This is for all my people 40 and over. What happen to the good ol  

wetnwildaquarius 44F
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7/28/2005 3:45 pm

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This is for all my people 40 and over. What happen to the good ol

What do you see happening to the generation of men today and women also? Do you think that the same values that you were brought up with still apply today? Are these young men making it impossible for you all to settle down with a good woman who just wanted a man to do right by her? Have the new school want to be's made the road harder for you? I believe some of these bad apples out here have really done a number on us women and have blinded some of us to who you all really are.

These men over 30 want to act like they are old and then some want to act like they are still in their twenties. Then you have these laid back old school cats who just want a good woman to take care of them and they provide for that woman.

What happen to the good ol' days when men just step up and took over and ran the house hold? While the women tend to the young and cook that dinner. Am I the only young woman who was raised by old fashion ways. Or am I out dated. Or have I lost track of time. What has hppen to our men and women out here?

Why are we losing respect for on another. These gender issues are getting stupid to me. Why are men killing women and children now? Why are men losing their minds instead of gaining some self-control. Then why are these new school cats playing games just to get some pussy. All these questions and more I say ro you men over 40 because you have lived and learned. Some of these young guys think with their dicks or their looks. Have some men and women become to shallow? Let's see what my ol'school men have to say about this generation today.

redmustang91 57M  
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7/28/2005 4:42 pm

I do not judge a whole generation. Some seem very together and ahead of my generation with lots of info from news, cable and internet. Some seem lost in the cosmos. It is very individual. Respect comes from good family training and good sense. Polite manners are good at any age. Rudeness sucks!


7/28/2005 5:33 pm

What happened was a little detour called the 60's. The sexual revolutiion was liberating but the activism that grew out of it is oppressive. Feminism like the rest of the civil rights movements sought equality and brought many benefits and improvements, unfortunately it didn't stop there. Some of these movements have continued way past insuring equal treatment by government and business and have pushed into our personal lives our thoughts and our identities.

The PC world this has created has indoctrinated women in the belief that men and women are the same. They have even proposed that now that women have been liberated men are irrelevant. A woman could now raise a family without a man. Both men and the State were cowed into accepting this new vision and even to encourage it through legal protections and subsidies. Sicne women wield the keys to both the sexual kingdom and procreation men have had little choice but to try to adapt to what little remains of a real role. Marriage and the commitment that it represents evolved out of mutual dependece between the sexes. The chain of dependence has been broken and with it the special rites of courtship that were once the norm. Don't blame the younger men, they are no differnt inside than those of previous generations, it just that they are like a leading actor who has now been relegated to the role of an extra and that is the role they now must lear to play.

rm_venture12002 62M
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7/28/2005 7:38 pm

All generations have good and bad.I come from the south and live on the west coast now.It seems to me that the women want to be one of the guys.I like the difference and miss it.My last girlfriend was beautiful to look at, but came right out and told me money was all that mattered in life.I find that shallow, however even if they won't admit it I know many agree with her.I guess most important, when I think of my parents they both worked hard at keeping the family happy and feeling loved.Most people think when you get someone to say I love you the work ends.It takes effort to make somebody feel secure in you're love.Work that never ends if done right.I do think that common manners and respect do go down (in general) with each generation.As for respect for someone you know.If they are the type that earn it you can't help but give it.

Curb402 51M
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7/28/2005 8:48 pm

As a 40 male, seems I have had twenty years of two long term relations. Once married then live in. Nether lasted. I did the provider roll twice. Both times faithful to the end. Only they were not. I'm at a blank today Now forty i wonder what happened but still. So i'm lost just a thought.

cute_n_bitchy 55F

7/28/2005 9:09 pm

JDL..interesting and insightful....I think we all share the concern for whats next? I remarked the other day that this isn't the "me" generation nor the "we", or even the "X" generation. This is the "gone wild" generation. All the images fed to this generation have funneled through the TV, GAMES and PC. All boundries were lost.

Like an out of control child screaming and breaking things the answer is simple. Children act out when they don't have limits or boundries. Without boundries they're scared. Scared people act unrationally.

There was a study of this very behavior. They watched a school yard of children accustomed to playing fenced in. They play happily all over the yard because they felt boundries. They took the fence down without bring it to the attention of the kids. The result was ALL THE CHILDREN CLUSTERED closer to the building once they became aware of the missing fence.

They seemed very aggitated. As the days wore on the kids then became more hostile. Aimlessly roamed the yard and not playing. Some played quietly only next to the school. The school replaced the fence and thing went right back to normal.

This is the same thing. Our children, mine included have been raise by TV and games. I am a single parent with a 60 hour a week career. BTW I work that much to survive the fake house values which in turned inflates everything but my paycheck.

This generation will right itself(hopefully soon). I forsee a correction in the economy by the feds, house values will deflat, personal misbehavior will be corrected by "growing up" there is more sobering than getting married, having a baby and buying a house..Just think what our parents thought of "rolling stones"???

cute_n_bitchy 55F

7/28/2005 9:15 pm

a quick note..I just started to read blogs aka: strings..I would have to say I am very impressed..I thought the art of indepth conversation was lost! Very AdultFriendFinder this get me "HOT"..hhahaha,,,sorry I couldnt stop myself..

wetnwildaquarius 44F

7/29/2005 8:58 am

Thank you cute I appreciate women like you who can just tell as you see it. I know that there is much happening in the world today and it's sad where we are heading. Oppression has been around for many generations and still is alive today in many situations such race, gender etc.... I am only in my thirties, but I am ashamed of how my generation has truly lost sight of their values and morals. Structure in the home does not seem to exsist anymore and young men are steadily losing respect for women and children. What is happening to the world. Could this be the Revelation that we all read about. Or has Norstradomis really made an accurate prediction. Is this the end of all that is humane.

(Juan S)
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7/29/2005 12:34 pm

It would take a very long time to put allof my opinions of this down, so I will start off by saying that the younger generation is not to blame. They are reacting as they have been taught and by what they have seen or been exposed to. he issues we are facing today,go Waaaaayyyyy back. Some very old school practices that happened to have been wrong in some context, caused a need for change. Those changes taken to extremes and without proper confinements or limits caused other changes. When these things got "out of control" so to speak, wha la!!! We have our current generation and the plagues it endures.
Our only savings grace is that everything must and does change. Another 100 years from now, this conversation will be irrelevant because we will have either done away with the entire system of male/female procreation, committed relationships, parents or as history has shown us, everything goes in a circle. We will be back to more family oriented environments. The future for our children is what we show them today. So we all have to shoulder the responsibility of trying to re-instill some values by example.

wetnwildaquarius 44F

7/30/2005 8:39 am

Say that sizzle. You know where I am coming from baby! You're the bomb baby!Thank you!

sshwfgd 46M
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8/7/2005 12:03 pm

Hi hows it going. I was surfing the net when i came across your blog. What u said intrested me to no end. I have been in the military for 15 years. I went in wet behind the ears, but with eyes wide open. I was raised with out a father by a strong proud black woman. She instilled in me the values i carry today. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for teaching me treat people with respect till they give you a reason not to. That one phrase she taught me allowed me to reach across barriers that my ignorance would have stopped me from reaching. As to that i felt that i should pass on thoeses teachings to the young men and wemon who join the military. Easier said then done. Maybe its the sign of times or just to much cuddling of our children. I was a latch key kid as i know a lot of us were. But this day an age. Kids have that i need it right now attutiude. They dont have the patience or will to actualy work hard to master or learn things the right way from the begining. True they are smarter then we were when we were there age. But they lack what we had at that age Morale grounding. It is something that the youth of today cant fathom. Proably because of t.v., movies, internet, or music. It is something that is lacking. Okay i will stop rambling on. I have tons to say but will try to keep it short. Thanks for letting me comment on these.

wetnwildaquarius 44F

8/9/2005 1:11 pm

well thank you sswfqd for that. I only wrote what I felt inside of me and then put it down to see if anyone has ever thought this way. I see that your input was very similar to my own and that is appreciated. Please check out the rest to see if anything else catches your attention. thank you for coming.

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