Same Camping trip  

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7/19/2006 3:48 am

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Same Camping trip

The first night was fun. Lots of drinking and laughing around the fire. We had about half a dozen of us there, but no one was fooling around much. There were a few frisky moments, but everyone headed for their own tents.

The next night was more of the same, but the levels of inebriation were much much higher, as well as the people attending. Another friend, Jack, came up from Brissie to share my tent with me. We ended up being the last two standing, so we stumbled off to the tent.

I was just lying there in the darkness, when I felt his hands flutter against my back as he tried to reach through the bedding. I started to stiffen immediately, and turned to face him.

We have a bit of history when it comes to sex. He never wants me when others are around, but I’ve sucked him off a few times, and one memorable Christmas, he fucked me for hours, and finally sucked me off.

So I assumed that he just wanted another headjob. I snaked my way under the blankets, and found his stiff cock poised for action. I was lying lengthwise against Jack’s body, with my feet up around his head. His mouth descended on my own stiffy, and I was pleased that it wasn’t going to be a one way trip this time around.

My mouth engulfed his rod, and slugged it into the back of my throat. His moans let me know that he was enjoying my efforts.

We lay like that for a while, both of our heads bobbing up and down. Finally Jack spat out my cock and asked me if I had any condoms. I said that they were in the car, so he told me to go get them.

I quickly dressed, and tripped my way through the campsite to find my car. The light was burnt out in the boot, but after much fumbling, I located a couple, and grabbed my bottle of lube.

When I returned to the tent, Jack had already gone soft again. So I swallowed and slurped him back into an erection, and handed him a condom. After the condom was rolled out, I had to suck a bit more to get him stiffer, while he worked some lube into my ass crack.

Finally, I straddled his body, positioning the head of his penis against my hole. He hunched his hips up a bit, and the head popped into the hole. I barely had time to adjust to the head stretching my ring when the whole nine inches was crammed up inside of me.

I don’t get screwed very often, but I do enjoy it sparingly. I wasn’t quite ready for an immediate assault. Jack made a couple of frantic thrusts into me, before I could gasp out for him to stop for a minute. He apologised, but left it deep inside my guts. I was shaking and breathing a bit heavily, but I was finally able to relax enough to enjoy myself.

We fell into a slow rhythm. I worked myself up and down the length of him, and felt his head pronging up against my prostate.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling, but the sensations that I experience when being fucked don’t centre around my cock at all. A tingling sensation builds up in my chest, gradually building up into humming charge that spreads across my belly, and finally to my balls.

With little warning I found myself grunting loudly and blowing my load all over Jack’s chest. It got everywhere, the blankets, the pillows. I was panting, trying to recover when Jack grabbed my slimy dick, and pushed it into his own ass.

“Quick, now you fuck me before you lose your hard-on.”

Well, I was already buried to the hilt. My semen coated cock slid right up there, and there seemed little point in protesting the lack of the condom at this stage. Jack was in a frenzy, grabbing at my ass cheeks, trying to get me deeper and deeper inside of him. He bucked underneath me, and I could feel my poor cock softening from the lack of recovery time. I forced a couple of fingers up inside of him, hoping to give him the stiffness that he needed.

Fortunately it was enough to get him off. His cheeks clamped down hard on my dick and fingers, just as he was starting to blow. His sphincter squeezed the remaining blood out of my wilting member, and it shot out of his backside in defeat.

Both Jack and I tend to cum in large quantities, and the tent was virtually awash in the stuff. I took a few moments to lap up the pools that I’d left on Jack’s chest, and sniffed the bleachy smell into my nostrils. There was just to much to do a thorough clean, so we wiped up what we could with a dirty t-shirt, and then fell into a heavy sleep.

I wasn’t sore at all the next morning, but both of us reeked to high heaven. I was lucky, as I didn’t have a hangover either. The other boys in the camp gave us a few rude comments, and I realised that we probably kept them up half the night with our rooting. Then, when we finally dropped off to sleep, the cockatoos resumed the noisy chorus, so there wasn’t a lot of sleep to be had.

caligirl061962 54F

10/22/2007 12:49 pm

this is so very fucking hot!!

webheadau replies on 11/20/2007 4:39 am:
well thanks, hon. Have you ever gotten to see two guys going hard at it in real life?

wolf131956 60M

1/27/2008 9:35 pm

Well have I got such a hard cock after reading that and some of your other blogs ,would have been nice to watch it or throw my cock in your mouth while you fucked

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