacity of making right connections she can rise very high in life. You will like a very high quality life and will be able to achieve it.
· You will have a strong constitution and good health. You will rarely have health problems but if they occur , they will take time to cure. The generative organs and the bladder are your weak spots.
· You may also have problems like insomnia, inflammations and disorders related to excessive heat in the body.
· You shall have plenty of it and shall be able to manage your finances very well. You will also have a strong tendency towards speculation and shall stand to gain a lot through it.
· Though the earning part is good - the savings are not substantial. Thus, at the time of need you will face difficulties.
Romance And Sex Life
· You are quite attractive and draw the attention of all males. You may face a problem in choosing the right man for yourself .
· You shall be drawn towards slow story book romance. You will enjoy the love life to a great extent but may feel not completely satisfied always.
· A scorpio woman is very true towards her lover and expects the same from him that is - total devotion. You will want to have romance in the best of the surroundings and in the most classical way. You have the capacity to seduce your man by a single glance, your power of eyes have a lot to do in romance.
· It is not for you to openly declare about being in love. You say it well through your gestures and glances.You do not need any special clothes for the occasion but shall have the capacity to achieve your ends in most ordinary clothes.
· You have the capacity of making your voice sweet and magnetic and shall be able to control the man with few words and few glances.
· It is not very easy to get you. Every part of the body is a hot spot for you.
· You shall have a desire to marry early. Once married you can care and love your husband the way no other woman can do. You will try to improve his position and power so that you can be proud of him.
· On the negative side , A scorpio woman can have frequent rages of fury and is well capable of destroying her married life . Controlling such rage will work out well for you.
· However it has been seen that marriage of Scorpion women is generally stable and the marriage improves the lot of a scorpion woman as well as her husband.
Ideal Match
· Those born in Pisces, Scorpio and Leo are ideal match for you.
· You are extremely optimistic and see the world through pink glasses.
· You will rise in life due to this nature of yours but it can lead to falls also. You may take risky decisions in all your optimism without seeing the negative possibilities attached to them.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are lucky days.
· 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, & 9 are lucky numbers.
· Yellow, Red & Orange are lucky colours.
Recommended Gemstones
· Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire are the recommended gemstones for you. The gemstones should be of a clear vibrant Aura, the weight of the gem shall be decided as per your body weight and age.

Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics
By Pankaj Khanna
If you are born between April 21st and May 21st, then you are a Taurus women.

Physical Appearance
· The women born during this period are of middle stature.
· The body is plumpy, the forehead - broad and the neck - thick.
· Taurean woman normally have a clean complexion, dark hair, bright eyes, well developed muscles,and broad shoulders. They have a nice and friendly way of interacting with others.
Mental Attitude
· You have lots of patience and can withstand great hardships. But when provoked beyond limits, you become wild with rage and no power can withstand you.
· Taureans are quite conservative and have a strong will power. They also show signs of laziness.
· You cannot be deceived into doing anything that you do not want to.
General Nature
· Women born under this sunsign have a very calm nature and can put up with lot of provocation.
· A Taurean woman speaks less and has a very strong will power . You have more moral and emotional courage than the average women
· It is easy for a Taurean woman to maintain harmony in domestic life and live a happy and enjoyable life. Very dependable and faithful , you are also a good cook and a very good homemaker.
· You are less sensitive to pains and normally enjoy strong health. But if you fall ill, the recovery will be slow because your recooperative power is slow and you seldom co-operate with the doctor due to your stubborn nature.
· Diseases effecting the throat and lower abdomen like tonsils, diptheria, throat infections colds, constipation trouble you. Pimples and sore eyes are also a sore spot for you.
· You should avoid cold stuff and maximise intake of green vegetables to remain fit and healthy. Long walks are best exercise for you and you should have sufficient sleep also.
· You are one of the few people who steadily earn and save Money. You should be cautious while spending.
· You can have a strong temptation for gambling also. You can become a good broker/ Money arranger/ banker. It is not uncommmon for you to measure your success only from your savings.
Romance And Sex Life
· Taurus females are not outgoing types. They will prefer to kep themselves ocupied in their own affairs and still attract people.
· Once in love, you are very romantic and develop a strong attraction towards opposite sex .However you are quite slow in reacting. Good surroundings with lot of open air and natural looks turn you on.
· Harmony of colours and especially pastel shades of blue and pink are your favourites. Generally, you are not jealous of other females.
· Taurus women have a large appetite for sex. Throat is the hotspot for you.
· You take long time to select your partner, but once married you shall prove to be a devoted wife. Taurus women rarely divorce . You care a lot for your husband .
· You are also a very caring mother for your childen and do everything possible to see them in good shape.
· Taurean women are good housemakers and do everything in a well planned and efficient manner. Food cooked by the Taurean women is often the best and they do show it well by throwing parties.
Ideal Match
· The males born under Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer and Pisces sunsign are best suited for you.
· Women born under Taurus sunsign may become too lazy and get a tendency of taking life in a easy way.Being very fond of food, you gain weight very soon. This leads to showing down of general metabolism and a number of other problems.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Lucky numbers for you are 2 & 8.
· Friday, Wednesday and Sunday are lucky for you.
· The colours most lucky for you are Pink, Blue and White.
Recommended Gemstones
· Emerald and Blue sapphire are the lucky gemstones for you. The gems should have a vibrant aura and should never have been worn before. The weight has to be decided as per your body weight and age.

Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics
By Pankaj Khanna
If you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd, you are Virgo Woman.

Physical Appearance
· You are tall with a slender body.
· Your eyes & hair are dark in color. Eyebrows are curved and bushy. The nose is straight and the forehead - prominent.
· Quite an active person, you walk faster than normal females and therefore are unlikely to ever develop a pot belly.
Mental Attitude
· Analysis and research are your strong points. You will try to go deeply into the things and look for the finer prints.
· You will try to understand the details of a things and explain them to others.
General Nature
· Your nature changes from time to time. You are thorough and methodical and have the habit of keeping things exactly at the same place in a very systematic manner.
· A Virgo woman has a scientific bent of mind and will reason and rationalise everything. She also often questions the traditional ideas and ways of life.
· Understand human nature is easy for you. Blessed with a sharp brain it is not very difficult for you to manipulate other people. You can disguise your real self and can put forth the face you want for a particular situation.
· You can plan well. You can become good diplomats and research scholars.
· You look calm and contended n the surface but below that you are a pool of nervous tensions, living on your nerves all the times. You also have a tendency of searching for something which you do not know exactly. This can lead to depressions.
· You are quick in actions like walking, talking or reacting and you have little tendency to put on extra weight. You try to keep yourself slim and trim most of the times.
· Worries coupled with your tense nature lead to digestive and intestinal problems. You may have problems related to dysentery, typhoid, swelling of intestines and gall bladder stones.
· Your talents and your will to earn Money take you to far off places and you shall earn your way up the ladder. You may not start wealthy but you will reach a point where wealth will come to you easily and automatically.
Romance And Sex Life
· For a Virgo woman , romance has a very different meaning in life.
· You tend to find a person of higher or atleast equal intellectual calibre and when you find him, you keep him guessing and are not demonstrative yourself. This leads to situations where both the people love each other but neither of them is sure about it.
· Even then some of the most strong relationships are possible if someone meets all your criteria .. you will then forget the world and virtually worship him.
· On the negative side, you may try to use your partner / lover by manipulative behaviour.
· You will like to be known as a nice girl than being known as a charming or beautiful girl.
· Your standards are very high - you will not be attracted by someone who gives too much importance to sex. Waist is your hot spot.
· Marriage will be a very rewarding experience for you. You can handle your house most methodically and with a very refined taste.
· You are responsible and most efficient. However If your husband is not so methodical and cannot cope with your craze for keeping everything tidy and in its place, take that in your stride and do not become irritable or annoyed with him. Otherwise he may get fed up leading to problems in your married life.
Ideal Match
· Persons born in Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Sagittarius are best suited to you.
· Too much changeability and looking for finer details and finding faults is your weak point. Do not expect too much from every person in the world otherwise, it may become very tough for you.
· You should also try to reduce your nervous tensions by playing outdoor games.
Lucky Days, Numbers And Colours
· Wednesday, Friday, Monday & Thursday are favourable days for you.
· 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7 are lucky numbers for you.
· Green, White & Yellow are your lucky colours.
Recommended Gemstones
· You should wear Emerald and Yellow Sapphire. The Gemstones should be of a vibrant Aura and should have never been worn before. The weight can be decided as per your body weight and age.


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