Driving in the Rain - for Derek  

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2/3/2006 1:25 pm

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Driving in the Rain - for Derek

“I love to hear your laughter. I think it was one of the first things that attracted me to you." I said as we drive home through rainy streets.

“What else attracts you to me?” you ask with a slight smile playing at the corners of your lips.

“Well, I love the way the way your eyes smile at me from across a crowded room, or when I say something silly to you.”

“Is that all” you ask.

“Absolutely not!” I state matter of factly, with my chin jutting forward. “That is only the beginning, and here is some of the rest. I love the way you talk to me, looking into my eyes, I love your hands with your long fingers. Also, the back of your neck, how smooth it feels when I trace my fingers along the back, up and around drawing little circles. Like this.
“I also love the smell of your skin” I tell you, then lean closer to place my nose into the curve of your neck. “ Your smell makes me think of sex.”

You laugh at me and say “ Everything reminds you of sex.”

“Why yes, yes it does” I acknowledge, and breathe softly onto your neck and earlobes. “Is there something wrong with that?” I ask so innocently.

“Well it’s a good combination. You think it and I want it. Do you agree?” you ask me.

“Yes, of course I do.” I stop my kissing and tracing your neck and smile at you ,”Do you want to hear more about how I feel about you or do you want me to show you?"

“Whatever you want…..” you say so innocently, batting those blue eyes at me, teasing me.

“Ok, that sounds like an offer I can’t refuse." I continue to caress your neck and rub your shoulders through the soft fabric of your shirt. With my other hand I trace the strong line of your jaw, up to your lips. I feel the soft flesh, running my fingers along them. You slightly part your lips to let them in, sucking on them. The gentle sucking makes me feel the beginnings of a very damp patch in my panties. “ Do you know how much you excite me?” I sigh.

“No, show me.” you say very strongly.

I turn in my seat, so my legs are dangling over the seat. I kick off my high heeled shoes and toss them into the back seat. I slide my hands along the length of my legs, looking at you. I keep my hands moving up to the front of my blouse. I caress my breasts, running my hands up over the mounds, still going up to my neck and to the top of my head where I can unclasp the pin that had been loosely holding all of my hair. It tumbles down and I run my hands through it so it is free. I reach down the front of my blouse and begin to unbuttoning my blouse. You can now see the thin white lace of my bra. Peeking through the material, my breasts are soft and full, my nipples just starting to push against the material. I run my hands undeneath to cup them, feeling the soft flesh and weight of them. "I love it when you touch me." I tell you. "I'll do it now and pretend it's you."

"Show me what you like me to do to you," you tell me.

"I like it when you gently squeeze my nipples until they become rock hard under your fingers, like this." I say, as I start to rub and tweak them through the lacy fabric. They immediately get hard and push against my bra. The sensitive tips rubbing against the material add a nice effect. You reach over with a thumb and a finger and roll each nipple in turn.

"You are almost as good as me at that." you say.

I brush your hand away, and let out a little laugh. "Not quite," I tell you, looking at your sexy face. I grab your hand and place it against my neck, and you start to stroke my face and neck. I nuzzle against your hand and put small light kisses into your palm as I continue to play with my nipples and cup the undersides of my breasts, you trace the swell between my tits. I push them up and free of the bra to feel the soft, smooth skin surrounding my now taut erect nipples. "Do you want more?"

"I'm waiting," you say, trying to drive, and catch the little show I am putting on for you at the same time. I slide over to the seat edge and spread my legs apart. One leg I place under yours and the other is pointing towards the back seat. My skirt has inched up nice and high, almost to the tops of my legs. I pull it up further, exposing the tops of the black stockings, where they meet the soft, smooth flesh of my thighs. This also gives you a nice view of my white lace thong that now has a beautifully wet, damp circle soaking through. My pussy lips are full and swollen, pulsing against the thin fabric. With one hand I pull the material of my panties up so it slides in-between my lips. I place two of my fingers into my mouth, licking and sucking on them to get them nice and wet. I trace the outline of my lips and feel the heat coming from my cunt. The lips feel so soft and fleshy, arousing me more and causing more slick wetness to slide down in to the already drenched material. I let out small moans, telling you I am enjoying myself. The tight material rubs against my clit, causing little waves of pleasure to course through my body. I rub the mound through the wet fabric feeling it swell even more. I pull the fabric over exposing my cunt to you. I open the lips and show you the pink flesh inside, drenched with glistening wetness. "Do you like that?" I ask you. You can hear the husky tone in my voice and know I am very excited.

"Show me more," is all you say in response.

I push my ass up and lift my legs to slide my panties off. I recline back against the door and push my ass further over the edge of the seat, closer to you. I spread my legs and start all over again. I feel the soft skin and fullness of my breasts with the still achingly taut nipples. They are begging to be sucked and teased with your mouth but for now the rougher pinch of my thumb and forefinger will do. After sucking on my fingers, I feel the urgency of the stirrings in my pussy. I drop my hands down to my legs and stroke the tops of my legs and trace the tips of my fingers along my pubic bone. I pull my lips apart with one hand and with the other start to fondle and flick my clit. It is hard and very sensitive, giving me electric jolts of pleasure. I alternate rubbing my clit and inserting my fingers into my hungry wetness. I start to move my hips in circles, grinding them down into the soft seat. I can hear my breath coming quicker as I show you just how much you excite me. I suddenly pull my fingers from my cunt and edge over in my seat. WIth my sticky fingers I trace your lips. I lean over and kiss your mouth, sucking your lip into my mouth, gently at first, then harder as the intensity in me grows again. My hands run down the front of your shirt and feel your hard chest and arms. I drop my hand into your lap and rub my palm over your cock. "Just wanted to see if you were paying attention." I laugh as I feel the rock hard mass in your pants. "I want you to fuck me, hard." I tell you, "Now!"

You don't say a word, but pull our car off to the side of the road. I open the door before it even stops all the way and race around to your side and open the door. I wrap my hands around your neck and pull you out beside the vehicle. I feel you grasp behind me with your strong beautiful hands and knead the flesh of my ass. I kiss and suck your lips, pushing my exposed tits into your chest and grinding myself against you, loving the feel of your stiff cock through your pants. I open the buttons of your shirt, still kissing you very passionately. I need to feel your hard smooth skin against mine. I run my hands inside of your shirt and feel your nipples poking at my hands. I tease and pull at them, feeling your body respond to me. I untuck your shirt and feel your muscular body. I feel your fingers probing at me, and I spread my legs further apart to let you reach into my hot box. Your fingers push in and a surprised gasp escapes my lips. My pussy clenches around your fingers and begins to spasm letting you know I am close to exploding on you. I push you away from me, and practically rip your belt off to get to your cock. I push your pants down over your hips and see the outline of you through your underpants. I place my mouth against the fabric and breathe my hot breat onto the tip of your cock. You lean back against the door and hold onto the sides of my face, drawing me closer to you. I pull your underpants down over you, and trace the wet head of your cock with my fingertip, the glistening precum teasing me with what is to come. I open my mouth and let my tongue slide down the whole shaft, taking you all the way down my throat. I lick all the way down around your balls, taking one then the other into my mouth. Gently sucking and rolling them with my tongue, I can feel your member pulse and move as I slowly come back to the tip working slow circles along the bottom vein. I get so excited, feeling more heat and wetness grow in me as I feel your strokes become more urgent, pulling my head into you, quickening and becoming more urgent. I pull back, lick the very tip and suck on it, lovingly caressing the shaft. I am about to explode from the sheer desire of wanting to feel you fill me. I look up at you and ask you, "Derek, please, please now I beg you.

I truly believe you are more than willing to comply. I hike my skirt up further and turn my ass to you. I spread my legs and bend over the front of the car. You come up behind me and rub your cock along my ass cheeks. The amazing wetness that has seeped down between my legs has supplied more than enough juice to make a smooth entry. You slide your hands up beneath me and grab my tits, squeezing them and playing with my nipples. I push my ass up against you and moan loudly. You pull back and with one big push, you sink deep into my hot waiting cunt, entering me. I almost faint from the sheer joy of it. Your cock fills me completely. I feel your hands drop down to my hips and grab onto me. As you start to thrust in and out of me, firmly, I can feel your balls hit against my ass. I feel the amazing warmth and the quickening of a huge orgasm beginning to erupt inside of me. My cunt is quivering and my legs begin to tremble as you slam into me harder, knowing I am going to cover your cock in my hot come. Quicker and quicker you thrust your cock into me when finally neither of us can control it, and we both come in a huge shaking mess! With every squirt I feel you explode into me, I clench my legs together and feel each spasm within your body, emptying into mine. After we catch our breath and it's safe to move, I turn around and drop down to my knees and place your still hard cock into my mouth to suck all the combined juice from you and me, loving each drop I can milk out of you. We both start to laugh and throw clothes on, jumping into our car and drive home. There you can bathe me and get ready for the next round, where I want you to let me sit on your cock and you can tell me dirty stories! And maybe a glass of wine too, please.

curioscatgirl 37F

2/4/2006 4:23 am

Wonderful story and all. You say you are bisexual. Why not write a story about one of those wonderful experiences. I would definitely read that. TC XOXO Cat
p.s. Too bad you are only looking for men.

rm_dgsimmons 45M

2/4/2006 4:23 am


I loved reading your post. Your thousands of miles away... and you can still reach me, make me hard! Tonight I will write in my blog. I think you will enjoy it.


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