The lesbian had the right idea when she said  

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6/6/2006 7:07 pm

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The lesbian had the right idea when she said

George Bush’s approval ratings are circling the drain, the war in Afghanistan is barely touched on in the news, and the War in Iraq loses public support every day. So the Republicans break out their secret weapon…marriage. Here we go again, the same plan that I believe cost Kerry the election in 2004 is being deployed. Republicans raise an issue (an issue that really shouldn’t be an issue) that they know will bring people to the poles who normally wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about who is president…I’m talking about the Christian Right and the ultra-conservative populations that may have to drive from the back water bayou to get to their poling place. I admit, I believe that voter turn out in this country sucks. For being the country that is supposed to be the model of democracy and freedom, having more people vote for American Idol than the most powerful person in the free world is disgusting (and not just because I hate American Idol).

Predictions say that there is a good chance for the Democrats to take control of the House and Senate this November (FYI …Please Vote This Fall). But now with the Marriage Protection Act being discussed in Congress, these predictions are blowing in the wind. Republicans once again are just trying to obscure the true issues that people need to vote on this fall; the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy, health care, and education. Republicans have failed to properly address these issues for the past 6 years and now they are blowing more smoke than I do while watching a Cheech and Chong movie.

I, for one, view myself as being a very liberal person, but I do have some conservative views (as I’m sure the majority of Americans do). In my opinion, marriage between two people is just that…between two people, not between two people and the US or State Constitutions. I still don’t understand how letting 2 men or 2 women get married lessens the marriages between a man and a women or why so many people give a damn. If two people want to get married…I say ‘Hey, go ahead.’ The gay marriage issue does nothing but mobilize the conservative voter base, the same applies to abortion issues and immigration issues. In the 2004 presidential election, I am willing to bet that all the states that had a gay marriage issue on the same ballot as the presidential vote went to George Bush. I don’t think that it is just because only the heavily republican states had the gay marriage issue on the ticket.

Another concern I have about the Marriage Protection Act in congress requires me to revert back to constitutional law a bit…please bear with me. When the constitution was written (about 2,000 years ago, according to George Bush), powers that were not directly given to the federal government were to be preserved for the States. The USA was supposed to be a union of states where the lawmakers would have the biggest say in what goes on in their respective states. The federal government originally just supposed to handle issues and concerns that were common to all the states, like international issues, war, trade, taxation, mail and the management of public lands. The definition of marriage is not directly given to the Federal Government anywhere in the constitution; therefore any legal definition needs to be made at the state level. For example, is polygamy legal in your state? It is in Utah, but not in many other states, not because the federal government said “Polygamy only in Utah, please” but because the people of Utah voted to define marriage as a union between one man and as many women as they want.

The republican congress introducing this bill is another attempt by the federal government to take more powers away from the states. If you don’t think that this is a scary thought, think about an issue that may more directly affect you were decided at the federal level…like purchasing alcohol, issuing drivers licenses, hunting regulations, or transportation. These are issues that are best addressed at the state level because law makers who are closer to the situations are the ones who can make the best decisions for the people who are affected.

Please do not be blinded by the smoke. I know that I am probably preaching to the choir on this web site when it comes to social issues like this, but please don’t be afraid to debate these issues with your more conservative friends. Hey, Dick Cheney’s daughter is gay…even though he is the stereotypical staunch republican, I’m sure that he may even have a different opinion on gay marriage than the president (come to think of it…I haven’t really heard much about his daughter lately in the news…I wonder why).

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