TEENAGE DREAMS,confessions of a somerset chef,part 4  

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5/20/2006 8:07 am

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TEENAGE DREAMS,confessions of a somerset chef,part 4

The thing is right that im 40 yrs old,attractive and solvent i know,but still bloody 40 never the less,,i love my work and my time here playing or chatting it doesnt bother me,i like women to be mature and sensible,lol,,but now i have a dilema? a new waitress of 19 has started at the restaurant,and shes as sexy as ive ever seen,whats the problem you ask? well shes hitting on me,shes cute and beautiful, and has a figure to die for,,no doubt about it,i would love to ,,but i have a concience,im 21 yrs older than her,and that scares me,never been scared before where sex has come into play but now i am,,ive told her that im old enough to be her father but she doesnt care,its all sex she says ,just sex,i havnt touched her and my gut feeling tells me im right not to,but my body says do it,who wouldnt,,but i see her as a teenager and that scares me,,remembering how fucked up i was at that age,, im not going to do it,and thats final,but does age really matter between consenting adults???,,i have lovers who are 10 yrs older than me and that seems fine but one so young, i dont think so, HELP,
sven the english chef,,xxxx

sammiesunshine 46M
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6/21/2006 10:13 am

Don't do it. You have a two part problem here. Part I: she is an employee and if things go bad..well...enough said.. Part II: She is 19....referance your own post.

The solution: just go out and bang a 19 year old, get it out of your system and flirt with her.

crud what do I know i'm going back to watch : Ready, Steady, Cook.

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