Heading for the train  

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Heading for the train

Steve: I woke up around noon Saturday in a strange bed and a strange room. Slowly, the memory of last night returned to me. What a fucking lay! This older broad could flat out fuck. I lay in bed for several minutes reliving last night's memories. The thought of Mary standing naked in the moonlight, water glistening on her naked body, and all our fucking and sucking got me hard once more. I rolled over to give her a good morning ride, but she was gone. So I got out of bed and went looking for her. My cloths were strewn across the back yard so I was quite naked. I couldn't find even a bath robe to wear, so, hoping no one else was home, I crept down the stairs still naked. I followed the sound of pots and pans and the smell of breakfast to the kitchen and found Mary, also naked, putting the finishing touches on breakfast. "Don't you ever wear cloths?" I asked, admiring her body from the door way. "Good morning, lover," she said turning around, "when I'm all alone in the house, I never wear cloths". "Oh my," she exclaimed, "it looks like you're ready for some action already this morning. Come over hear and give me a few pumps while I finish breakfast and we can get our strength back and hit the hot tub." I had a stiff dick and a beautiful naked lady asking me to use it, so what was a young man to do? I walked up behind her and slid my dick into her waiting pussy. "You're already wet for me this morning?" I noted. "Are you kidding me, you've been making me cum in my dreams all night long. Hell, I've been banging pots and pans for an hour, trying to wake your ass up and come down here and fuck me for real." "No problem, baby," I said with a grin as I started pumping my dick in and out of her cunt, "you're knight in shining armor is here." She just sighed and finished up breakfast, moving her ass in a smooth, gentle sway, keeping time with my dick's movement. I was ready to throw her down right there on the kitchen table and fuck her lights out when she announced, "all finished, let's eat." "Now?" I asked, still pumping her pussy. "We need our strength dear for what I have in mind for us later." Of course she was right and I was starving so I gently removed my dick from her cunt and we sat down to a wonderful breakfast. "I don't know which is better," I told her from across the table, "this great breakfast or staring at your wonderful tits as we eat." She just smiled and gave me a wink, "eat up, lover, and then we can go out to the hot tub for desert." I gulped down my breakfast in record time, helped her clean up the dishes, with my dick up her cunt, of course, and we fucked our way to the back yard and into the hot tub. It only took us about 45 minutes to get out there. What a way to go! We climbed into the tub, turned on the jets and sat there sipping the champaign and OJ Mary had brought along with us. The warm jets were soothing and I just kept staring at Mary's huge tits floating in the water across from me. I lay back and let the water relax me, thinking about what a long, strange trip it's been since I first met Mary's daughter, Jannie.

Mary: A naked Steve walking into my kitchen with a hard dick preceding him was like a dream come true. He had been such a terrific fuck the night before that I thought I might have worn him out. Lucky for me he was 25 years or so younger than me and seemed to love to fuck. Also extremely lucky for me was the fact that my daughter didn't seem to mind sharing her boyfriend with me. Who'd have thought it possible a few weeks ago that an old lady like me would be sharing a stud with her grown daughter. Hell, they ought to make a movie of it. Fucking our way to the hot tub was heavenly as was relaxing there sipping our drinks. Watching Steve watch my boobs kept my excitement level on the high side of life as did the sight of his stiff dick being caressed by the hot tub jets. I let him relax and almost drift off to sleep, as I had big plans for an afternoon of fucking and wanted him at full strength. We lay there relaxing, polishing off the picture of drinks for at least an hour. Presently I couldn't stand it any more and so I floated over to Steve. My lover grabbed my tits and pulled me close in order to take them in his mouth and start sucking my nipples. You'd think after the previous night's fucking that I would no longer cum over something as simple as Steve sucking my tits, but you'd be quite mistaken. I did. Cum. I let him chew on my tits for what seemed like forever before asking him if he minded if I sucked his dick. Stupid question: he sat on the edge of the tub and I went to work. I slowly worked my tongue up and down his shaft, lightly teasing his dick. The result was to make his dick start dancing around in anticipation. Steve just closed his eyes and sighed. I kept lightly teasing his shaft for several minutes, watching it dance and building up his anticipation. He finally grabbed me by the back of the head and thrust his dick into my mouth; what a stud. I had anticipated his move and was ready. I deep throated him and his sigh turned into a full out moan. I slowed down a bit, gently sucking his cock, licking his helmet, and swallowing him once again. The boy was really getting excited now as was I. I backed him off a bit as I tasted a few drops of pre-cum. I wanted to work his cock over a little more before swallowing a load. He settled down a little bit as I slowly worked the head of his shaft and gently sucked his balls. His eyes started to roll back in his head and I was getting excited at the thought of slurping up a load of his hot cum. So I swallowed his cock again and really started going down on the boy. He grabbed the back of my head and started gently fucking my mouth. I grabbed the base of his dick and started pumping him with my hand; I wanted a big load to start my day with. I held the tip of his shaft on my tongue and pumped his dick like crazy. He was moaning out loud now and I was starting to cum myself. When he started shooting, his first squirt missed my mouth and hit me in the eyes so I took his shaft in my mouth and sucked the rest of his cum right out of his dick. I was not disappointed. The boy filled my mouth with jism and even though I was cuming like crazy myself, I managed to swallow every last drop. Wiping the first squirt from my eyes and cheeks, I licked the rest of his cum from my fingers. "Finger licking good," I told him with a smile.

Steve: A beautiful house, beautiful back yard, a beautiful, big titted babe sucking my dick. What else could a man ask for? If Jannie was the best fuck I'd ever had (and she was), then her mother was certainly the best at sucking dick I'd ever had. What a combination! After she sucked me off with one of the best blow jobs of my fucking life, I figured the least I could do was return the favor. We traded spots and she sat on the edge of the hot tub and gracefully, spread her legs. My body floating on the jets, dick waving in the water, I slowly approached her waiting pussy. I liked to tease a chick to get her really hot and bothered so I ever so slightly grazed her pussy lips with my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down her thighs before returning to her cunt. She was starting to moan softly and gyrate her snatch, looking for my tongue. She gave out a slight cry when I grazed her clit with my tongue before going back to nibbling her inner thigh. Her eyes were closed, her heart was racing and she squeezed my head tight between her legs and started cuming before I had really gotten started. Like her daughter, this lady was able to cum at the drop of a hat, or the touch of a tongue in this instance. Only letting her recover for a few seconds, I shoved my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could and really started licking. I reached up with both hands and grasped her tits and started squeezing them and twisting her nipples between my fingers and the bitch cam again. Nice. I turned my attention to her clit and started licking and sucking it gently. I knew that Mary loved to have her asshole played with, so I inserted a finger in her ass and another in her pussy as I gently nibbled her clit. Women were so fucking lucky to be able to have multiple orgasms. Me, I was good for 3 or 4 a day, but Mary had had 5 or 6 in the matter of 5 or 6 minutes. Good for her. I hoped she was up to several more, because I was just getting started. I licked and sucked and finger fucked her to a dozen or so orgasms before she finally pushed my head away and slid back into the water. "Please," she begged, "give me a chance to catch my fucking breath." By that time, my dick was starting to get hard again so I told her I'd give her a few minutes and then we'd see if my cock still fit into her cunt this afternoon. "Oh my," was all she could say with a smile and a wink, "give an old gal a chance to catch her breath." So we sat back and watched each other's naked bodies both anticipating the fucking to come.

Mary: I thought he was going to tongue fuck me to death right there on the hot tub. Before meeting Steve I had had maybe three or four orgasms her entire life; now I was cuming three or four times a minute. I don't know what the fuck was up with this stud or why he was interested in an older chick like me, but I was loving it! I just hoped it would never end. I could see his dick slowing growing to full extension and my pussy was watering just thinking about him cramming it home. "How would you like to fuck this afternoon?" he asked, noticing me noticing his stiff dick. "I'd like to do you in every room of my house," I replied shyly. "How many different rooms of this huge house have you fucked in?" he queried. "Including the kitchen and hallway to the hot tub this from this morning?" I said asked. "That would be one room and one hall." "We've broken in the back yard, pool and hot tub," he agreed, "might as well christen the rest of the spread. I can't believe a hot fuck like you hasn't fucked her brains out in every which way in every room." "Before I met you, hon, I'd given up on sex," I told him. "Now that would have been a fucking crime," he told me, helping me out of the tub. I bent forward a bit and he slid his shaft into my dripping pussy and we fucked our way back into the house the same way we'd fucked our way out. Fucking nice. We turned into the living room where he bent me over the back of the couch and pounded me hard for several minutes. I came, he held off. He carefully spun my around on his dick until I was facing him. I wrapped my legs around his hips and he picked me completely up off the couch and fucked me good as he literally carried me into the family room. This was to fucking good to be true. He sat me on a chair and knelt in front of me, slowing down but never missing a stroke. I tried to hold off, but he was too fucking good and I fucking came again. "We're gonna fuck in every room and you're gonna cum in every room," he said as he kissed me deeply. I held on to his neck and shoved my tongue into his mouth. He picked me up again, with my legs wrapped around his waist and carried me into the office. He cleared the desk with one stoked of his arm and sat me down, fucking me all the while. "I've always wanted to do that," he said with a grin. I barely noticed as I was, you guessed it, cuming again. I sort of lost track of the rooms downstairs, but was pretty sure he carried me to each and every one, fucking me all the while. He sat me down on the stairs leading upstairs to rest. "You're gonna have to turn around and crawl up the stairs while I fuck you dogie, if you don't mind," he told me with a grin. Mind? Hell, I fucking came at the thought of it and continued cuming as he fucked me slowly up the stairs. "How many bedrooms?" he asked. "Five," I told him. "Good," he sighed, "we've fucked in the master. That only leaves us four. I don't think I can hold out much longer." I led him to the first bedroom while he slowly kept pumping me from behind.

Steve: I tossed her ass on the first bed and told her, "sorry, babe, but I don't think I can make it," as I started fucking her like crazy. "That's OK, lover, there's always tomorrow," I told him, "just fuck my ass off good. Fuck me hard!" I didn't need the encouragement as I was horny as hell from fucking her fucking ass all over the fucking house. It sure had been fun! But her screams of "fuck me, lover" caused me to somehow increase my speed. I was slamming her ass pretty dog gone hard. She was standing on the floor and using the bed as leverage to thrust her ass back to meet my every slam. It was a fucking good fuck. No, I take that back. It was a fucking great fuck. I lifted one of her legs high up into the air to get a better angle and started fucking her even deeper. For a middle age lady, she was quite flexible and managed to balance herself and urging me to fuck her harder, faster, and deeper. So I did my best to oblige. After about five minutes of fucking her like this she lowered her leg to catch her balance. I grabbed her around the waist and lifted her ass completely off the ground and really started reaming her cunt. She was pushing off the bed with her hands and cuming like crazy and still urging me to fuck her, fuck her harder. What a fucking whore. I told her what a whore fuck she was and she agreed, telling me to fuck her like the whore she was. "No," I told her, "you're a bad little girl and this is how I spank bad little girls, by stuffing my cock into their cunts and spanking their asses with my hips; over and over again." "Fuck me like a fucking bad fucking little fucking girl," she urged me, "fuck my fucking little girl pussy so fucking hard I'll fucking want to fucking be fucking bad again just as fucking soon as is fucking possible. Fucking spank my pussy good. Fuck me good!" We were fucking like wild animals, she was cuming and crying and fucking and begging me to fuck her harder and I was fucking her harder and she was cuming and crying and grinding her ass into my hips. Her cries turned to screams of joy as my hot jism started rocketing deep into the back of her cunt. I drove me dick just as deep as I possibly could and deposited a large load of man juice as her whole body just kept shaking and shaking. She was crying tears of joy as her pussy squeezed the last few drops of cum from my cock and I collapsed on top of her, sending us both crashing into the bed. What a fucking tart! I woke to the sound of the phone ringing. Mary picked it up. I heard her say, "Oh shit! I completely forgot. No. No problem. We're still on for tonight, I just have to get ready. No problem." She hung up the phone and turned to me with a sad face. "Bad news, lover," she told me, "I had completely forgotten that my card club is supposed to come over here tonight. I'm so sorry. I had planned on a nice dinner and some even nicer fucking. Shit!" "Hey, no problem," I told her, "I can go out bar hoping and come back later." "You're the best," she told me, kissing me and giving me a big hug. "I know!" she exclaimed with excitement, "Amy just lives across town. I'm sure she wouldn't mind showing you around. I'll just give her a call."

No fucking way. My evening had just gone from good to bad back to fucking excellent. Mary was going to set me up with her other daughter, Amy. I couldn't believe my luck. Amy was a terrific fuck who I was trying to figure out how to get together with without the knowledge of her mother or her sister, Jannie, and her good old mom was doing me the favor of setting me up. After I got out of the shower, Mary gave me directions and hurried me out of the house. "I have to get this place cleaned up and have refreshments ready in 2 hours," she said, "pick up any cloths you find out in the front yard." "No problem," I told her, kissing her goodbye, "I'll see you around 11 or so." "That should work," she said, "the girls should be gone by then." I fired up the Beemer and headed across town to Amy's house. She was waiting for me at her front door. "You fucking bastard," she hollered as I parked the bike & strolled up her walk, "I suppose you were going to come to town, fuck the shit out of my mother and not do a fucking thing with me!" I grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss. "I was trying to keep my weekend on the down low. I didn't want your sister to find out I'm fucking her entire family behind her back." "No problem," she sighed, "I won't say anything if you don't. But you're not fucking the entire family. We have a younger sister, Sarah, off at college. Jannie's probably never told you about her for fear you'd dump her for a hot young babe." "She'd have to be awfully darn hot to compete with you two girls," I told her as I squeezed her ass. "Hmmm, another sister," I thought to myself, "I hope she doesn't have as hot a cunt as the rest of the gals in the family, or it may be the death of me." She invited me in and we sat around for a while sinking a few beers, doing the small talk thing. I asked why she wasn't being fucked on a Saturday by a steady boyfriend. Seems she had a pretty steady guy, but he was off himself on business this weekend. "I know he's not across town fucking mother," she told me with a laugh, "so I suppose he's really on a business trip." "Just keep him away from her until after the wedding," I replied, "that mother of yours is insatiable." We laughed and drank a toast to Mary. "Who knew," said Amy, "turns out I got my huge appetite for sex from dear old mom." We drank another toast and decided to go out for a quick bite to eat. Amy, like her mother, preferred the motorcycle. She must have been getting laid with greater frequency than her mother, because she didn't experience multiple orgasms like her mother had on the way to dinner the previous evening. She just leaned in to me, held on, and we cruised into the night. "That was fun," she said, arriving at the restaurant, "we'll have to take a long cruise after dinner." "Cool with me," I told her, "I have all night." She tossed me a "fuck me later" smile over her shoulder as we went into the restaurant. We hurried through dinner, both wanting to get on to bigger and better things. Amy suggested we pick up a bottle of wine and ride out to a place out in the country where we could sit and talk and watch the moon go by. Sounded good to me.

Amy: The bike was wonderful. I lay against Steve's back and held him tight as we cruised through the night. We took the very long way to the river overlook where my high school boyfriends used to take me to fuck me. Nice fucking memories. Hopefully Steve and I would make some new ones that night. The longer we rode, the more excited I became. The hum of the engine gradually worked my engine into full go. Nice. We eventually arrived at the lookout and we leaned against the bike passing the bottle of wine back and forth. There were a couple of car loads of kids parked further down the point and we laughed as we watched the boys trying to get their date's to take their cloths off. "Feels like I'm back in high school," I said with a sigh, finishing off the bottle and tossing it as tradition dictated. "Should we give the kids a show?" Steve asked with a wink. "What kind of girl do you think I am," I replied with a laugh, "do you think you can bring me up here, get me liquored up and take advantage of me?" "Well, I sure was hoping I could," he said, playing along. "My mother told me never to fuck a guy on a motorcycle," I said. "Well, if you like," was his reply, "I can show you exactly how I fucked your mother on this very same motorcycle just last night." "Well, if it's good enough for mommy," I said, reaching over and shoving my hands down his jeans, grabbing his stiff cock, "I suppose it's good enough for me." With that, I undid his jeans, freeing his massive cock. He kicked off his pants while I pulled off my top and dropped my jeans. "But be gentle with me," I told him as he reached around to undo my bra, "I'm still a virgin." "If you're a virgin," he smiled, "then I'm...." The rest was lost in a mumble as he took my right tit between his lips. "Nice tits," he managed to get out as he started massaging and sucking my tits as I gently stroked his cock with one hand and squeezed his ass with the other, pulling him into my aching tits. "If I'm a good little school girl, will you give me a good fucking?" I asked in my best little girl voice. "You bet I will," grinned Steve. "But," he added, "if you're a bad little girl, I'll give you the fucking of your life!""Your mother was a bad little girl this afternoon and I was forced to damn near fuck her fucking ass off!" "Oh my," I said in mock fear, "what does a little girl like me have to do to be bad?" "For example," he went on, "a bad little girl might go up to lookout point with a boy on his motorcycle.""A very bad girl might let him take her cloths off.""A VERY bad girl might actually take a man's dick into her mouth, sucking his cock like a little teen whore." "Like this?" I asked, dropping to my knees and sucking his huge dick into my mouth. "That's one of the things that got your mother in trouble," he agreed, "if you do that for ten of fifteen more minutes, I'm going to have to spank your bare ass good." "Good," I agreed as he began gently massaging my tits. I did my best to give him the best blow job I knew how and he seemed to enjoy it. I was hoping to earn a good spanking and a good fucking.

Steve: "That's it," I told her, pulling my cock out of her mouth and pulling her to her feet. I think you've earned a good dick spanking. I helped her up on the bike seat and mounted behind her. Bending her forward I began to spank her ass with my cock. I was pretty jazzed at the thought of fucking her on the bike exactly like I'd done her mother the night before. What a fucking family! "In fact," I told her, "I think you've been so bad I should spank your pussy with my dick." With that I raised her ass and slid my cock into her dripping cunt. "Mmmmmmppfff," she agreed. I began to pump her pussy as she ground her ass against my pelvis. The night air was great. I noticed several of the kids had stopped trying to get into their date's pants and were watching our action. "Oh well," I thought to myself, "too late to turn back now." And we fucked. We fucked good and we fucked hard. We gradually built up our speed until I was ramming her ass pretty good. She started to shout "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," gaining the attention of any of the kids who were not watching before. "Fuck me, you high school whore," I told her, playing to the crowd. By that time I was getting a pretty good head of cum at the base of my cock. This was fucking good. I had to hold my pace a little bit for fear of knocking the bike off its stand. Amy was cumming on a regular basis and I was ready to shoot my load. She shuddered in a huge orgasm and ground her ass against my hips and I shot a load of steamy cum deep into her cunt. I pulled out after her pussy had drained me dry and she sat up. Noticing our crowd of on lookers, she said, "and that's how it's done, girls." We threw on our cloths to make our escape and I told commented as I fired up the bike, "remember guys, if you're going to drink and drive, use a condom." With that we roared out of sight and laughed our asses off all the way home. Amy decided she would spend the night at her mother's house. What she actually said was, "I helped the slutty whore out of a jam so she's darn sure going to share you tonight." I told her the last thing I wanted to do was come between a mother and her daughter and she agreed saying, "you damn sure better cum on one or the other or both!""You're a much better shot than that." What could I say. When we rolled up to Mary's place there were 5 or 6 cars parked in her drive. "Shit," Amy exclaimed, "the old ladies club is still in session." "Is than any way to talk about a delicious piece of ass like your mother.""Show some respect." We let ourselves in and there was a gaggle of seven ladies gathered in the dining room. I looked around but didn't see any decks of cards. What I did see were plenty of empty bottles. Mary introduced me to the group and I promptly forgot their names. One of them, I think her name might have been Cindy something said, "so this is the guy you've been bragging about." I figured I had been the topic of conversation for the evening. Little did I know. To change the subject I asked how the cards were and they erupted in roars of laughter. "We don't play cards as much as we sit around and get wasted," I was told over the laughter, "but we couldn't very well call ourselves a drinking club; it wouldn't look right.""Sometimes we do gamble, however," they went on, "for example tonight we all put up a thousand dollars for the first one of us who can make you cum." And they laughed again. I thought they were joking until several of them started removing their shoes and unbuttoning their tops. "Fuck me," I thought, "what had I fucked myself into this time?" Oh well, it looked like I was in for a long night of hard fucking.

"Take your cloths off nice and slow, ladies," I told them, "I'm going to need some stimulation to get ready for y'all." Amy flipped on the radio and the gals started a slow strip show. There were short ones, tall ones, skinny ones, and large ones. A veritable smörgåsbord of cunts. It was both weird and stimulating to see real women gyrating their way out of their cloths. Half way through their act, I was quite hard and pulled off my shirt and pants to give them a look at what was waiting for them. A mixture of oohs and ahhs went up and they hurriedly removed the rest of their cloths, apparently impatient to get aboard my eleven inch cock. And, quite frankly, my cock was as hard and stiff as it had ever been. The ladies had drawn straws for fucking order. It was decided that each would get five minutes of fucking, with Mary going last. They'd keep fucking in order until I came or they couldn't take it any more. From the looks of these horny gals, I figured they could take it all night.

Amy agreed to keep time. "Save at least one shot for me later on," she whispered as the first gal walked up to me where I sat on the living room couch. The rest gathered around as she wasted no time dropping to her knees and taking my stiff dick in her mouth. She was a plump gal, probably in her late 40's. She had a nice full ass, without it being fat. Enough to know you had an ass when you grabbed onto it. I decided to name her Applebottom. Her tits were big ovals and sagged a bit but not so much as to turn me off. She was mature, not over the hill. She went at my cock with great enthusiasm for a minute. She wasn't bad but I didn't have the heart to tell her she should get lessons from Mary. Hell every girl in the world could take a lesson from Mary. I reached down with one hand and fondled her tits and stroked her pussy with the other. Her snatch was hot and wet. "We've been dripping wet for an hour, waiting for you to come home," she said. She pushed me back against the back of the couch and climbed aboard my cock. She didn't fuck around but got right to fucking business. Her cunt was nice and smooth and she was a surprisingly good lay. "I had the rotten luck to go first," she whispered, "hopefully I'll be back for more." She did her best but not many gals can make me blow a load in only 5 minutes. She gave me a kiss and sadly climbed off.

The next gal was short, about 5-2 or 3 and must have weighed 100 pounds soaking wet. Little Lulu didn't fuck around at all but dropped down on her hands and knees and waved her ass in the air. "I paid attention to Mary," she said as I slid my cock into her dripping pussy. I reached around and rubbed her tiny titties and she started cuming like a school girl. This fucking chick was a great fuck. She was so light that I grabber her around the waist and lifted her up on the ground. I held her up and she braced herself on my arms as I fucked the shit out of her in mid air. A round of sighs went out from the crowd. And the crowd of observers was all that kept me from filling her pussy full of cum. I held off until Amy shouted "next" and lowered her to the ground. "Come see me later," I whispered into her ear as she hopped off my dick. She gave me a wink and the next gal was ready.

She was a large lady with a big ass and big tits. Even though I named her lard butt, I would call her ample rather than fat. She had me lay down and wanted to ride me. She turned her back to me and, much to my surprise, guided my cock into her ass instead of her cunt. Another sigh of approval from the crowd again prevented me from cuming right then and their. She rode me a good one urging me to fuck her good up the ass. When I reached around and started finger fucking her cunt and massaging her melons, she came like a trouper in spite of the crowd. I held off until Amy hollered "next".

The next lady was rather prim and proper looking. In fact she hadn't yet removed her bra. "Don't be a prude," someone hollered encouragement. She told me she was only doing this because of the booze and the challenge and the money, fucking was secondary to her. I told her she'd have to remove her bra before I fucked her and she unsnapped it to release a set of long, narrow large sized tits! The nipples were as big around as the tit. They were different and wonderful and I decided to name her Bazooka Tits. I couldn't help taking them into my mouth to chew on as she lay back and told me to just fuck her missionary style (of course). I could tell this was gonna be a great fuck. However, I no more than barely got the head of my dick into her surprisingly wet pussy, than she stared cuming like an animal. She started screaming and hollering and grabbed my ass and forced my dick deep into her cunt. She raised her hips up and down in violent thrusts screaming, "fuck me, fuck me, oh just fucking fuck me," at the top of her lungs. She came or the entire 5 minutes. I was too shocked to do anything more than hold on for dear life. "I told you I wouldn't enjoy it," she said, climbing off my dick. "Better luck next time", I agreed with her, winking at the crowd.

The next chick was named Beth. She looked the youngest of the group and had the nicest body. Her tits were large and firm and well shaped. She didn't want me to fuck her, she just wanted to suck me off. No problem from me. I sat back and she started giving me head. I was hoping Amy was watching as this gal was just about as good as her mother. She deep throated my cock, licked the head, shaft and balls, swallowed me again and again. If I hadn't already fucked Mary twice and Amy once that day, I know I would have filled her mouth with a load of cum.

Mary was last and I could tell she was holding back. She had me mount her dogie style but whispered not to cum as it would only piss off the gals. I gently fucked her dogie style for the five minutes and round one was over. Now I had to face the gang all over again. They were all good fucks in their own way and I told them to give me a few minutes to regroup. They sat around slamming down drinks and laughing their asses off as if it were the most normal thing in the world to be naked in Mary's house, fucking a young stud for money. It was my belief that they were all very, very drunk. I needed the time to compose my thoughts and pick a winner. I had wanted to fuck them all at least once, but now I was ready to end this silly contest. I couldn't decide between the petite little fucker of the gal with the oblong tits who acted like fucking me was no big deal: decisions, decisions. Amy brought me a drink and sat beside me, gently stroking my cock. The first gal had seemed so disappointed at not getting me off, perhaps I should fill her cunt with my cum. I never thought fucking a house full of chicks could be this tough. The drink was strong and Amy stroking my cock was making me hot and I had made up my mind to try and run the entire group one more time. What the fuck? The round went pretty much the same as the first. I fucked the little gal front to front with her legs wrapped around my waist. She was just as good a fuck face to face. The prudish lady with the oblong tits decided she might actually enjoy it if I fucked her dogie. She started cumming as soon as my cock brushed past her ass cheeks. If she enjoyed it more this time, I certainly couldn't tell the difference. I felt the jism rising a the base of my cock and almost creamed her ass, when Amy cried time. Saved by the bell. Beth, the girl who only wanted to blow me was next. The wild fucker had pulled the jism from my balls and when Beth swallowed my dick and fingered my asshole, I couldn't resist. I called the ladies over, pulled my dick out and started cuming and cuming and cuming. Beth got the first shot, of course, but somehow I had enough cum to share with the rest of the group. They all had a little taste of cum and all seemed satisfied.

As Mary helped them gather their things and straighten out the house, Amy led me to an upstairs bedroom. She pushed me back in bed and started gently sucking my dick. I was just about fucked out by the weekend so she took her time working over my flaccid dick. I told her it might be hopeless, but she reminded me I promised to save a load for her. "Two loads," said Mary, walking through the door. I felt a slight twinge in my dick. It always seemed to come to attention for multiple chicks. "Any chance for three?" asked Beth who had followed Mary up the stairs. "I changed my mind. I need to have your dick in my pussy." "What the fuck," I agreed, "all I can do is try.""First chick undressed gets first crack at me filling their crack," I shouted out. There were cloths flying everywhere. Beth beat mother and daughter in the race, although I think she was mostly undressed when she came in the room. "The other gals were having the ride of their lives," she told me, "I had to find out what I was missing." "No problem, mam," I told her as I helped her ease her pussy down over my waiting dick. It slid into her dripping pussy with ease. "On my," she murmured, "now I know what I might have missed." "Nice pussy," I told her then had to stop speaking and start fucking as Amy sat her dripping pussy on my face. I let Beth do the work of riding my shaft while I concentrated on nibbling Amy's pussy and clit. Naturally Mary lay down too and I had to finger fuck her pussy as well. Fortunately I had one hand free to play with clits and tits. Mmmmmm, nice fucking. Beth was riding me fast and furious moaning, "fuck yeah, fuck yeah." I think she was cumming. Amy was moaning pretty hot and heavy as I nibbled her clit, tongued her cunt, and rimmed her asshole. I felt her body shudder in an orgasm of her own. By that time Beth was on fucking fire. She was riding me like a wild bronco rider, screaming at me to fuck her harder, deeper, faster. I set Amy off my face in order to give Beth more attention. Amy went down to my cock area and started licking my shaft as it appeared from Beth's cunt and Beth's clit when it swallowed my cock. Mary was playing with Beth's boobs. We were all breathing hot and heavy, but Beth was having the time of her life as I started matching her thrusts with my hips, almost throwing her off the top of my dick at the top of her back thrust. Amy was doing her best to stimulate Beth's clit and Mary was doing her part. Beth was throwing her head back and forth and her moans had turned into screams of pleasure. Good thing for us that Mary lived way out in the middle of nowhere or the cops would have been on their way. "Fuck yes. Fuck me. Fuck yes. Fuck me." Beth just keep screaming over and over again as her body writhed in one protracted orgasm. Being pretty much fucked out for the day, I was able to lay back and just fuck her ass off and enjoy the show. And what a fucking show she was putting on. The bitch must have been more sexually frustrated than Mary. She just kept cuming and screaming and screaming and cuming and doing it all over again. "Do me, fuck me, fuck me, do me," she was now screaming. "Don't fucking every fucking stop fucking me!"" Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,oh." She was writhing around like a woman possessed. Mary and Amy backed away to give her room and sat by fingering their pussies, getting off just watching Beth get off. It was quite a show. Finally she stopped in mid fuck and passed out on my chest. "Is she alright," Mary asked. "Her heart is still beating and she's breathing, so I guess she'll be alright. After several minutes of concern, she fluttered her eyelids, opened her eyes, sat up and said, "so that is what an orgasm feels like." The poor lady had never gotten off in her life. "Well they're good but not always that good," cautioned Mary, helping her climb down off my dick and she promptly passed out on the bed beside us. Good thing it was a king sized bed. While Mary was distracted with her friend, Amy climbed onto my still hard dick.

Amy: "Fuck me like the last customer, if you please, sir." "I'll try my best mam," Steve replied, as he started pumping my pussy with his cock. I was pretty sexed up from having my pussy eaten and watching Beth get off that I came almost immediately. "That's a start," I murmured. He pulled me forward and started chewing my nipples. "Oh yeah," I told him, "I love it when you do that." Steve slowly worked his pussy pounding thrusts back up to speed and I was back on the fuck train when mother came back into the room. "What a fucking ride," she exclaimed, "I gave her your phone number, I hope you don't mind." "Not a problem," he replied. "Good," answered mother, "because actually, they all asked for your number." "Just what I need," Steve complained, "more sexually frustrated women.""If they wear out my dick, there'll be none left for you." "I never thought of that," said Mary, "you'll have to let them down easily." "Can you two can the conversation and concentrate on fucking me?" I pouted, "I've been watching other babes cum all night and now it's my turn." "Sorry, dear," replied Mary, as she sat on Steve's face so he could eat her pussy, "you're right.""Let's fuck!" And we fucked. Steve's cock was ripping my pussy pretty good as I rode up and down his rod. Mother was having a good time with Steve licking her clit, pussy, and asshole. I reached down and stimulated my own clit and shot off like a bottle rocket. Steve kept up a steady slow fuck of my pussy and mother was starting to moan with an orgasm of her own. We were going to have to send Janie a big Christmas present this year for finding this stud and sharing him with us. She'd always been like that. Myself, I've never been confident enough to do something like that. I didn't plan on letting my boyfriend, Mike, meet Jannie and her huge tits until after we were well established in our relationship. Right now we were mostly fuck buddies, which was a good place to be. I suppose we'd have to come up and visit Jannie sooner rather than later. Besides, if she stole Mike from me, I'd just have to steal Steve. I call that a bargain. Silly thoughts like these quickly faded as I felt another orgasm coming upon me. "Fuck me like the last girl, fuck me like the last girl," I cried over and over again. This was fucking good. I must have cum a dozen times before Steve grabbed my ass and emptied his dick into my cunt. Nice and hot as usual, but I could tell he was running out of jism. I fell down beside Beth and dropped of to sleep. The last thing I saw was mother riding Steve's face, her head thrown back, tits pushed out, and a smile on her face I'd never seen before.

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