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7/6/2006 9:22 pm

Why is it these days to get a job it takes so long for them to get you started? All this crap you need to do first due to the mongrels and their lawyers with law suits drags this rubbish out.

Two months, two frickin` months and I STILL haven`t started the blasted job, you`d think I WAS starting work for a blasted law firm!!!

I did the initial test...flying colours, great stuff, then the application, interview with BS scenario questions, then several hours of induction, boy was there some hullaballoo to get THAT done. Mind you, I`ve had to chase them up, stick firecrackers under their butts...filled out a dozen forms...BUT WAIT!! There`s more, I`m STILL to do another batch of inductions and I don`t even have a start date as yet.

The office just scared the crap out of me as I dated the tax form...we may need you to fill in another as we only have two weeks to hand it in and ya have to do the induction first...WOT THA!!!

I`m just glad I have a shovel AND a spade

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