Our First Meeting  

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Our First Meeting

Steve: So I join this crazy internet site called AdultFriendFinder & start corresponding with several wonderful ladies. Being somewhat past the days when I’d jump anything with a pulse, I took my time getting to know the gals; well as much as you can via IM & email. I had been single again for a few years and was doing all right, but was looking for something new and different and perhaps a little on the wild side. (“Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.” Anyhow, among the many chicks that I chatted with, Janie stood out. She was different, a bit edgy, non-serious, and shared my sense of humor. After a few weeks, I worked up the courage to ask her out.

Janie: The first thing that struck me with Steve was his ability to make me laugh. He was always cracking me up. He was so cute, when he finally worked up the nards to ask me out, he suggested the traditional dinner, movie, club thing. We were both adults on a site whose primary purpose was hooking folks up for sex; why beat around the bush? So I invited him over to my place for drinks. I had already decided that, unless he was a total moron, he was gonna get lucky. I had been going through a dry spell & was ready for a good fuck. I put a few bottles of wine in the fridge & asked my house mate, Ann, to help me decide how to dress. Annie suggested a very tight tube top and a short skirt with no panties. She’s such a slut. Tempting as that sounded I decided to go with a baggy sweatshirt & baggy pants. I wanted to mess with Steve’s head a bit before I let him have his way with me. I compromised a bit, with a push up bra & crothless panties for unders. Ann begged me to let her stay and share Steve with her, but I shoed her out for the evening. I wanted to have first crack at Steve all by myself.

Steve: So I got over to Janies house about 7:00ish, rang the bell, & I couldn’t believe the gorgeous girl that answered the door. I had prepared myself for the worst and all my preparation was for naught. My jaw dropped as I managed to mutter, “Janie”? “You must be Steve, come on in.” I feared she might have invited me over because she was a BBW & didn’t want to go out in public. To say my fears were unfounded would have been the understatement of the year. The only thing I noticed was her bulky sweat shirt & baggy pants. I figured she really did just wanna get to know me and I wasn’t gonna get lucky that night. Oh well, she was so cute and sexy, even in her casual dress, that I didn’t mind taking the time to get to know her.

Janie: The first thing I noticed was that my plan seemed to be working. I love reading people and I picked up as his smile turned to consternation as he looked me over. “Perfect”, I told myself, as I poured our wine. “I love it when a plan comes together.” We sat on the back porch, sipped our wine, and traded bullshit stories. Steve cracked me up so much that I hardly noticed we were well into our third bottle of wine and I hadn’t had the chance to implement the rest of my plan. Steve still seemed a bit shy, so I knew it was going to be up to me to get the ball rolling, as it were. I had decided in the first five minutes we were definitely gonna end up in the sack tonight, along with the hammock, living room chair, kitchen table, and out in the back yard, if I didn’t kill him first.

Steve: I was doing my best Bill Murray act, chatting and laughing and slamming down the wine, hardly noticing we were well into our third bottle when Janie asked, “We need an ice breaker for this party, how ‘bout a game of strip poker?” I was drunk enough that I was able to agree to her suggestion without losing my composure. Luckily my jeans managed to conceal my cock springing to life. We moved into the kitchen and she broke out a deck of cards and a bottle of tequila. “Winner has to do a shot, the loser takes off an article of clothing, just to make it interesting,” she said with a wink. I had figured I’d lose the first hand, just to make it fun. I did. She took a long pull from the bottle as I took off my shirt. Now to get down to business. I lost the second hand and was down to my boxers as Janie fished out a lime to chase her shot. My plan was starting to go awry.

Janie: I was cheating. It was my plan to get Steve bare ass naked, then make him bargain for my clothes. I wanted to let him know who was in charge of this operation from the get go. My head was spinning from the Tequila as I dealt the third hand. I forgot to give myself the aces & was gonna have to rely on good old fashioned luck. Luck be a lady tonight. Thankfully, my luck held. I raised the bottle to my lips as Steve stood up and pulled down his boxers. I choked on the Tequila as his 11 inches of throbbing man dick sprang to attention. I figured he had exaggerated a least a bit on AdultFriendFinder, but standing in my kitchen was one of the largest, nicest cocks I had ever laid eyes on. Between that and the Tequila, I almost forgot my plan, but managed to keep my wits as he asked me if I was gonna deal the next hand. I told him I’d take of my jersey if he agreed to drink a shot of Tequila from between my tits.

Steve: There I was standing naked in a strange girl’s house as she wiped off her shirt, exposing one of the nicest set of titts I’d ever seen being held up by a sexy push up bra. She balanced a shot of Tequila between them, size 42 C, I guessed, and told me to get to business. I started lapping up Tequila with my tongue, spilling as much on her tits as I got in my mouth. “You’re just gonna have to clean those up,” she told me and I started licking and sucking those wonderful titts clean. YUM! When I asked about her pants, she produced a can of whipped cream and winked. She slighered out of her jeans, revealing a pussy every bit as enticing as her wonderful titts framed by a pair of crotchless panties. She squirted herself with the whipped cream and I about squirted a load of cum as she urged me to do for her pussy what I’d just done for her titts. “Fuck that.” I told her. I grabbed the can of whipped cream and sprayed my dick. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” I sprayed her titts for good measure and she grabbed the can and covered me with whipped cream until the can was empty.

Janie: It was good to see Steve take control. And it was great as we covered our bodies in whipped cream and fell to the kitchen floor, licking and sucking each other’s body. We 69'd for several minutes. I was so fucking horney and he was so good at eating pussy that I orgasmed almost immediately. I forced him to stop eating my throbbing pussy long enough to lead him into the living room. I bent over a overstuffed chair, raised my ass into the air and invited Steve to stuff my pussy with his wonderful cock. He gently slid it in slowly, oh so slowly, eased it out a bit and then SLAMMED his rock hard cock deep into my cunt. His hips crashed into my ass, his balls swung into my clit and I cam like a whore who hadn’t been laid in 6 years. He started ramming his cock in and out, hard and fast, fast and hard, slamming into my ass with each thrust. I couldn’t believe my luck. I remembered thinking I hadn’t been fucked this well my whole life as I came again. I may have passed out there for a few minutes, but was brought back to reality by his throbbing cock slamming my pussy like a jack hammer. I begged him to stop for a few moments so I could catch my breath. After several minutes of further cock slamming and at least one more orgasms, he did. I breathed a sigh of relief and a smile. This evening was beginning to shape up.

Steve: I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I was fucking the ass off this beautiful, hot chick and she was coming like a brick of firecrackers. I know I’m no great stud, but she was so fuckable and hot, that I wanted to make her cum until she passed out. I think she may have before she asked be to give her a chance to catch her breath. That was no problem. I wanted to rest my dick a bit so as not to shoot my first load prematurely. I had a lot of fucking I wanted to catch up on that night, and Janie was the best piece of ass I’d ever laid! She got up off the chair, kissed my passionately for about five minutes, took my hand & led be to the back porch. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said, “but I’d just love it if you’d eat my pussy some more.” “Mind?” I told her. “Hell, I love to eat pussy. I’ll eat your fine snatch until you cry like a little girl.” She smiled, sat on the hammock, spread her legs, and pulled my head into her little patch of heaven. I had no sooner started licking and stroking her clit than she was squirming and moaning getting ready to cum. I reamed her pussy with my tongue as deep as I could while stroking her clit with my fingers. She began to moan louder and louder. I was wondering about the neighbors when I gently rimed her ass with my tongue and she shot off like a fucking sky rocket. She grabbed the back of my head and started bucking and riding my face like a wild bronco, moaning and screaming with pleasure. Fuck the neighbors, I thought to myself, this girl can fucking cum!

Janie: The night just kept getting better and better. What a fucking find: a man with an eleven inch cock who not only knew how to use it but loved to eat pussy. I had been searching my whole life for someone like this. I just hoped he didn’t disappear at midnight or, worse yet, turn into a jerk. He was sucking my clit and finger fucking my cunt with such dexterity that I was cumming like I’d never cum before. Then he rimmed my asshole & I just about passed out. I threw my head back and screamed with glee. My body was shuddering from orgasms, one right after another. I didn’t know how long I could take this much pleasure. The bastard was right. It wasn’t long before tears were streaming down my face and I was crying like a school girl. This time I know I passed out. When I woke up, he was sitting in the chair across from me watching me breath and stroking his still hard dick. “How long was I out?” I asked. “Only a few moments.” was the reply. “What’s next?” This guy loves to fuck as much as I do, I thought to myself. This has got to be my lucky day! I told him I wanted to do it doggie style in the back yard and fuck until we howled at the moon. We walked out the back door into the back yard. “Neighbors?” he asked. “Not close,” I replied, “less talking, more fucking!”

Steve: I still couldn’t believe my luck. “This chick loves to fuck more than I do.” I had been looking for a girl like this my whole life. When she led me to the middle of the back yard, dropped down on all fours, raised her ass in the air and told me less talking, more fucking, I about shot a load right there. “I’ll fuck your ass off if you let me,” I replied, “but I like to talk while I fuck.” “Well if it’s dirty talk while fucking, I’m all for that kind of talk,” she replied. I rammed my cock into her pussy and ordered her to fuck me like the whore bitch she was. She told me I’d better start fucking her hard and fast or she’d dump my ass for a set of batteries and her vibrator. Hell, wasn’t no sex toy gonna out fuck me, so I started slamming her ass so hard, the sound of my hips hitting her ass sounded like gun shots. “A little better,” she said, “but I need to be fucked like a porn star.” “Well you fucking whore,” I replied as I slapped her ass a good one, “fuck me good enough to make your daddy proud.” That’s all it took, as she started slamming her ass back into my hips to meet my every thrust. Neither one of us wanted to be out-fucked by the other. I reached around with one hand and grabbed a double handful of tit as I stroked her clit with the other hand. My sack was banging against her clit as well, we were fucking so hard. Harder and faster, we developed a rhythm like a fucking machine. After several minutes of mindless fucking, she lifted her head back and started howling like a dog. A she dog. A she dog getting the fucking of a life time. Her body was once again being racked with orgasms and I could hold on no longer. I lifted my head back, howled like a dirty fucking wolf, and shot as big a load of cum as I’ve ever shot in my life. I just keep cumming and cumming and she just kept cumming and howling until we collapsed in a help of sweaty naked body. Her ass barely hit the ground before she threw herself on my dick and started sucking the last few drops of cum.

Janie: There was no way I was gonna let this dick go soft on me. As exhausted as I was, the wine and Tequila gave me the energy to latch on to his dick and suck it hard. There was no way I was going to let this stud get away filling me with only one load of cum that night. I was hoping for several loads of jiz. I saw by his eyes rolling back into his head that he didn’t mind. And his mighty cock stayed rock hard in my mouth. I knew a trick or two so I fingered his asshole & concentrated my tongue on the head of his cock. Most men are most sensitive right there and Steve was no exception. It wasn’t long before he was moaning and I could feel the pre-cum rising in his shaft. “Do you wanna shoot a load in my mouth,” I asked, or fill my cunt again. “I better fuck your pussy again,” he replied, “I don’t know how much more I have in me.” “Way more than twice,” I told him. “Roll over on your back, I wanna ride your rod.” He did & I climbed on for the ride of my life. I thought we had had a good fuck the previous time, but once I crawled back on and started riding, I felt myself turning into a wild woman. “What strange kind of power does this dude possess?” I thought to myself as I started riding him like a wild fucking bronco.

Steve: I didn’t have high expectations when she climbed on me for round two. I was just hoping to show her as good a fuck as possible. But then she turned into a wild woman again. She started riding my dick and I started thrusting her ass way up in the air. I was tossing her so high into the air with my hips that her pussy came off my cock several times, but always came crashing down in place. We were having the 2nd most powerful fucking of my life time and I was howling at the moon. She began moaning and screaming at about the same time. She had shown me such an excellent blow job that the cum was already rising in me again. Moaning, howling, lifting, fucking, slamming, fucking, moaning, screaming, we fucked our way into another mutual orgasm. This time we collapsed in a pile and she lay there on my chest, giving my poor aching dick a brief respite. I was wondering if the night was over, when she got up and led me back into her bedroom, seemingly the only place in her house where we had not yet fucked. She had me lay back and started sucking me back to hardness once again. A less skilled woman would have had a very hard time getting me hard again so soon, but Janie had some sort of magic and, much to my own amazement, I was soon hard. “Mouth or cunt,” she asked. “As much as I love your amazing blow jobs, I’d still like another shot at that sweet, sweet pussy of yours.”

Janie: I was pleased. I wanted to end our night with a long, slow fuck that would give us both something to remember. I lay back, spread my legs, and invited him to slide his huge cock gently into my throbbing pussy. He agreed that a long slow ride would be the only way to end such a night of wild passion and climbed on board. Words cannot express the wondrous sensation of his full 11 inches going into my pussy slowly, an inch at a time, and then just as slowly back out. I am sure it took a lot of self control on our parts to keep it nice and slow and avoid a rock hard fuck fest like we’d just been through. But Steve kept it going, nice and slow. He was either exhausted from our previous action or a very, very good fucker. (“Perhaps a little of both,” says Steve) I lost track of the time. At one point I raised my legs and threw them over his shoulders and his dick found it’s way even deeper into my cunt. Still he kept up the wonderful slow fucking pace. At one point I heard my house mate come home and remember wondering if our cloths were still strewn all about the house, but not really caring. It’s not like Annie had never been laid at home before. We fucked and fucked slow but sure until I felt his pace pick up just a little bit. I felt my own passion rising and asked him if he felt the same way. “You make me so fucking hot,” was his reply. “Well, the hell with this slow ride shit,” I told him, “let’s send the night off with one more wild fucking. He just grinned, pulled his dick out of my cunt, got me up, bent me over the bed and started fucking me doggie again. I remember thinking it was so great that he seemed to like fucking doggie as much as I did when he started thrusting harder and I started losing control, again.

Steve: I didn’t mind the long slow fucking we were doing, but when Janie suggested a hard fucking night cap, I was thrilled. I wanted to send her off with a fuck she’d never forget hoping I’d show her a good enough time to be asked back again. (“Like that was not gonna happen,” says Jainie, reading over Steve’s shoulder.) So I bent her over the bed into my favorite position and picked up the pace. She started thrusting back in to me and it wasn’t long until we were fucking like wild animals once again. She was moaning rather than screaming so I asked if there was a problem with my fucking. “House mate came home, keep fucking my ass off,” she muttered between muted moans. So I did. Harder and harder. I whispered this time that she was a wild fucking whore bitch who I was gonna tame, and she called me a bastard and ordered me to fuck her harder and faster. So I did my best. We were fucking so hard that the bed was scooting across the floor until it hit the far wall. I hoped it wasn’t the wall of her house mate’s room, but didn’t really care. I was fucking, she was fucking, we were fucking with wild abandon. There were only two people alive in the entire universe right then and both of us were fucking our fucking asses off. She started moaning a bit louder and I felt her body shake in orgasm. I wasn’t ready to let her off that easy and kept stroking her pussy through her orgasm and beyond. She recovered quickly and redoubled her fucking efforts. The next time I felt her shudder, I couldn’t hold off and we came together in one last huge orgasm. I shot the third biggest load of cum I’ve ever shot in my life and passed out wondering how much jism her cunt could hold.

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Awesome ........simply awesome

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