Called in sick  

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7/26/2006 6:14 am
Called in sick

Called in sick today what are they going to do fire me LIL the 4th is my last day there anyway have already given my notice. Sold Jackie's Monte Carlo she loved that car. But now we will not have to pull a trailer behind the truck. So once the dealer ships open in Florida this morning we will start the search for our new car and have it ready the morning we arrive. Isn't the internet great!! We still have so much packing and just getting things together takes so much time. We have lots of friends here to help us pack and load the truck but once we get there it will all be up to us. We are renting a apt for the first year to check out the area we would like to live in and got to do this again in a year bah humbug.But from what we can fiend out insurance is almost as expensive as a house payment so might just be better to rent and get renters insurance we know you never accumulate nothing that way but you don;t have the up keep either. well enough for now Hugs licks and kisses E&J WTC

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