Last nights dream pt.1  

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7/18/2005 6:21 pm

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Last nights dream pt.1

Sorry I havent written in a few days Ive been very busy with school the term is coming to an end thank goodness.
I was thinking last night as I dropped off to sleep that I should have a little party with a few friends over at a hotel and just have like a fuck fest. Well I must have been thinking pretty hard becasue I had a few wonderful dreams becasue of it!
Ths first one must have slipped in right as I was falling asleep. I drempt that it was late afternoon and I had just arrived at my hotel room and I was all hot and sticky becase it was a day much like today extremly HOT outside. I turned on the AC and enjoyed the cold air when someone knocked on the door. I opened the door to a young lady about my height and slightly larger than myself. When I asked her could I help her she crossed into the room taking my hand and pulling me on to one of the two beds in the room and she kissed me so deeply I felt faint. As we kissed I ran my hands up her shirt to find to very large breast growing firm from my touch.
Just as she began to moan there was another knock at the door. At first I ignored it however whoever it was firmly knocked again. I moaned to her that Id be right back and to make herself confortable and angrly answered the door. And there stood in front of me a tall chocolate wonder wearing barely anything. Caring a medium sized bag over her shoulder. When I asked her what she wanted she smiled, then licked her lips and responded that she wanted a taste of me and that she'd brought some toys to play with. So hell I invited her in.
The next thing I know all three of us were on the bed happly licking each others kitty when the first girl turns me over on my stomach and begins fingering my pussy little did I know the other girl was rumaging through her magic bag for a treat!
After licking and fingering my spot for a while a double dildo was inserted into my wet spot! One of the girls (by now Ive lost track of who is who) Inseted the other side into her pussy and while fucking herself fucked me. By now my body was trembling and I could feel my juices staining the bed spread, when my other unoccupied friend spread her legs and allowed me to explore her sweet spot. I hungrly ate her out and I could feel her squirming but I held her legs open while I plowed into her deeper.
I was so overwhelmed by the pleasure that when I came this time along with my other two friends the world just seemed to have exploded around me.
The three of us collapsed exhusted the bed wet under us from cum and sweat...and as I drifted off in to extacy I heard one of my wonderful friends say get some sleep round two starts soon.

What was my other dream about...well go dry off or finish getting off and I'll have it posted soon.
Until Next Time...

The picture is just a random internet pic just to aid in your imagination!

Poison0us 32F
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8/11/2005 9:38 pm

can we do that?

jusslickinbi 31F
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9/14/2005 7:23 pm

i gotta do that?

wetlilma 36F

9/23/2005 5:41 am

Hey ya'll
Poision0us gurl any time any place just get at me. And jusslickinbi whats up thanks for responding get at me some time.

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