Three's Company Too!  

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Three's Company Too!

Steve: I composed myself rather well and only called Janie once the week following our first meeting. I was so fearful that I had not shown her a good enough time that I hesitated to even make contact. But I finally worked up the courage and made the call. Janie seemed pleased to hear from me and not at all put off. We talked about generalities rather than the intimate details of our previous encounter. I asked about the upcoming weekend but she said she was gonna be out of town on Friday and had made plans with her house mate, Ann, to hang out Saturday. She must have picked up on my disappointment as she quickly reassured me that we could get together the following weekend or sooner if we could work out out schedules. I was rather busy with work myself at that time, so I agreed to the following weekend and to stay in touch.

Janie: It was so great to hear from Steve. I was afraid a stud like him would not have time for me in his life. But I could tell by the eagerness in his voice that my fears were way off base. I was really pissed that we couldn't seem to get together the upcoming weekend. I had to be out of town for work on Friday. Ann was so bummed out by my bragging about my amazing romp with Steve that she had made me promise to go clubbing with her Saturday. I guess it was good to let him burn a little bit more for my, but, dang, I couldn't wait to get his huge cock back inside my pussy. We'd just have to work something out. Saturday Annie & I went out hitting the clubs. Ann had a boyfriend of sorts but wasn't all that thrilled with him and was always looking for the greener pastures. Until I met Steve, I had been in the same boat and used to enjoy prowling the clubs cruising for guys. We dressed as slutty as possible and loved making the guys go crazy. Somehow my heart wasn't into it. Our look was working as usual, we were getting quite drunk and hadn't bought a drink all night.

Annie: We sat around drinking and talking. Jane just couldn't shut up about Steve and how these guys just couldn't compare. "Steve and his wonderful member. Steve's sense of humor. Steve's pussy eating ability; Steve, Steve, Steve." I finally had enough and told her to call him already and see if he wanted to hook up with us. "If he's half your description, you're gonna have to share him with me," I told her, "after all, this is our girls night out together." Janie thought for a few moments and replied, "what the heck, that might be fun." We had been out hundreds of times but had never shared a guy. So she was leaving it totally up to me to try and seduce him right in front of her. It would be cool, she thought, to see how he reacted. About half an hour later, Jane waves this guy over; must be Steve. He was OK looking, though no Brad Pitt; tall, dark, something about his eyes. Jane introduced us and he sat down between us. He seemed shy at first.

Steve: I walked into the club and as my eyes adjusted I saw Janie waving me over. She introduced me to her pal, Ann & we sat down. Fortunately the table covered the huge hard on in my jeans. Jane and Ann were dressed to kill. Jane had on a tiny little sleeveless top that was cut not more than 1 millimeter below her nips. Her melons were hanging free and peeked out from the to when ever she moved. Ann had on a sheer tee shirt. It was pulled so tight at the waist that her nips were in danger of breaking through the thin material at any moment. Her tits were much smaller than Janie's. Ann had tiny little tits with huge nipples almost as big as the tits they adorned. And like I said, her shirt left nothing to the imagination. "There are several states where you girls could get arrested," I said as I sat down. "Thanks for noticing," they replied. I ordered a round of drinks and Janie leaned over (spilling her tits out from under her top) and gave me a long, wet kiss. "I've missed you," she slurred. Her and Annie had been downing free drinks all night long, Janie seemed to be more tipsy. "She can't handle her liquor," Annie remarked. Janie shoved her hand down my jeans, squeezed my dick and replied, "but there's something here I CAN handle!" "All right, break it up," chimed in Annie, "we're in public after all." Janie took her hand out of my pants and tried to behave.

As we sipped our drinks, it became clear that Janie was not gonna make it very much longer. I asked Annie if she wanted me to drive them home. "You take Janie," she said, "I'm good enough to follow you in my car." After determining she was OK to drive, we both walked Janie out and poured her into my car. I hoped into the driver's seat and she was all over me. She had her top off and my dick in her mouth before I could get my keys out. Much as I hated to break up the blow job I was getting, I told her to wait until we got home. She was pouty, but sat back in her seat and promptly fell asleep. I was hoping she wasn't too drunk to fuck once we got home. Annie and I had to practically carry her into her bedroom. "Good luck," said Annie as she left us there. I undressed Janie and tried to wake her by eating her pussy. No luck. "Shit!" I thought. Just my fucking luck. I wasn't into date , so I kissed her goodnight and slipped out of her room.

Annie: I waited while Steve put Janie to bed. We had set the whole deal up ahead of time. Janie would pretend to pass out, giving me a chance to seduce Steve. I was sitting in the living room as a dejected Steve came out of the hall. "Steve," I said, "Care for a night cap?" "Why not?" he said, "I think Janie's down for the count." I poured us two glasses of wine and sat down beside him on the couch. "I bet you were looking forward to a night of great sex," I told him. "Yeah," he muttered, "just my luck. The most passionate girl I ever met is passed out in bed." "Poor boy," I said, "perhaps I can help." I reached over and unbuttoned his pants & slowly pulled his zipper down. I thought Janie had been lying about his cock, but I found myself staring at a 12" dick. "I see you are still ready for action," I told him, "may I?" As I started licking his huge shaft. "I guess as long as Janie doesn't wake up, we can fool around a little bit."

Steve: I couldn't believe it. My luck had gone from good to bad to great in the space of 30 seconds. The best fuck I'd ever had in my life was passed out in bed and her room mate wanted to go for a ride. What the hell? It's not like we were going steady or anything. If I could get away with it, I could fuck this cunt & still have Janie on hand. She started giving me great head, every bit as good as Janie. I reached down between her legs and discovered she had removed her underwear. She moaned as I gently slid my finger between her pussy lips. I pushed her top up with my other hand, exploring her tiny titties. I'm a tit man. I love tits. I love big titts, small titts, oblong titts, round titts. It had been my experience that the smaller the titt, the more sensitive they were. And Annie was no exception as she shuddered with an orgasm just as soon as I took one of her wonderful nipps between my teeth. She moaned and road my finger for several minutes and then asked me if I would mind eating her pussy. "I thought you'd never ask." I said, diving between her legs to lap up her pussy juice that was already flowing. "Try to keep it on the down side," I told her, "we don't want to wake Janie." All I got was a moan in reply. I was having a great time licking sucking her clit, finger fucking her pussy and playing with her titts. After her 4th orgasm and her begging me to stop, I lay back on the floor and invited her to climb on board little Stevie. Moving like a cat, she leaped onto my dick and immediately began riding up and down. She was a much smaller girl than Janie and I could toss her ass far into the air with each thrust. She used her cat-like dexterity to always manage to land on my dick just right. It was fucking amazing.

By that time we were fucking with such wild abandon that I had completely forgotten about Janie. Ann was moaning louder and louder and I couldn't contain my moans very well. Annie was in the middle of urging me to fuck her harder and faster when I heard a voice behind us, "Just what the fuck is going on here?" D'ough. Busted. It was Janie. "Nothing," I said, not even being in the position to offer any kind of excuse. "Is he good?" she asked Annie. "MmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaahhhhHHHHHHH," was the only reply she got. "Have you shot her a load of cum yet?" she asked me. "No," I said, "I was saving it for you." "Nice of you to try to bullshit me," she said, "but go ahead and give her a load, I'll just fuck your face." All she had on was that top that didn't cover her tits, so she sat down on my face as I started eagerly sucking her clit. There I was, in the middle of the floor fucking one chick I'd only met that night and eating the pussy of another I'd only known for a week. Life couldn't get any better. The girls were moaning and fondling each other's titts. I was doing my best to fuck them both to orgasm and it seemed to work. It was only a matter of minutes before Annie was shuddering in orgasm and Janie was howling at the top of her lungs. I couldn't hold off any longer and filled Annie with a respectable load of cum. With cum still squirting from my cock, both girls leaped on to it to suck off the remaining cum. Needless to say, I had not chance of going soft on them. "My turn," exclaimed Janie, "switch." Seems like I had lost the upper hand in this party.

Janie: I crept from the bedroom to watch Annie work on Steve. The little fucker hardly protested at all when she started sucking his cock. "Oh well," I thought, "there's enough to go around and Annie needs a good fucking." So I watched as he forced her to several orgasms eating her pussy. It was good to see it wasn't just my imagination the week before. This stud could eat pussy like nobody's business. When Annie climbed on his shaft and they started fucking so fucking good, I got a little jealous. I had never seen Annie fuck before, she was a great lay. I didn't want Steve to decide he liked fucking her better so I broke up their little party. Steve didn't miss a stroke on Annie's pussy as he helped me climb onto his face. Between his pussy eating skills and all the pent up frustration at watching their performance, he brought me to orgasm almost immediately. Annie squeezing my titts helped too. My screams bought her to orgasm & we all came together. After sucking Steve to full hardness we switched. This time we settled into a nice even rhythm. I had never shared a guy before, but this was really nice. Steve was doing a great job of keeping us both satisfied. Annie and I were so high on sex that we found it natural to caress each other's titts. When she leaned in and started sucking my titts I had an enormous orgasm. I pushed her back and returned the favor and she did the same. Steve just kept pumping and licking, fucking and sucking. Nice. Very nice. I was hoping the three of us could fuck like this all night long.

Steve: What a dream cum true! Fucking not one but two beautiful babes at the same time. I just kept a rhythm going trying to take my mind off the two as they fondled and sucked each other to orgasm after orgasm. Of course, I was doing my best to help. I lost track of time as we fucked and sucked each other in a gentle rhythm. Presently I felt the cum begin to rise in my dick and picked up the pace a bit. Janie sensed my change and started grinding her ass into me as I rammed my dick deeper and deeper into her pussy. Harder and faster, all three of us were on path to cum together. Annie was grinding her cunt on my face, back and forth. As she thrust her hips forward I would lick her asshole, then suck her clit as she thrust back. She was going off like a fucking wild woman. Jane was throwing her head back and howling and I went ahead and shot her a load of cum. I was getting late but the girls were no way close to giving up. I sat by as they tried to figure out a way to decide who got my cock next. It was fun to watch. I felt myself getting hard just watching them argue over my dick. "Alright," I said, "let's not get into a cat fight." I told Janie to lie on the floor and stick a pillow under her ass to raise her pussy into the air. I had Annie straddle her on all fours with her ass in the air. Two fucks for the price of one. I slid my dick into Janie's cunt then out and up into Annie's pussy. Slowly, at first, the girls writhed their asses in anticipation of their next thrust. Annie, being a little girl, lay down right on top of Janie putting their cunts into even closer proximity. They were moaning and groaning as I was able to pick up the pace, improving my aim and filling each pussy, one after the other.

Janie: I didn't know what Steve had in mind when he positioned us on the floor. But when he started fucking us both at the same time, I nearly cam at once. What a fucking concept. He picked up the pace a bit and I felt Annie squirming on me, tit to tit. Nice. We rubbed our titts against each other while Steve kept up a steady pace of pussy pounding sex. What a find! I was so glad I had let Annie talk me in to a threesome. I had never done anything like that before and it was opening up a whole new world for me. I had the bigger set of titts but her nipples, twice the size of mine, were rock hard and felt great against my own. I don't know about her but I soon lost myself in a long multiple orgasm. Good thing I was on the bottom, as I think I passed out. Steve was still fucking one pussy after the other when I came to. I could sense Annie was having the same sort of thrill. She looked at me and winked and whispered, "thank you! Oh thank you!" "Are you kidding me," I told her, "I thought last weekend was great, but I'm having the fucking of my life time." Several minutes later, Steve asked us who wanted his load of cum. We rolled over and told him to squirt both our faces. Hell, I'd sucked his dick several times and had not yet tasted his cum. This was a long time cumming. Steve stood over us, stroked his dick a few times, and started shooting his cum onto both our faces. I got my fair share of cum and, boy, did it taste good. Annie was eagerly slurping up any cum I missed. Steve collapsed on the couch and uttered. "No masse." Annie stumbled off to bed and I took Steve by the hand and led him back to my bedroom.

Steve: Fucking both Janie and Annie at the same time was a thrill of a life time but I was hoping I could get Janie alone for a night cap. Luckily the Gris bought my act and Annie trailed off to bed. I think Janie was bummed as she led me to her room. She had probably been looking forward to a night cap too. When we got to her room, I took her hand and laid it on my once again stiff cock. "Oh my," she exclaimed, "I was hoping you saved a little bit for me." "Naturally," I told her, "Annie is fun, and don't tell her I said this, but you're still the best." With that encouragement, Janie dropped over the bed on all fours and urged me to fuck her in our favorite position. It took me all of a second to jump on her ass and start pumping her pussy. "Groups are fun," she told me, "but promise me we'll always end the night together in a one on one fuck." "Just what I was thinking," I reassured her, as I gently pumped her pussy. "Now fuck me like I know you can," she said. I didn't wait to be asked twice as I started ramming my dick hard and fast deep into her waiting cunt. "I almost forgot," I said, "you need to be fucked like the fucking whore-bitch you are!" "You know it, fucker," was the reply, "give me that man dick hard and fast or I'll go out and find a mother fucker who can fuck me right!" "Bark like a dog and shut up, bitch," I told her. "Wuff," was the only reply. We completely forgot about Annie in the next room and started howling and fucking like wild beasts. The bitch must have really been primed by the previous action, because she fucked with even more abandonment than the previous week. "Fuck me, you asshole!" she screamed, "FUCK ME!" "FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAARRRDDDDDDDD!" "I'm doing my fucking best, bitch," I cried out, "you fuck my ass off. Fuck me like you've never fucked before. Fuck me like a fucking virgin." That must have got to her because she rammed her ass back against my hips, raised her head and let out a bloody scream. I replayed by filling her pussy with a load of my finest cum.

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