I'm not changing my life, I'm just trying to make it more interesting.  

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4/17/2006 2:13 pm

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7/12/2006 11:18 pm

I'm not changing my life, I'm just trying to make it more interesting.

I have noticed there are a quite a few lines in profiles of late that are exactly the same as a lot of others, have you noticed this too?

Is it a service guide that the site has or some kind of wierd spooky raised eyebrow thing?

The one in this title is one, here are some more, ringing any bells?

1.To me, traveling means having no fixed address.

2.I'm your typical fuck-and-forget date. No time for Love, Dr. Jones!

3.For me a perfect date is anything as long as it ends back at my place with our clothes off.

4.On Sunday afternoons I like to continue the screwing we started on Saturday night.

Such a coincidence, but I found it very creepy when you`re interested in someone and they all seem to be saying the same thing, makes you wonder if they are for real!

MrNuttz05 49M

4/17/2006 3:39 pm

How inquisitive... They are not for real! This site plants profiles to reel in the real ones like you & I... Try this; Go to the HOME page & click on who's on line now... Turn off your state & your country & see how many times the same pics come up in different parts of the country or even in another country.... And how can we forget, 'Send me your email, because I don't check this site often'... Ha! You're good... Welcome to BLOGVILLE...

youngandfun574 30M

4/18/2006 4:40 pm

hi wetta one

very good observation
lines, pics, interests, ideas. so many people use otehrs thoughts and ideas on here, shame people can't just be themselves
have a great day

badferret68 48M

4/18/2006 10:39 pm

Hi Wetta,
There's a template used on the site for when you draw a complete blank (not unlike the one I did), unlike most people I actually do plan to go back and change it

Traveling, well I'm from another country... does that count? I do like to occasionally goto another state and see whats happening for a week or two but your probably right about it being some weird thing. Most people on the net are there to escape who they are, if you be yourself no-one will talk to. I like reading the blogs and chatting to people but I'm myself and it doesn't get you anywhere but I don't mind.

P.S.- I liked your blog

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4/27/2006 1:38 pm

Hahahahaha, you`re on of those guys who used the template...still can`t find your own words to use, so who am I actually speaking to? Am I on the northside, well, that`s what my profile says isn`t it now sweetie.

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