The Heart of A Submissive  

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12/3/2005 10:23 am

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The Heart of A Submissive

I wrote this poem of sorts several months ago when I wasn’t quite sure of where my life was going. To say the least I have had several re-writes along the way. Some call me a switch because I like to top vanilla men. However, put me near what I consider to be a truly Dominant Man and my desire to top is gone. I know that I am a submissive and accept that as a part of me. My desire to find My Sir is great and I will know when I find him because he will accept my submission without requiring me to lose myself.

The Heart of A Submissive

I bow to you with full submission,
My Master, My Sir, My Dom

The one who I trust to care for me
as I care for him

You inspire my fantasies
and fulfill my dreams

The one who causes me true pain
with pure pleasure

The darkness of a blindfold
the binding of ropes

The crack of a whip
the drip of hot wax

The warmth of your touch
the sound of your voice

The feeling of bliss
as your body enters mine

The flight of pleasure
as you push me beyond

Your warm arms around me
as I float back down

You’ve captured my mind
you’ve captured my soul

My Dom, My Sir, My Master
I bow to you in Love

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