confessions of a somerset chef,,part 3  

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2/22/2006 9:14 am

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confessions of a somerset chef,,part 3

The older lady in my life and i have an excellent sex life wich we put down to playing out our fantasies.I arrived at her house last night to find her waiting for me in her favourite,white,button front dress,high heeled white shoes,offering me a glass of wine she told me that i was to be her arab master tonight and i had bought her for her fabulous D size tits,,i took a sip and kissed her hard,,already i can sense her arousal,,pushing her back,i undo the buttons and slip the dress off,laying down on the stairs i tell her to please me,she hooks her fingers into her white panties and starts to rub herself moaning as she goes, she takes my hand and leads me to the couch in the lounge,where she continues to rub her already swollen pussy,,opening her legs wide she pushes 2 fingers inside and masterbates for me,,slowly,she then pulls them out and draws them up over her stomach,back to her tits,seductively over her neck and then to her mouth,,a glistening trail of juice left in her fingers wake,this got me incredibly horny,,my manhood stretching to be released,,i strip off and move in on her,,i rub her clitwith my fingers,i moved my mouth down to taste her stopping and teasing all the time,,my tongue licks every crevice,moving around to lick her tight little taboo rim which was saturated with her love juices,,oh yes please she begged i want you to do me every possible way,,she bucks and i know what that means,,usually she takes time to warm up,,but this rimming has her cumming within minutes,, she shuddered and swore at me,,shes never done that before,,i mused,i flip her over and continue to eat her sex,, a very wet pussy indeed,she grabs my hair and holds me down,,dont stop she cries out,,im at the most intense orgasm ever she squeals,she shuddered again and spilt her orgasm into my mouth,, this was her most amazing orgasm ever, she tells me later when she pleasured me in return,,no one had ever tongued her there before and she was estatic that at last there was something new to sex,at 53 she is one sexy minx and can go on and on,shes sexy and sassy and mine one night a week,, but this may increase now,,
so do all women and men like there butt licked? or do some detest it???? im easy,is orgasm a lot more intense? would love to here your thoughts on this one??
sven the english chef xxxxx

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2/23/2006 3:50 am

It just depends on the mood I am in >>!

Purry {=}


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