Football mad nation!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe  

wet_pussy4ever 43F
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7/9/2006 1:03 am

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7/11/2006 12:34 am

Football mad nation!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe

ohhhh!! it has been crazyyy weekend for me. have been having late nites lately.. been out pubbing wit my frens... we started out wit dinner... ended up playing cards & watching WC ( if there's a match)!!! ended up going home 3 - 4am.. oh yeah!!! so much for d early nite, dinner only

than dozing of at work been sleeping at work altho i still do my work too tired liaooooo wit all d late nites

well, tonite's d finals no more WC, no more excuse to go out & watch a game bt there's more excuse to go out now partying hehehe

so, as of nxt weekend... i'll b partying bt trying to cut down as well... as to m uch cost incured there trying to save for my hols in sept

hehehe... anyone wanna take me clubbing we shall go partying


iceboy336 34M
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7/9/2006 10:11 pm

hi, there
isn't it nice that we could actually go out wiv a group of friends enjoying the WC sensation! hehhe, and not to mention bout PARTIES and CLUBS

haha, so what u work as anyway?
ooh, did ur boss catch u went u were FISHING( is like ur head falling up and down like u r dozing off to sleep ) while u work ?

yeah, so did u catch the FINALS !! where were u ? hehe
well, as for me i did ! was wiv a female fren,having few jugs of cocktails, fries and watch it at a pub at sunway! haha.. the game was AWESOME !

ooh, where u going to anyway for hols on sept ?
hehe, mind sharing

hmm, where do u often go club anyway or shud i ask..where u staying anyway? which part of selangor? hmm,32 years of age..dun mind me saying tat, no offence okie.. i mean u've been tru all those thin & thick experience in life, sure u knew alot of things uh

i;ve read a couple of ur blogs! esp the one mentioning " WHY IM HERE?" well, its quite true that anyone cud sweet talk and get wat they want, and juz after just dies off !!
sometimes even gals do that.. but overall im a guy, i do agree wiv wat u say

the sentence when u say " i won't say tat i dun need sex...yes.. "
is sex that important to u well, actually im quite new to this kinda things.. sorry if i ask u tat no offence
or u just like d feeling of sensation,excitement which makes u go crazy at that MOMENT?

hey, wet_pussy4ever, do u email
well, i would like to chat wiv u more, get to know more things
do u mind ! we could emaill ..just wana know more and learn things..
hehe.. okie..gtg now !!
hope to get a response from u soon !!

wet_pussy4ever 43F
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7/9/2006 11:49 pm

yeah.. definately i caught the finals.. it was a gr8 one.. how could we not watch it after watching most of the game... it will b a waste.. i w at my frens house watching the game. we decided tat we'd do tat since it wil b rather packed & crowded if we do go out.

yeah.. so, is there anytg wrong wit 32 yo.. naw.. y shld i b offened. i stay in selangor, yeah, bt i m not gg to tell u wer i stay sex is not actually really important to me.. bt who doesn't need it, rite

i do go clubing bt no specific place wer we hangout. sumtimes it's in kl.... sumtimes it's in bangsar. depending wer we wanna go at tat time

yeah of cuz i do i wouldn't givr out my email addy here as well if we do chat than it's gr8 or else u can email me here in AdultFriendFinder


iceboy336 34M
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7/10/2006 1:03 pm

hehe, yeah the match was awesome
agree wiv wat u said, how is it possible tat after all the games u watched, and u dont watch the FINALS tats very weird if it does happened , ahah !

yeah, esp in KL and HARTAMAS ! heard is so packed wiv ppl like sardines and sweating like a pig hahah!

nah, there;s nothing wrong wiv age
haha, tats fine since u not telling me where u stay.
hmm, its true wat u sed, even thou u think its not important, but subconciously u do need it when it comes ! haha..

well, to tell u the truth !
i dont really like bangsar at all.. which i just duno why

okie, i could email u tru here or even just reply ur blogs
hehe, so how;s work today been so far?
did u manage to push urself to wake up and go work !

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