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7/20/2005 6:58 am

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Wow.I have just made a fascinating discovery in my journey of self discovery that ijust have to share with you my fellow (lol) swingers.It all began with a frustratingly unsuccessful spate of self harm,whilst continually attempting to punch my own face,i had to give up,unable to inflict the necessarylevels of pain,after analysing this failure it become apparent that although my brain instructed my arm to punch as hard as possible,some kindof overide musthave kicked in, this proves that there is more than me running this show, Who is this other more powerful mind that runs my body? it must be more powerful because it overides my decision to hurt myself, which leads me to think just how many of us live in this body and is it possible to communicate with this other entity,?, an exiting breakthrough indeed ,i think you will agree, i will keep you posted as i further explore,?????now that i have a second internal reference point the possibilities are limitless
seek and ye shall find,xxxxxx

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7/20/2005 12:19 pm

Baby don't be harmful to yourself! I have gone throught what you seem to be too and if it's what I think it is,1. get help, 2.get some sleep(which is what mine turned out to be) 3.Think better of yourself and if it is multiples personitily's you'd have blackouts for periods of time. Either way Be Careful!!!! And please keep me informed, I'll worry about you!

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