I understand the attraction to older women but ..........  

wetlonelypussy 48F
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5/16/2006 8:26 pm

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5/20/2006 3:29 am

I understand the attraction to older women but ..........

I understand the attraction to older women but .......... still can't help but tell you young bucks out there ...... the reasons that you give are not cutting it and here's why:

Reason # 1: It's the sex peak thing

Everyone says that the sexual peak for men is their 20s and women their 40s blah blah blah. ... hhhhhmmmmm am I hornier now? lemme think..... don't remember a difference -- maybe because that was almost 20 years ago? ..... or maybe because there just isn't a major difference!

Also, this reason only makes sense if sex is all there is to your relationship. But is it ever just that? There's always gonna be complications like one of you falling in love, getting too attached, etc. If you think that won't happen you're watching too many porn flicks like "The Divorced Neighbor" or "Wanna Mow My Lawn?"

And you say well, what about "Summer of '42?" Don't forget, she did it out of grief and then she left..... that was so sad.

Reason #2: We're just friends with benefits

"I'm mature and enjoy the company of older women." Yes you are mature for a 20 year old. But you're giving up being with other 20 year olds doing things 20 yo people do. Your adult life is just beginning it's a totally different outlook and lifestyle. You'll never be 20, 21, 22, 23 again -- don't give up your chance to experience life this way.

Reason #3: But we like to do the same things.

OK so are you doing the things 40 year olds do or is she the one acting like a 20 year old? "Yah but we go sailing, rock climbing, hiking and its the same at any age." You're right about some of it - rock climbing, hiking, active outdoorsy stuff I can see there's no age gap there. But what about the in between times?

Besides 20 year olds are great fun too. I was more reckless and fearless and had a ready to jump off the cliff attitude in my 20s. Mainly because I was too dumb to realize what I was doing -- would you want to miss that kind of girl? (LOL!)

It's Real Love

One Answer: Mary Kay Laternou

rm_swizzd 33M
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5/18/2006 6:02 pm

I would like to say i agree with you to a point, but at the same time, if that's the case then why do a lot of women date older guys? i know people say it's because of the maturity factor, but a man in his 20's could have experienced a lot younger in life so therefore he could be at a different point in his life then other 20 year olds, and there are a lot of guys in their 40's that act more childish then 20 year olds, and i'm sure you know a few, and some women say it's about a career thing and financial thing, but there are a lot of bums at 40, and i'm sure you know a couple of them too, and i'm only in my 20's but i make 17 an hour, so the financial thing isn't for all younger men, so i just wanna know if women can have relationships with older men, then how come it's not possible for the other way around? especially if the younger guy can provide as much if not more then older men, just wanna know

wetlonelypussy 48F

5/19/2006 2:58 am

Hi Sweetie,

Sorry to make you feel that it's wrong or you don't have a right to date older women bec you do -- it's up to you. Some relationships work out great.

My experience and point of view was different. There was this 20 year old guy, very mature, interesting, "got me", had lots of things in common (and he really likes watching foreign films with me). He was going to Japan this summer and then stay there for a while or come back, whatever happens. That's something anybody in their 20s or even any age can do, if they had no kids or obligations. I would have kept him tied down and he can't pick up and go off to Japan, or Israel, or Costa Rica or where ever if he/we wanted to have a relationship. Now this guy can have a young gf and she can go off with him to wherever.

So it's not the money, the maturity/immaturity - its giving up the things you can really only have while you're in your 20s. Because your girlfriend is in a different, more settled stage in life. A 40 yo guy/girl acting, dressing, hanging out with 20 yo is kinda sad. I think bec noone really thinks they are cool, even they know deep inside what they're not cool.

It's just my opinion and I guess I was trying to be funny so sorry if I said anything that offended you.

It's just that the young guys, specially the really young ones, bring out the mommy in me (I know, yuck! yuck! yuck!, I probably killed some young guy's fantasy by mentioning the "m" word -- or maybe not....)

You're sweet and you're cute and I know you'll find the right girl for you.


rm_swizzd 33M
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5/20/2006 8:27 pm

i understand that you're no looking for a guy my age, i was just saying that it's not as big of a deal as you think, i mean if two people with our age difference has a strong connection, i don't think they should not see each other because of age, hehe and i didn't say we had to be together, i was just lookingfor somebody to chat with at first and you seem to be interesting and you sound like you have a lot to say, i'm sorry that it happened with you and that guy like that but i promise i won't go there hehe, i've already moved to a new state and came back about a year ago, and i know what i want and i'm already going towards that, just can't find a woman to stimulate my mind and keep me interested, thought you might be able to but i guess not , but if you're ever looking for somebody that'll have good conversation with you without you getting bored, just let me know

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