Love for a Thug (Part 1)  

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4/5/2006 8:51 am

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Love for a Thug (Part 1)

Maya(14)on the days she would walk from school by herself, this dude name Jay(22) would stop want he was doing to walk her the rest of the way home. He would always say "You're my little girlfriend. You know that right?"
"Your too old for me." Maya said.
"I'm going to wait for you." He told her that every time he saw her.

Jay was fine as wine. He was 6'5, 250Pd's, bownskin, big brown eyes, with long curly eyelashes. He had a sly smile, and he would always give her money , reminding her that when she got older, she was going to be his woman. Maya liked the extra attention, even though her relationship with Chuck was going so well. Her only complaint was that the dick was getting boring. She was tired of having to sneak in and out of his house and rush when they was having sex. She wanted to be able to lay there, hugging, kissing, and just talk when they were naked. Plus, she wanted someone with more experience and with a bigger dick. Chuck's dick didn't even hardly feel like anything was inside her.

One day Jay showed up at her door high ass hell."What are you doin' coming to my house?" Maya said him. She was glad no one was home. " Clam down baby girl,I just came by to give you this beg of weed, this is the shit" He said in his sexy voice. She open the door a little wider, and he came in the house.
"You can't stay long, you know," she told him. She reached out for the beg, but he snatched it away with a sly smile.
" Just go get some papers so I can roll me one, then I'm out."
Maya don't waste know time getting them papers. She was glad Jay was hooking her up, but she had to get him out of there fast, Chuck was on this way over. Even though the sex wasn't 'bout shit, she didn't have time to explain why this grown ass man was in her house.
She came back in the living room, and Jay was on the couch. She give him the paper so he could roll up. Damn! He smell good, she said to herself. Once he finish rolling, Jay did as he promise and got up to leave.
As Maya open the door for him, Jay turned around and put his mouth onto hers, putting his tongue in her mouth. His hand went into her shorts and he started fingering her. It felt so good that it scared Maya to death. She pulled away, her whole body was hot and trembling. Jay smiled and he left without saying a word.

Part 2 coming soon!

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4/6/2006 8:13 am

I can't wait to finish reading got me on the edge of my keep up the good work boo...Hugzzz...

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4/6/2006 8:48 am

Damn girl, this was good. When can we role play. P.S. I got a good story for your to read too. One day iwil send it to you.

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