It's time to bring our Troops HOME! Weapons of mass Destruction my foot!  

wetnwildaquarius 44F
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7/16/2005 12:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It's time to bring our Troops HOME! Weapons of mass Destruction my foot!

I know damn well those people over seas are ready to come home to U.S.A. soil. This is stupid and uncalled for now. Why are we still over there losing our family? I have family in this shit Bush started. Weapons of mass destruction my foot. It's time for them to come home. They have done all that was supposed to be done. They were supposed to start bringing them home after the elections over there. He does not have an escape plan yet either. Now I know that some of you are not going to agree and that's fine, but the truth remains why did we end up in Iraq and not where they claimed who blew up our U S planes? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Wonder why. We just happen to get word of WOMD and not focused on who just killed over 5,000 people here on our soil. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Wonder Wonder why. Why are we not trying to get Benladen or however you spell that mutha's name. Either way; we got the one that his daddy wanted, but not the one who just messed over New York and the Pentagon etc..... Who is he foolin with his can't debate don't know how to win an election fairly behind. lol! I'm not sorry for telling it how I see it. Do you?

rm_19352 81M
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7/16/2005 1:18 pm

I fully agree.

19352, living in Norway.

rm_topovet 41M
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7/16/2005 2:00 pm

Just to let you know we are still trying to get benladen. We have never stopped. The media is what changed your veiw on I believe that but we have not stopped looking for him. We have people in the hills looking for him everyday.

wetnwildaquarius 44F

7/17/2005 4:35 pm

Alright! That's what I want to hear. But I still rather see our family home safe with us. Do we not have a battle here in our own country? I know people who believe that this war is senseless and are ready to come home. But thank you for addressing that concern. The media can be misleading at times.

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