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1/11/2006 12:52 am

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COITUS is hardly coy-to-us as we cling entangled to one another in animalistic rhythms inspired by deep rooted carnal passions. move through me, and move me to speak the unspeakable into your ears, as we go ying for yang reciprocating thrusts via lust; our exchange similar to well oiled machines. Far beyond perspiration the sweat coats our skin mixing with massage oils from an hour before- my pores open, while springs in the mattress scream for oil that they never will recieve...
And me; I'm gone...way gone...over YOU, only YOU, especially YOU.

"As WE Lay" similar to Shirley Murdock's song, bathing in the after-glow. Maneuvering around damp spots full of "loves funk", we giggle at the reflections of our physical endeavors, however, no shame here. Nothing but satisfaction on top of emphatuation. Our fingers inter-locked like "Lover's Rock"' but SADE can't say nothing except: "Your Love is King" to me! My engine is stuck in gear and not goin' no where.
Cause I'm trans fixed, and it's all about YOU, only YOU, especially YOU.

The water cascades around our bodies as passion's by-products are swept away, down the drain embarking on underground adventures of their own, and as I watch your delicate hands work lather over your lovely form, I feel the excitement returning to my loins once more! So now we are ONE again, as I cup your belly and breasts from behind. My mind gone to far away places which are tapped into through the doorway of your womb. Our breathing is similar as muscles rotate and relax. We press so hard into one another I think that I might melt like wax into...
YOU, only YOU, especially YOU.

gangstababy930 29F

1/12/2006 11:34 am

i really like this. its realistic and poetic all at once. it makes me think of my fiance. in a sweet way even because there is such ease and trust and comfort. i give it a 10, its different.

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