Love for a Thug (Part2)  

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Love for a Thug (Part2)

Later on, Maya was sitting on the couch, smoking her G-units with Chuck. Damn, ain't it time for him to go. I hope he don't thing he's getting some pussy tonight, that shit is out! She said to herself. Maya just couldn't shake off that feelin' that Jay had gave her. Shit, Chuck couldn't even give her that feelin' when his dick was up in her, let alone a finger.

After Chuck left, Maya called her cuz Aquafina to tell her what happen.
"What girl?" Aqua said when she picked up the phone.
"Guess who just left my house?" Maya said sounding happy.
"Who Maya?"
"Fine ass Jay, girl."
"Yeah, that nucca is fine, but what the hell did he want?"
"He bring me a bag of them GGGG-Units." She said sounding like 50 Cent.
"Bitch you stupit! Better stop smoking everything somebody give yo ass. I don't trust that nucca, he be high too much." Aqua said.
"So, we get high alot to, Aqua, so stop frontin'."
"But,he be off some other shit other then weed, he be to layed back."
"Like what?" Maya said wantin' to know.
"Shit, bitch I don't know, ask him." Aqua said laughin.
"Well, all I know is that I wanna give him some of this pussy." She said.
"I don't see why, every hoe in the hood wanna ride that nucca's dick."
"Bitch, I don't give a shit, them hoes can forget!"
"What about yo man?" Aqua said.
"Fuck Chuck!"
"My cuz tryin' to get some grown dick, huh?"
"Damn right, cause that nucca Chuck shit show is baby dick." They both laughed on that.
"Alright, call me tomorrow. I gotta go to school in the morning and so do you, nucca." Aqua said.
"O.k, hoe. I love you!"
"I love you too, Maya! And be careful."Aqua said worried about her cuz.
"I will."

Once Jay started buying presents, Maya couldn't keep her mind off him. He would show up with all types of gifts, earrings, shoes, outfits, whatever he thought would look good on his little girlfriend, as he still called her. And of course, he still supplied her with the finest weed. Even though she was worried about their age difference, his attention was thrilling. And it was making her lose interest in Chuck.

It was a hot summer day, Maya was going to see Aqua. They had plans on catchin' a buz, and going to the park. She was taking the shortcut though Herman Gardens projects when Jay spotted her.
"Hey Maya, come here!"
Jay was looking fine as usual. He looked like he just came from the barbershop and he had on all white Rocawear outfit, with a fitted hat cocked to the side, and a fresh pair of air force1's.
"What up daddy?" She said lickin' her lips.
"Where you on your way to?" He asked.
"To see my cuz. Where you goin' looking all sexy and shit?"
"To find you."
"Why you tryin' to find me?" Her heart was fluttering.
"I wanted us to look like twins today."
"And how is that going to happen?"
"I got you the same outfit I got on, and since you have a wrap, you can wear the fitted hat too."
"Where is it?" She asked, try to hide her excitement.
"At my crib. If you ain't scared you can walk over there with me." He said smiling.
"I ain't scared of you."
They walked in silence for two blocks to Jay's apartment. Maya couldn't believe that she was alone with the man that she couldn't get out her mental. Jay lived on the third floor. When he put he's key in the door, Maya hears a dog bark.
"You got a dog?"
"It's just a terrier. He's cool."
"Well, I hope he don't try to bit me."
"He will if I tell him to"
"Well. I'm not going to give him the chance. I'll get at you another time." She said walkin' away.
"I'm just playin'." He said laughing grabbing Maya's pants. "You know I ain't gone let shit happen to my baby girl."
"Don't play with me like that, Jay."

As soon as he open the door, he grabbed the little terrier and put him in the back room. Maya looked around the living room and liked what she saw. Very clean, big screen TV, leather burgundy furniture, with the matching carpet, and a bad ass sound system. Jay came back with a Footlocker bag.
"You want a pop or something?" He asked giving the the bag.
"No, I'm good. I want to see what's in that bag." she was already openin' it, taking everything out. "Hell yeah! That's what's up!"
"Go in the bedroom and try everything on."
She grabbed everything and went to the bedroom. When she came out, she was grinning and spinning around.
She bent down to fix her nike socks. The shorts was tight just like he wanted them. They showed off her curves.
"jail bait!" Jay said under hie breath. Maya heard him, but act like she didn't.
"How do I look?" She asked.
"Fine, and sexy as hell."
Maya blushed. "Don't I know it! What you got good, playboy?"
"Look in the ashtray on top of the stereo. It should be something already rolled up."
Maya got the ashtray and lit the blunt. "do you mind if I turn on the stereo?"
"Do whatever you want, baby girl." He smiled before he disappeared. She turned on the CD player and hit play. He had Tupac's Me against the world CD loaded. Maya though nucca's fell asleep on Pac. When he finally came back, Maya knew something was up.
"What you just have?"
"What you mean?"
"I don't smell no weed in da air."
"Somethin' you can't handle."
"How you know what I can handle?
"Because, you my baby girl."
"Shit, I'm grown."
Jay just looked at her.
"Why you looking at me like that?"
"Alright then, come over here." he said.
She looked on with curiously as he put some of the white powder on the edge of a matchbook and sucked it up though his nose.
"Is that coke or heroin?" She asked.
"Oh, you do know a little somethin', huh, baby girl?" It's heroin, but we call it Girl." He explained as he put a little on the matchbook cover and passed it to her.
Maya sniffed it and choked.
"You alright, baby girl?
"Yeah." It was a funny feeling, but very relaxing. She felt like she was dreaming.
Jay went to the kitchen, and got her a 7-up, and put it on some ice.
"Here, Drink a little of this."
Maya felt like everything was in slow motion as she drank it down.
"Damn, I feel good." She grinned a Jay.
"Don't ask for and more, okay? I can't have my baby girl strung out." He said kissing her on the forehead.
"I'm grown, remember?"
"You know I'm crazy about yo wanna be grown ass, don't you?"
"Crazy like what? I thought we was friends. Plus you know I got a man."
"Shit, that ain't know fuckin' man. I bet he never even made you come, did he?"
"I'm not telling you our personal business."
"That's because he haven't." Jay said as he reached over to play with he breast. Maya just stared at him. He was making her even higher than she already was. He leaned over and put his tongue in her mouth and circled it around. Maya was breathing heavy as she kissed him back, enjoying the feeling of his hands roaming over her body. He push her back so that she was laying down. As he pulled her shorts down he was giving the inside of her thighs gentle, soft kisses. Maya felt she was melting into the sofa. The "Girl" the she just sniffed magnified every single thing that he was did. He pulled her shorts off and unsnapped her bra. Her young, perky tits was a sight for sore eyes.
"I told you that I was crazy about you. How you feel about me?"
"I think you a fine ass nucca that's too old for me."
"You want me to stop then?" He asked her as he started to gentle bit her nipples.
"Unh-uh. Don't stop." she moaned.
He was making her pussy hot and ready. Jay slid down her panties and spread her legs wide open so that he could admire her young cat. Maya could hardly contain herself. Chuck had never, ever made her feel like this. He had never taken this much time with her.
"Finger me like you did that time at my house." she begged.
"Oh, you liked that, didn't you? I knew you did, cause your whole body was trembling. But I got somethin' better than that, baby girl." He spread her pussy lips and ran his tongue over her clit.
"Ooooh! That feel so good." She moaned loudly.
Jay sucked on her clit and it got harder and harder. Maya's moans got louder. She started circling her hips in a grinding motion. Jay kept licking, and slipped a couple of fingers into her, working them in and out her pussy. She felt like she was having spasms and her body started to shake uncontrollably. The more her body shook, the faster he licked moved his fingers in and out. She came for what felt like eternity and then she blacked out.

Part 3 coming soon to a screen near you!!!!

SirMounts 102M

4/23/2006 8:43 am

Well, that's quite a story so far! *winking*
Welcome to blogging, wetasrainfalls. *smiling*

rm_313_Holdings 42M

5/6/2006 8:48 am

Both parts where outstanding! You have talent, if u haven't already, u may want to contact a local publishing company.

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