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7/21/2005 7:52 am

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Prince albert

Hi all,ive just finished chatting to a rather sexy gal on the net,she is local to me and seems very keen to meet,whats the problem you may ask? well she has piercings in her clit and says its the most amazing sensation ever and every one should have one to increase there sex drive,ive never fucked a girl with this sort of piercing and im wondering what it would be like,it doesnt put me off, quite the opposite infact it sort of turns me on, my question is are there anybody out there to enlighten me on this subject?? males and females,??? im sure it hurts at 1st no one can deny a pin through the never regions whatever sex must hurt like hell, but is it worth it??does it really increase your sexual pleasure? or is it the knowing of it being there the real kick??
help sven xxxx

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7/22/2005 6:32 am

I had a bad experence with a guy who's tongue was pieced. He tongued me raw with it.More later, thanks for reminding me.Mmmm, thank you Sven, I didn't add the part of tasting myself but yes I do it often too, and please keep me posted.
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