swingers dinners, part 1  

wert59 50M
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6/20/2006 8:49 am

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10/16/2006 10:00 am

swingers dinners, part 1

Its a part of my life cooking and chefing meals for the public and i love it,,recently i received an e-mail from a couple in dorset who advertise on this site asking me if i would cook dinner at there home for 8 guests,,,if i could fit them in i would i told them,it took about 2 weeks to get everything organised,,me supplying all the food at cost and they reimbursing me,, so on a lazy sunday afternoon i set off to there home,bout an hour from me,,after getting lost and dealing with the roadworks etc,i finaly arrived at about 5.30pm,rob & jen(not there real id.s)were a good looking couple in there late forties and had been swinging for 10 yrs or more, 2 very confident adults, they showed me around there very comfortable home and led me to the kitchen, i was left alone to get on with things,dinner was scheduled for 8,jen was the 1st to reappear and she was dressed to kill,,smells good,she said,,my trade i replied,trying not to ogle her to much,my trade she replied back,rob appeared and set about laying tables etc,,by 7.30 all had arrived and i was surprised to find that there were only 2 males and 6 females,,i made 9 adults alltogether,soon everything started to get going and enjoyment and laughter were all about,everyone loved the food and dinner had finished,i started the clearing up process as the hosts and guests retired to the lounge,,lucky people i thought while washing up,,but hey i had been paid and i wasnt a guest so no probs,,,i walked into the lounge to say my goodbyes,,join us after all sven you are one of us,,one of what i said? a swinger for sure said a cute redhead of about 40,i didnt need a second invitation,within 5 mins i was being oraly satisfied by not one but two hungry sets of lips,wow a very new experience for me,i pulled away and got naked ,are you in a rush rob asked,no im just your average naked chef i said,i ended up staying the night and shagged all 6 women,the next morning i prepped up the brekkie and was pleasantly surprised that all the adults there were happy and contented with life as i am,,the red head has asked me to cook at a dinner party for her,as has the other couple who are from devon,,fitting these dates around my restaurant job will be tricky, but my boss had better beware, cooking for beautiful like minded people is much less stressful and nearly as satisfying as working for him,,i never thought that one day i would truely find my vocation in life,but now i think i have,,so beware swingers one day soon i may be cooking for you,,and i just hope you are as sincere and freindly as rob & jen,,and above all else genuine,,bye for now,, sven xxxx

sammiesunshine 46M
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6/20/2006 10:40 am

Wow! that is very cool. You lucky dog...you get to pleasure people in more ways then one. That must be a real turn on, knowing that the people that you are making happy with your cooking will be making you happy in return.

sniff...wish I could cook...

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