Friendship, Love, Jealousy  

wetwet65 51F
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8/10/2006 7:26 am

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6/5/2007 3:56 am

Friendship, Love, Jealousy

Why? I still dont understand. A friend once said, you girls shouldnt be nice to each others if u are going after for the same guy. Or guys.

Well, in the chat room, there some many sweet ladies or trying to be sweet, i dare not accused. One minute they are nice, the next minute, they are like wanna killed each other.

I think, best be urself, if u nice person, like me u will be safe. Well of cos people still stab u from behind.

Just chat to men, take them away, make them yours. But if they not real, they will show their color. I know so, i been through, many times.

Well, just enjoy chatting, and make friends, but try keep the friendships, dont killed them.



mandykl 32F

8/10/2006 10:24 am

real life imitates the net ...
its a dog eat dog world...
but I agree with you , should not waste friendship on petty arguments over men..
you can keep on changing boyfriends anytime

wetwet65 51F

8/11/2006 2:48 am

I still in the chat room, nothing and no one will take me away from there. Well, i just started to write in blogland. Thanks for your welcome. Well, i surely would stay in both land and write. Talking in blogland is like talking to urself. Writing in an open diary.....

TY for ur comment


rm_Lidge 48M

8/11/2006 4:59 am

Rose are red,
Violets are blue,
Next time I'm in KL
I want to have sex with you

LeninRuntsBurrs 42F

8/11/2006 5:44 am

hi wetwet, yeah i get what u r saying. But i learned a long time ago about fighting with a girlfriend over a guy. And I will never repeat it cause she has been my friend for 10 years. No man is worth that type of friendship. As for AdultFriendFinder, well, let's say this. In my office today, these bunch of girls kept gossipping about another girl and how they don't like her, and poor me was added into the email. When I found out it was her, I told them, everyone including her is my friend. So I will not get involved in the gossips. So same principles apply to AdultFriendFinder. I genuinely make friends and genuinely hate too. So far I only hate two guys cause one was jealous and another wanted me to reveal my secrets to him and when I didnt want, scolded me. Well, that is life I guess.

Take care dear.

milady_winter 43F

8/11/2006 9:48 am

hey wetwet,

You are a sweetie pie. And i must say you have a nice blog. Its very dircet and honest. JUst be happy with life and do your own thing. Read my blog if you have time.

Ciao Ciao

Lilith Divine

rm_activenurse 56M
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9/13/2006 2:51 am

What can I say, I certainly would not argue over the likes of me. Smart girl WetWet

wetwet65 51F

9/13/2006 6:21 am

Hi activenurse thanks for ur comments. Trying say wot i really think. Have fun.


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