How I accepted Lesbians and bi-sexual women? You women are amazing?  

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7/18/2005 6:31 am

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How I accepted Lesbians and bi-sexual women? You women are amazing?

Though I am not a lesbian it was not until my good friend discovered she was one that made me view them to be on the same accord. I don't understand what makes a woman become a lesbian, but I understand them and I feel them. A lesbian can relate to another woman the way a man should and treat a woman the way a man should. Lesbians are very passionate people and very caring. I will say once upon a time that I even thought of being one, but was over taken by big

I love being straight, but I also admire the life of a lesbian because they really take care of each other. I do not see it as being an unlawful thing that should be put down by our nation. Women have always stuck together in some sort of way or another because no matter the race we are all still minorities. Women can dance together at the club and it's totally natural and free. Women can look at each other naked without embarassment. We are connected thought we are not all lesbians.

To me all women have a lesbian intentions to some extent. The reason why I say that is because of how we are with our own girlfriends that we have known for years. How many women have looked at their best friend and said, "girl you look good and you know anybody is going to want to you." How many have actually have liked their best friend in a way you know they would not be comfortable? So for their sake you always kept that part of you hiden. Well that's what happen with my friend when she told me that she was a lesbian. At first I thought she playing. Then she told me how she felt about me. Then I knew it was serious.

I am still her friend even though I could never be her lover. I have always went to cluns with this girl and we only fucked men. But now I have to go to clubs with gays, bi's and lesbians with her so that we can do our girl thing. I was uncomfortable at first because of what I didn't understand, but now it's cool. These people don't bother me in any way that hurts me. They are the most coolest people in the world just like you and me. I will never look down on another person due to their sexual preference. Especially a woman sense we all seem to feel on another when it really counts the most.

We women encourage each other and give each other strength. I like being around lesbians and bi's because they are cool people who just need to be accepted and not rejected.

wetnwildaquarius 44F

7/18/2005 2:23 pm

I think men should respect the women who decide they are bi-sexual or lesbian without thinking of themselves only. Reason why I say that is because the only reason men would come to lesbians is for a show. Unless that man is participating; I would not allow him to view nothing.

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