Last nights dream pt.2  

wetlilma 36F
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7/18/2005 7:20 pm

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11/1/2006 10:42 am

Last nights dream pt.2

Well welcome back!
Did you get yourself situated after that last one?
Its ok I had to take a moment myself.
Anyway on to the second dream...

This one took place at someones house. Evidently I knew the person or knew of them becasue I remember the dream starting when I was at home I was trying to get dress and it was taking forever becasue I was trying to be sexy with my clothes. I glanced at the clock and said crap Im going to be late. I flew out of the house and got into the car and zoomed over to his house.
I arrived and rang the door bell only to be greeted by him. He invited my in and told me to make myself I did letting my skirt drop down to the floor to reveal my Vicki panties. He gave a slight smile and pulled me on to the couch. We sat close very close and I could see the he was checking me out but the door bell rang (what the hell is up with people interrupting my flow).
He told me to answer the door so I reached to for my skirt and he shook his head and said just like that, will do. So I walk over to the door a little nervous and open the door and before me stands this 6ft something delicious hunk of cocoa. While Im trying not to drool and to find my voice he looks past me at him and says is this her and I hear a yes from behind me.
The night progresses with idle chit chat until abruptly Mr wonderful asks me if I like to suck dick and I respond by sliding off the couch and between his legs feeling for his stick. To my surprise I find that he is already hard and packing a 9inch whopper and I realise that I may have met my match. Yet feeling it and the husky smell wafting from him makes me hungry for him. Just as Im about to take his manhood into my mouth the other guy suggests that we move to the bedroom so we can have a bit more room. With a little pout I give up my prize and follow them upstairs.
Some where I lose track in my memeory but it all jumps to Im completly naked and orally taking in Mr. Wonderfuls 9inches by now he is fully aroused and fucking my mouth to the point that I feel like gaging but I hungrly kept taking more and I realise that my other friend is busy snaking his dick into my dripping pussy. And he stops watching me suck that wonderful dick then out of no where he shoves it into me giving me the full effect of his lenght. At first there was a twinge of pain but my greedy pussy responded with glee at the attention. Now getting fuck at both ends far beyond my control I feel my body going weak from all of the pleasure surging through my body. Just as I am about to cum they both pull out.
Mr. Wonderful lays on his back and tells me to ride him and timidly I do knowing that this is going to hurt. Yet as I begin to push down on that mammoth of a cock he grabs my hips and slowly slides me down until I in shock realise that Ive taken the whole thing. As I rested on his dick trying to get used to the size I feel my other lover begin to slather a cold kind of liquid on my ass and soon I realise hes shoving a finger into it. He then slowly begins fingering my asshole with one finger until it slides comfortable in and out... then he added anothe finger and another...between the throbing of Mr. Wonderfuls dick and the tingles from my ass I began to moan and before long I pull out of my extacy to realise he is sliding his dick in my ass.
Filled now with two wonderful dicks like Ive never had it before they begin fucking me in sync with one another. It felt so good all I could do was just lay there at first allowing them to just have their way with my holes while I came uncontrolably.
As they began fucking me faster and harder I realise that they are about to cum and at what seems the last second for Mr. Wonderful he pulls out and slides up the bed growns and explodes in my mouth. Just as Im enjoying the last drops of my creamy treat. My ass gets its own treat as the other lover explodes in my ass. Cum dripping from both of my holes I collapse happyly onto the pillow.
And then the damned alarm clock went off ya'll!
Oh well.
Until Next Time...

Again the picture is just random to help you imagine what I drempt.

got_G_A_M_E 42M
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7/19/2005 1:45 pm

wetlima..I wanna party with you!

zuulou 59M

8/4/2005 5:26 am

That was HOTT Boo.!! You have a wonderful imagination. I would love to help you with that fantasy. I'd just have a hard time because I would want to share you, but I can see that there's enough sexual energy to go around. You seem to be wise beyond your years. I'm impressed. Keep it cummin.

blur795 55M
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9/28/2005 7:58 am

I wish I could spend sometime in that mind of yours. You have to be amazing in bed,

rm_NYMPHO958 58M

10/7/2005 5:05 pm

youre such a beautiful individual,with a very erotic mind.i like to meet you someday for some very intense hot sex.keep that mind ,and fantasies rolling,i'll definitely read them. nympho958

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