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wdl182 56M
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5/26/2006 5:52 pm

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10/12/2007 12:22 pm

sitting here

well sitting here wondering why i sign up on this site but its ok i guess i give it the 3 months one thing i found out women here are real choosy I don't know why I mean the site is meant to explore right to step out on the edge if not why would one pay to sign up on this place o well enough of that....I just bought a new semi truck waiting for it to get all the add ons on it then i be writing from the highway telling you my adventures and disappointment's so I'm new to this blogging but hey time to step ot right

milwfungirl 56F

9/24/2007 8:00 am

mmm want to park your old semi in my garage

wdl182 replies on 9/26/2007 3:43 pm:
u know i do girl talk to me

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