Oh Would You Look At That  

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8/14/2006 4:27 am

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Oh Would You Look At That

I`ve noticed some chaps don`t fill in the section of size of their ding dong or whether they are circumsized or not. You know, I kind fo found that charming

Also interesting is how you`ll ask ladies does it matter and they go, 'Oh no, it`s how you use it' Hmmm, well to a degree, but then, no. Average length is about 5 and three quarter inches. That`s kinda okay, but to me it`s the girth. Length is great for certain positions like reverse cowboy so it doesn`t keep flopping out as you get excited and buck, I`m sure others will have more reasons, but frankly a skinny extra long ding dong you can keep. Give me girth for all it`s worth

BUT, as I can understand some chaps may be rather uncomfortable is they haven`t been blessed with even average. They exaggerate and mark the long and thick drop down menu when you can see by the photo they included they are VERY average. Note, don`t lie if ur going to include a stiff picci guys.

So what about us ladies, why don`t we get a drop down menu on the size of our genitals, just the boobs??? I tried to gain some weight recently and it backfired. Do you think I could get my B cup back...NO! but I got a lovely set of thighs and bit of a tum, oh choice mate Won`t try that again, but it`s going, I`m back running.

There`s about 4 different looks to a woman`s vagina, how on earth you measure the size, well, um, fark knows Maybe it depends on the usage and size of the woman...lmao, oh too funny.

oh boy, now where was I, sorry, someone is turning me on with what they`re saying whilst I`m trying to do this I`m gonna have to sign off..it`s way more interesting.

Peace, love and spank my arse

maverick1255 51M
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8/14/2006 5:00 am

Oh, my!! LOL!!!!

rm_Ellenback 58F
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8/14/2006 4:19 pm

Funny how guys wanna add inches to their equipment, but women DO NOT want to say, 'lips are soooo puffy, bout 2 inches across...' LMAO

You're right...no system of measurement for 'down there' exists, unless you count depth!

There's 4 different looks to a woman's vagina??? Ok now I want pics with textboxes of the points of comparison...



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8/14/2006 4:47 pm

LMFAO, a handful of years back I bought this recommended book on orgasms, because I wasn`t having any! And there were these black and white sketches of gi-nies and apparently 4, long hoods and short hoods, more exposed clits and those not, kind of like hair colours OMG, what a comparison. Of course, this made me more self conscious, 'dammit, I had to get the ugly one that looks like a bloody hound dog face'!!!

OH, thanks for bringing that up Elle, just in case any guy hasn`t read, or even girl, the many blogs catering to the average depth of a female vagina, argument is between 4 and 5 inches. Hence a man`s argument who is less well endowed than the average, like why is she complaining, saying my wang is small when he has a fiver that fits snugly in your hoo haa You know, I wasn`t aware of it till I watched Sex and the City. My lordy, you even get to see nakey doodles on that show

OMG, LOL, Peace, love and spanks everyone`s arse!

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