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Looking at profiles, a lot of guys state they love a good wine, a good red wine....wine tastes like sour grapes, odd statement. People taste test grapes at the fruit shop, make a funny face if they aren`t sweet and put them back...I`ve never tasted any difference in wine grapes or eating grapes, if they are sour, they suck, simple. I`m told if I had the really, really good stuff, I would think differently...not sure why they would say that, they sure as hell don`t LOOK like one of my tongue tastebuds, so how would they know!

So, this is how it works, just because YOU like it, doesn`t mean I should.

Travelling, visiting other countries, loads of people talk of that, travelling for work, oh what a fantastic job they have, or just holidaying/vacationing, how wonderful to go see some other countries mountains, grass, hills, trees, flowers, homes, stare at the people like freaks, taste their food (now I must admit I LURVE food), take loads of photos (look out slide night...RUN, don`t answer the phone!!!) and throw around cash on souveniers...

You know what, yep, you guesssed it, I don`t fancy the idea, loathe souveniers, have perfectly good flowers, trees, mountains and a multicultural society AND FOOD right in my own country, in my own city, I wouldn`t die wondering if I never owned a passport and visited some other country. I like MY country, it`s fine for me, you go visit, let me stay right where I am...National Geographic and Discovery Channel, the internet etc can 'broaden my horizons' if I`m interested

I`m the kind of woman who knows a little bit about a lot of things, I`ve seen some things in my life a lot of people may never see, and frankly, a lot I wouldn`t want you to, it`s not always nice. But I`m not like a lot of other women/people. I work out for over 6 years now with weights, I have a physique that is NOT for a lot of women, others envy or admire, others think is awful and unfeminine. But I didn`t do it for anyone else, I did it for ME, I like it. I don`t perm, get wierd haircuts, dye or get fashion styles because I don`t want to, I`m not interested what others do to their hair because it is fashion. Man, I`ll get grey hair soon enough and most likely then I will take out MY shares in a permanent dye company.

I`m not special, I`m just me, different, but like other women, I pretty much like me, not perfect but then that just keeps me working, but no one is. I like what I like, I don`t feel the need to like what you do, please stop telling me I`m wrong or I`m wierd...maybe I just find you boring for likeing what a lot do?

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