Showing TOO much at Covent Garden  

welcomingwendy 63M/63F
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5/25/2006 7:38 am
Showing TOO much at Covent Garden

We agreed that I would meet 3 guys for dinner at a restaurant in Drury Lane and David organised it so he could be there on another table with a girlfriend of ours to watch/enjoy whatever. I wore a business suit with a pencil skirt and a low buttoning jacket without a blouse underneath, not even a necklace to detract from my obvious cleavage display and I’m quite busty and firm. The suit jacket is fitted on the waist and almost reaches down to the hem of my skirt.

The 3 of us arrived at the restaurant together; it would appear to an onlooker that we weren’t together. I was just in front of David and Mary and I simply said I was joining a group who’d booked the table. I was shown up some steps to a mezzanine. The 3 guys were there as planned, we all kissed as introductions and I took the seat near the balcony of this extraordinary restaurant. My pencil skirt is above the knee so with just the merest of lift it rides very high up my thighs, so high in fact that I didn’t even wear stockings and suspenders as I almost always do. Mary and David had managed to get a table on the lower level opposite and so they could look up and get a clear view of me on the mezzanine.

The guys were all Americans and so whilst they were quite good looking none were exactly a great conversationalists. However they quickly got onto the subject of sex and I was asked many questions to which I answered honestly and those answers really seemed to excite them even more than my outfit.

After a glass of Champaign and before starting to eat I went back down the stairs to the loo to wash my hands more than gain attention and Mary got up and followed me. “Why don’t you take your skirt off and go back wearing only your jacket” she suggested. I walked back thru the restaurant to the mezzanine in what must have looked like a most revealing dress-coat, It parted at the front of course, which meant I was showing a lot of leg as I walked and with the neckline being low my breasts were also well exposed.

Following the meal but before coffee the guys dared me to return again to the loo but this time with my coat open, as it had been through most of the meal. I accepted the dare and so made my way down the little staircase and between the tables to the toilet, where again I was joined by Mary. “OK she said “for the walk back take your thong off”! I of course did that but held my coat closed at my groin so as not to be stupidly blatant but once back at the table on the mezzanine I let it fall open revealing everything.

rm_heythere006 35M

6/2/2006 8:49 pm

please, how did it go on? I starve to hear the rest of the story!
You are an amazing beauty! If you ever want to seduce me (young, fit, Italian descent) I would give my ultimate to please you!

footmanoz84 32M
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8/16/2006 2:40 am

I'd like to hear the rest of the story too.. U r incredibly sexy, and I'd like to fill ur pussy anytime.. I live quite near to Crawley too..
Do contact me

Pecs2die4 44M
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10/15/2006 8:47 pm

....and I hope they then ran their hands under the desk up your long legs to feel the excited wetness of your pussy. Please tell me you then went to the gents with one of them only for all three of them to join you fucking and licking you in every way managable...

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